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How To Create an Impact Report That Attracts Donations

How To Create an Impact Report That Attracts Donations

An impact report gives your nonprofit credibility. It shows how you’re making a difference. There are many types of impact reports. Nature Conservancy, for example, has an impact report specifically for its operations in Alaska. They publish another for their work in Hawaii and Palmyra. You might prepare an impact report for a specific activity. For…

The importance of a church thank you letter

How to Write a Heartfelt Church Thank You Letter

The services and ministries that your church runs rely on many people. These include donors, volunteers, and other supporters. Without the time and money of these generous people, the church could not be so effective. Too often, we struggle to thank these individuals appropriately. Finding time to write a simple church thank you letter often…

Church Fundraising Letters: An Essential Guide

Church Fundraising Letters: An Essential Guide

he body of Christ might run on the Spirit, but the congregation and church building also runs on monetary resources. The part of your church that exists in this world wants to keep the lights on and pay the pastor and other staff members so they can afford homes and food, for example. And all…

Legacy giving

Legacy Giving vs. Planned Giving

If a member of your congregation passes away and names your church the beneficiary of the money in her IRA you could call that a planned gift and not be wrong. But if you used the more modern term of legacy gift you’d be embracing a subtle shift that has happened in the past few decades in…

Legacy giving

7 Ways to Encourage Legacy Gifts

Supporting a church or charity is a very meaningful part of life for many people. By making a legacy gift part of their estate plan, that care can continue on for years. If you have loyal and dedicated givers, they may want to donate something when they leave this earth. Here are 7 ways to…

Nils Smith

How to Convert Facebook Likes into Donations

Just about every organization has realized the importance of social media engagement, but there is a common and frustration misconception that high levels of engagement on social media automatically means more donations. In reality, while social media engagement in the form of likes and comments can certainly correlate with higher collection rates, but that doesn’t…

Diagnosing the Health of Your Church Giving

Diagnosing the Health of Your Church Giving

Would You Trust a Doctor Like This? Imagine sitting in an exam room waiting for the doctor to see you. You’ve never visited this doctor before, and you haven’t told her anything about your symptoms. All you’ve done is fill out the insurance information and tell the nurse, “My left foot hurts.” Now imagine the…

What Nonprofits Learned in 2019 and What to Expect for 2020

What Nonprofits Learned in 2019 and What to Expect for 2020

Another year has passed, and for nonprofits, that means a wealth of knowledge has been left behind. Reflection is important when aiming to create new, effective strategies. This is why you must ask yourself, over the past year, what was trending? What worked and what didn’t? What does it all mean in regard to your…

There are ways to beat the holiday blues

Holiday Blues: Beating the Holiday Blues

Holidays can be a time of delight for most people after a long year of hard work. It’s not entirely clear when the festive season starts though. Traditionally, most would agree that Thanksgiving is a decisive marker of the start of the holiday season. But every year, in a phenomenon named the Christmas Creep, the…

Make your Thanksgiving service perfect.

Great Thanksgiving Service Ideas for Your Church’s Holiday

There is no doubt that Thanksgiving is an American, secular holiday. The occasion commemorates the arrival of Europeans to the continent. And of course, the traditional meal early Americans held to mark the event. However, Thanksgiving also aligns with themes of Christianity. It is an annual occasion where people spend time with their loved ones.…

To Tithe or Not?: Verses about Tithing

To Tithe or Not?: Verses about Tithing

Tithing is an arguable aspect of the church today. Several verses about tithing appear in the Old Testament than in the New Testament. Their place in the Bible makes tithing to appear like law. Some believers view the practice as an act of following Biblical laws. Others view the practice as a basic duty of…

Song selection at worship service is vital.

Song Selection: 6 Questions for Creating a Worship Set

Music is an integral part of the church that makes the experience lively, more entertaining, and more pleasing to attend. However, song selection usually isn’t an easy, quick, or fun job to do. It can take a long time to settle on a list of songs, or worship set, for one week alone, and it’s…

Learn these bible verses on giving.

