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7 Reasons To Use A Church Giving Kiosk In Your Community

Whether we like it or not, we’re fast becoming a cashless society. Digital payments are safer, cleaner, and more secure. And congregants are used to having a range of payment options. It’s important to provide various ways to give. While giving online and via apps is more popular than ever, there’s another way — and it involves…


Top 10 Social Media Tools for Churches

For a church, building out a strong digital brand can make all the difference when it comes to sustaining and growing your presence in your community. However, it’s not easy to do by hand. No matter how big your team is, or isn’t, having the right social media tools on hand will help you approach…


Bitcoin Endowment That Has the Potential to Grow

Are cryptocurrencies the future of finance, even for churches and nonprofits? Digital money has been around for quite a few years now, but only recently, in 2020, did more groups and companies consider cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum as an avenue for growing assets and donations. Nowadays, it is possible for blockchain-based applications to earn passive returns. Once an…

Online Church Services

9 Tips for Better Online Church Services

While the world starts to reopen, and many churches are easing up on restrictions, you may still notice a less than stellar turnout during your services. One way to keep donors engaged and coming back is a clear line of communication. Online church services with the possibility to stream your service from anywhere in the world…

donation page examples

15 Donation Page Examples To Increase Donations

15 Donation Page Examples To Increase Donations Religion remains America’s single largest recipient of charitable giving. Although charitable giving has declined since the late 1980s, the church giving landscape is rapidly evolving. New opportunities are fueling donations, particularly among those that develop a strong digital presence — members seek a positive online donor experience. While some churches…

cryptocurrency donations

Is Cryptocurrency the Future Wave of Charitable Donations?

Is Cryptocurrency the Future Wave of Charitable Donations? We see cryptocurrency everywhere in the news. We hear about the unique opportunities some folks, corporations, and even nonprofits have to benefit from cryptocurrencies. It is now quite normal for people to put their trust in digital transactions. The question on many people’s minds is, “Could cryptocurrency…


4 Challenges Churches Face when Digitizing Donor Programs (And How to Solve Them)

The pathway to digitizing your church and mission organizations will have its challenges. Many of them will take time to solve, but the good news for pastors is that most of these “problems” are solvable. The first thing to do when facing any new challenges is to recognize where your weak points are, so that you can invest…

How to Operate an Armed Church Security Team

How to Operate an Armed Church Security Team

Experts expect terrorism in the United States to increase in the coming years. For many congregation leaders, this raises the concern of whether an armed church security team is appropriate. Unfortunately, it’s not just terrorism that makes these teams useful. Domestic incidents that don’t involve most parishioners can still put their lives in danger. In reality,…

welcome speech

7 Welcome To Church Speeches For Your Next Event

Church welcome speeches are a critical part of communication for your congregation. Whether you’re the lead pastor, an experienced worship leader, or someone new to congregation leadership, you may need to give a short speech to welcome people to a ministry event. This is why knowing a few Welcome to Church speeches can go a…

Best Fundraiser Ideas for Churches

10 Best Fundraiser Ideas for Churches

Looking for the best fundraiser ideas for your church? As the world opens up again, everyone is craving more connections. Your donors and church members are no exception. How do we continue to guide them on their donor journey and encourage more giving? Creating fun events that people can attend while giving to the church…


Preparing Your Church for a Capital Campaign

Capital campaigns are a vital component to a church’s development and longevity. Changes and additions to the structure of your building often serve as the physical manifestations of a congregation’s deeply held beliefs and goals. But the many moving parts associated with a capital campaign can cause leaders to struggle and become distracted from their initial goals.…

Church credit card payment processing rates

Is Your Church Getting Fair Credit Card Payment Processing Rates?

As your church experiences steady growth and more donors, you as a leader grow with them. With time, you may find that the old ways of handling financial transactions do not work any longer or serve your greater purpose. One of these areas may be in your financial transactions. And if you’re not getting fair…


How Important is Your Church Giving Statement?