Top 10 Best Bible Verses on Giving For Tech-Savvy Churches

Giving to the church can be a touchy subject. While most of your flock may already be familiar with the concept of tithing, it’s common for pastors or leaders to find themselves reluctant to ask. There are already so many financial burdens their flock faces, and asking for help may feel like the last thing…

charismatic churches may be the new norm

10 Ways Charismatic Churches are Growing

The rise of Charismatic Churches is hard to deny. In a world where the Catholic church continues to bleed more and more power, this new upstart has gone from nothing to containing almost a quarter of all Christians within 25 years. Your church may not need to follow everything they do, but there are some…

Learn how to start a church today

How To Start A Church: Your Detailed Guide

Taking the lead and planting your ministry is a serious decision. This venture requires a lot of confidence and planning to properly pull off. It is okay to be a bit scared at first because you don’t know what to expect. Understanding how to start a church, though, requires commitment in the face of fear.…

Trust in the Lord above all things

Trust in the Lord above all things

Ask yourself, who is it you trust most in this world? Who is the most worthy of your trust? Think of all the wonders that god gives us, and how little he asks in return. Building your relationship with the lord means building trust with him. It is when uncertainty has fled your heart that…

The ministry needs prayers for the church.

The Importance of Prayers For The Church

Prayer is one of the mysterious ways of the Christian life. Praying for yourself, your family, community or your country is one thing while prayers for the church is a different thing altogether. Prayer is the heart of the ministry. Through prayers, we seek reconciliation, express our gratitude, seek wisdom and ask for grace. Since…

The Parable of the Sower and its lessons

Parable of the Sower: Preaching and Using It as Model for Church Growth

Of all the parables that Jesus told, there is none that He explained extensively than the Parable of the Sower. Could it be that this parable teaches us something so foundational about God’s kingdom that He personally rounded up His disciples to explain it to them in simple terms? Here, we carefully pore over what…

Church staff salaries: What to know

Church Staff Salaries: A Short Guide

Although church-related jobs may fall in the realm of service, not all of them are necessarily unpaid or voluntary. You need paid staff to carry out the many important responsibilities associated with the running of the church. While you may struggle to determine church staff salaries, job applicants may also be confused as to the…

Church leadership books are important

10 Leadership Books Every Leader Should Read

Leadership is tricky. When it comes to being the head of a church – in charge of shepherding others, managing all aspects of an organization, and dealing with a wide range of personalities – everyone could use a little guidance from some of the world’s top leadership minds. Those that have “been there and done…

10 Ways Youth Pastors Can Make More Money

10 Ways Youth Pastors Can Make More Money

Working as a youth pastor can be a very rewarding career and life purpose. The typical duties that a youth pastor takes on are not financially redeeming by any means. Although, the professional qualities that these pastors hold do have value. You should know that there is hope if you desire a side income as…

10 Best Bible Verses About Family

10 Best Bible Verses About Family

From the beginning of the world, when God first made man “in his own image,” the family unit was close to His heart. All throughout the history of the old Testament, we see how generations of believers were led by a father-figure, and that the unity, brotherhood and shared responsibilities of the larger “tribe” were…

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

The Halloween season can be a confusing time for Christians because we want to witness for Christ by actively participating in our communities, but we don’t identify with the symbols of this holiday. Christianity has no connection with black cats or jack o’ lanterns, let alone some of the darker images of Halloween. (On the…

Trends You’ll Notice in Church Names

Trends You’ll Notice in Church Names

Modern, Meaningful Names When you name a person, an item, or a church, that word or phrase establishes an identity. A name often becomes the first fact a new person learns about an organization. Names provide powerful information. A title can honor the past or declare a future intention. A name can connect you to…

Youth group Halloween party ideas.

8 Youth Group Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween can be a scary night for parents, and that’s not just because of horror movies and scary costumes. Parties outside the church can have all sorts of mischief. Ministry gatherings not only help kids avoid getting into trouble, but it also helps to keep them focused on worship and what is important. So, why…

Women in church leadership

The Roles of Women In Church Leadership

The role of women in church leadership varies from church to church. Some believe that men and women were created equal but different and that a woman’s role in the church should be more supportive. Others believe that anyone who feels called to the ministry or seminary should be able to lead others in worship…

Church Trunk Or Treat: Everything You WANT to Know

Church Trunk Or Treat: Everything You WANT to Know

Instead of viewing Halloween as a “non-holiday,” why not use it as another outreach opportunity? Parents and children will be out in droves. Therefore, that’s an incredible opportunity to turn Halloween into a fruitful and positive community outreach during a church trunk or treat event. You’ll find this is particularly true if you’re a church…

Fall Festival: X Tips for Your Churches Fall Festival

Fall Festival: X Tips for Your Churches Fall Festival

Fall is upon us. It’s the time of the year when days become shorter and the temperature becomes cooler. Kids go collecting candies and you’ll be seeing pumpkins everywhere. And if your church is up for it, it could also be the season when people will get to know the love of God. To create…

Halloween Outreach - A Great Opportunity for Churches

Halloween: An Opportunity for Outreach

Many Christians find themselves conflicted when Halloween comes around. Sure, it’s a globally-celebrated festival, but we all know it has pagan origins. The costumes aren’t always very inspiring, to say the least. For the ministry, though, Halloween outreach offers a vital opportunity. If you have children or children in your congregation, this holiday is a…

Bible study topics to increase attendance

Bible Study Topics: 6 Bible Study Topics to Boost Your Attendance

One of the most challenging tasks of ministers of all religions is finding Bible study topics that captivate and boost attendance. Unfortunately, we find ourselves the age of spirituality rather than religion. Online churches are now mainstream. And many people seem to believe that they have no use for the church. Because of this, finding…

Fun ways to engage This Halloween

Fun ways to engage This Halloween

While Halloween used to be seen as a problematic holiday within the church, times have changed. If you are seeking fun ways to engage your congregation for Halloween, we’ve got you covered. Rather than shunning the holiday altogether, you can provide a safe environment for the children and families of the community to play while…

10 Things That Worked in Church A Decade Ago That Don’t Work Now

10 Things That Worked in Church A Decade Ago That Don’t Work Now

When you started your life in the ministry, you likely had a sound understanding of the way things worked. Alas, churches have changed over the last decade. A failure to recognize this truth can lead to low attendance, lost members of the flock and even the unfortunate necessity of shuttering the doors to your house…

Church Social Media Strategies

7 Church Social Media Strategies That Will Attract New Members

Attracting new congregants in the modern day can be a difficult endeavor. This reality has resulted in many houses of worship seeking out effective church social media strategies. While many social marketing tactics can prove beneficial to congregations, there are a few approaches that seem to be particularly useful when appealing to potential new members.…

All About Pastor Appreciation Month

All About Pastor Appreciation Month

Clergy Appreciation Month is almost here. Throughout the month of October, Clergy Appreciation Month is celebrated each year. We’ll take a look at what it is, how it is celebrated, and what you can do to create engagement within your congregation. Pastor Appreciation Month: What Is It? As of 2018, there are approximately more than…

Church Growth: The Truth about Church Growths and myths Busted!

Church Growth: The Truth about Church Growths and myths Busted!

One of the most common concerns of Pastors is church-goers is church growth If a Sunday worship service is smaller than usual. Most likely the pastor will hear about it from well-meaning members. A typical pastor will already be aware and be concerned, at least if the problem has been consistent for several weeks or…

Selfish Ambition: Six Ways It Damages a Leader’s Soul

Selfish Ambition: Six Ways It Damages a Leader’s Soul

God warns us of the dangers of selfish ambition throughout the Bible, yet today’s world puts a high value on being better than others and getting ahead. Many of us have the desire to serve others through heart-centered businesses. It is possible to be a successful service-oriented business owner without sacrificing your soul, and true…

Bible verses on happiness can change your life.

Top 10 Bible Verses on Happiness

The search for finding lasting happiness has been a common thread in the history of man. No matter what continent or country, language or race. The heart of humankind is eternally longing for true contentment and peace of mind. As it turns out, there are several Bible verses on happiness that can assist in this…

Is it possible to make your preaching better? Yes!