+++ How important is your church giving statement? It’s an important question. After all, putting one together is time-consuming. A church giving statement for donors is essential for many reasons. Perhaps one of the most common is that come tax time, you will be ready. Your church giving statement offers proof of all the donations and results…


Why Leadership in Churches Matters

Effective church leadership is more important now than ever before. Cultural and spiritual landscapes in communities are changing at breakneck speed. Strong leadership is needed in order to adapt and evolve. Churches need to compete with an ever-increasing number of distractions. Modern life is as hectic as it is challenging, and engagement in church activities is under…


7 Dos and Don’ts for Welcoming Church Guests

It’s easy to forget what it’s like to be a newcomer surrounded by regular church congregants. The experience can be daunting, so providing an enjoyable, relaxing first experience is essential. Welcoming church guests isn’t rocket science, but it does require some thought and planning. If you’ve been involved in your church for a while, you…

How Automated Giving Leads To Increased Church Offerings

The digital world is bigger than ever. We pay our bills, order our food, and keep in touch with friends online. Businesses that don’t embrace this brave new world quickly fall behind their competitors in the race for revenue. And the same applies to the nonprofit sector. Automated giving for churches is a fantastic fundraising…


Top 10 Tips To Being a Welcoming Church

Newcomers to a church often find the experience intimidating. Not only are they meeting many people for the first time, but there are also many things they must figure out for it to be a smooth experience. A welcoming church means visitors feel “at home” the moment they arrive — but what does this look…


How to Start a Church Outreach Ministry

One of the most important jobs we have as leaders in the church is to reach out to others and help them live better lives. This is not just physically, but also striving to help them better themselves spiritually. We’re told to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” in Mark…


12 Best Fundraiser Ideas for the Church

There are many ways to meet your mission goals. But the number one challenge most churches face is their budget. The next time you are organizing a fundraiser campaign, consider these best fundraiser ideas for inspiration. 1. Text to Give If you want to try this currently popular way to fundraise, text to give is easy…

Successful ministries start with effective church leadership.

14 Traits of Effective Church Leadership

Synopsis: There are many great leadership traits to strive for and train in your church leaders. In this article, we take a look at 14 of the most essential attributes for effective church leadership. Do you recognize most of these within your own congregation and church managers? Perfecting Effective Church Leadership What makes an effective church…


The COVID Vaccine and In-Person Services

In March 2020, the whole world began shutting down. In the year since, re-opening attempts quickly slowed in the presence of new spikes. The first COVID-19 vaccine became available at the beginning of the year but has experienced multiple setbacks, including continual shortages that have prevented many non-essential workers from getting the vaccine even as…

Nailing church leadership styles.

10 Leadership Styles That Make a Difference in Church

Synopsis: In this article, we look at 10 different leadership styles in the church. All come in handy in various situations, and with different donors or church members. Studying these personality traits will also help you during leadership coaching or training volunteers in the church. Knowing Your Leadership Styles What makes the ideal church leader? Anyone with…

Church outreach ideas - big and small

30+ Church Outreach Ideas to Grow Your Church in 2021

Synopsis: 2020 may have been the year that you had to rethink a lot of the way your church ministry could grow donors and stay active. Now that we are well into 2021, here are some great church outreach ideas to keep pastors focused on the goal of growing their ministries. Getting Church Outreach Ideas…

Church Finances

Why People Donate to Nonprofits

Pastors may have noticed that tithing and donations have decreased in recent years. They could see this as a sign that people are less willing to give, but in reality, donations to charitable organizations remain high. This raises the question of why people donate to nonprofits. A more important question, though, is why they’re donating to…


How to Motivate Your Volunteers on Your Next Zoom Call

The world dealt churches, nonprofits, and other organizations that use volunteers a tough hand when coronavirus hit the scene. Activities where face-to-face interaction seemed necessary in the past suddenly shifted towards a more virtual outlet. This left many pastors and other leaders wondering how they could motivate volunteers on Zoom calls and other remote communications.…

Church giving apps are invaluable

7 Ways to Increase Your Church Following on Instagram

There are plenty of reasons to be on Instagram. First off, users under 25 years of age spend an average of 32 minutes a day on the platform, while those over 25 average over 20 minutes daily. It’s one of the most popular social media platforms to date, and it’s easy to create an account, too.…

Ministry tech apps can do wonders

Leadership Communication for Pastors in the Workplace

When God calls upon someone to serve in his name, that individual has a duty to spread the gospel. In the modern world, however, that’s not their only responsibility. Effective pastor communication in the workplace is another important concern. After all, being a great preacher doesn’t negate the need for positive and fruitful staff relationships.…

Volunteers and Slack communication

Communicate With Your Volunteers with Slack Communication

Slack is a powerful communications tool that can help you manage all of your church’s internal communications. You can use it to discuss with volunteers, break contacts out into groups, and manage your announcements in a highly effective manner — at least, you can if you have the right tools and techniques to start with. If…


Should You Promote Your Church on Clubhouse?