Preaching: Simple Practices That Will Make Your Preaching Better

Preaching is the time-honored practice of delivering the divine word of God to the public. When done well, a preacher is often capable of bringing about transformational change to the life of people. Good sermons provide solid takeaways for the listener that is emotionally impactful through a lasting effect on the soul. The act of…

What Is First Fruit? A Short Guide

What Is First Fruit? A Short Guide

If you’ve been attending church for a while, you’ve likely heard the term “first fruits”. But what exactly is it? And how is it different from your tithes? Here, we examine the biblical basis of this offering in the old testament and why it matters to us as followers of Christ in the new covenant.…

Need new church fellowship ideas? We have you covered!

7 Great Great Church Fellowship Ideas to Use

Need updated ideas for fun and fruitful fellowships? These 7 social events will make everyone present feel encouraged, uplifted and inspired. Plus, we have more great, practical suggestions for planning your church social gatherings, ensuring quality fellowship for all—every time! 1.   Around the World Themed Dinners Are there members in your congregation that come from foreign…

A prideful pastor can prove detrimental

Prideful: Habits that Reveal You’re a Prideful Leader

Everyone needs leaders. Leadership is important for a number of different things: Direction, motivation, knowledge, order, and other things necessary to manage a team and accomplish tasks. When groups of people have leaders, they have somebody to turn to for guidance. Unfortunately, a prideful leader can prove detrimental. Pride can turn great leadership into something…

FellowshipOne Software: 2019 Reviews, Pricing & More

FellowshipOne Software: 2019 Reviews, Pricing & More

Introduction In many respects, managing a church is like managing any other smaller organization. Each church has a well-established hierarchy, with pastors and administrators overseeing day-to-day tasks and activities. What’s more, churches need to devote time and effort to recruiting new members and retaining current ones, just like a business does with its customers. With…

Simplegive: Pricing, Cost & Reviews

Simplegive: Pricing, Cost & Reviews

When you run a non-profit organization, you rely on donations in order to operate and fulfill your mission. However, soliciting, collecting, and tracking donations can be challenging. Not only can it feel chaotic to accept multiple donation types, process them, and keep accurate records, it can also be tough to figure out the easiest way…

Church revitalization is vital

Church Revitalization: Getting Ministry Vigor Back

A healthy community is crucial for any church. But church attendance dwindled over the past few years. If this happened at your ministry, concern is the appropriate response. When fewer people go to church, your ministry services become less lively. More importantly, fewer people donate to your church frequently. This calls for church revitalization. Why…

Church leaders must know how to write a sermon.

How to Write a Sermon: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Delivering a sermon, especially if you have never done it before, can feel daunting. Of course, speaking in front of a congregation (or any public speaking) scary. However, it can also feel like there is added pressure during a sermon. That’s because you’re being called to deliver words that are relevant, meaningful, profound—but also engaging.…

Church Security Plan: 10 Easy Ways to Create a Safer Church This Sunday

Church Security Plan: 10 Easy Ways to Create a Safer Church This Sunday

Preparation is the Best Church Security Plan In this day and age, we can’t take our church security for granted. Preparation will be our best form of defense against any kind of attacks. Proper management and clear communication is the only way to create the best church security plan. Here are ten steps you can…

Bible Jeopardy

Bible Jeopardy

Bible Jeopardy, the fastest way to get kids competing to remember bible facts. Most pastors and youth leaders have spent years reading Scripture. But sharing those years of wisdom with kids, it turns out, isn’t so easy. Often the references you spit out bounce right off their ears. But here’s a fun way to help…

Fun youth group activities for your church

Youth Group Activities: 10 Super Fun Youth Group Activities

Youth Pastors beware. You’re stepping into a shark pit if you don’t already know. Kids and teenagers? They’re of the wild, and now you get to wrangle them in for a lesson. Veteran youth leaders already know that exhaustion all too well. You experienced folk understand how tough it is to get everyone together to…

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