There are hundreds of social networking websites across the globe, and those paying attention have no doubt heard of Clubhouse. This platform differs from other sites thanks to its focus on “drop-in audio chat.” If you’re a pastor, you’re likely already wondering if promoting your church on Clubhouse is the right move. Understanding the pros…

Church Donation Tracking Software

What’s The Best Way to Create a Donation Campaign?

Do you find yourself asking, “What’s the best way to create a donation campaign?” The prize is in the planning. Setting up a donation campaign can feel like a monumental task, especially if you haven’t run a large-scale campaign before. To get the best results, it’s recommended that you advertise your campaign in a way…

Invest in church leadership

Why Churches Need to Invest in Their Church Leadership

Churches young and old are beginning to realize the importance of investing in their leadership. While it may seem like a low priority on your grand list of funding goals and missions, investing in your church’s leadership is critical to sustaining faith in your community and ensuring that your church is able to thrive far into the…

Church leadership communications

Great Examples of Church Leadership Communications

What does effective communication look like for your church? The answer will depend on the size of your ministry and the channels through which your church is active, but when it comes to envisioning the impact of excellent church leadership communication, you should really think of a centralized ministry. It’s the responsibility of every church…

Dave Ramsey on church fundraising

What Dave Ramsey Recommends for Church Fundraising

Dave Ramsey is a popular figure in the world of financial wellness and Christian living. He’s best known for authoring seven best-sellers, including “Financial Peace,” “More Than Enough,” “The Total Money Makeover,” and “Smart Money Smart Kids.” His books have sold more than 11 million copies around the world, and countless listeners tune into his podcast…

Send church thank you cards!

The Power of Thank You Cards in Your Church

In our personal lives, “thank you” cards may seem like a rarity. It’s uncommon for most people to sit down and think up a thank you note on paper for all the little things people do for them. In the world of nonprofits and churches, though, the power of “thank you” has never meant more.…

Church volunteers are invaluable.

How Many Church Volunteers Should I Have to Be Successful?

Your church relies on volunteers to be successful, but how many do you need? Is there such a thing as too many volunteers? Who do you blame if not enough of your congregants are participating in volunteer opportunities? These are all common questions that we hear every day from church leaders. Here at Donorwerx, we…

Omnichannel marketing is powerful

How to Apply Omnichannel Marketing to your Church?

Your church is no longer limited by its steeple. With the increasing use of smartphones and online platforms combined with the normalization — and even expectation — of digital interactions replacing physical ones, the modern church is becoming an “omnichannel” experience. If you’re just hearing that term for the first time or wondering exactly how…

Missionary donation letters can change everything.

7 Tips for Writing Effective Missionary Donation Letter

Is there a magic formula for writing missionary donation letters? Every pastor knows that asking for financial support is not the easiest thing on their to-do list to accomplish. It’s challenging to put together an efficient missionary donation letter. The important things are: a) That the person writing the letter has a deep knowledge of…


Does Your Church Really Need an Online Member Directory?

Moving your church towards success in the future means adapting new techniques and tools. One of these is the online church directory. It is a central place to keep track of members, donors, and project management. In the Scriptures, we are always encouraged to stay open to change, and embrace new ways of operating, even…

A Practical Guide to Better Zoom Conferences

Who hasn’t heard of Zoom? The use of this unified video conferencing platform took off when the pandemic limited our communication. Zoom is a simple, consistent tool your church pastors can use for small meetings or even big conferences. Video Conferencing (VC) or Video Tele-Conferencing (VTC) is a way to better experience visuals and audio in a digital…

How Does Technology Help the Church?

Wondering how technology fits into the bigger picture with your church and its mission? Here are five powerful ways that technology can fuel your church toward making a bigger impact on its community and the world at large. 1. Widen Your Impact In the modern world, you can get a message around the planet in…

online giving 3

What Is Online Giving and Why Does Your Church Need It?

With people attending church less frequently, and some halting their attendance altogether in light of recent complications, many churches are seeing a decline in donations. For churches whose only giving opportunity is during in-person service, the pandemic has put them into a scramble to set up other means of giving for their supporters. Here’s what…


7 Challenges of 2021 and How Churches Must Face Them

The last year was a year like no other. We did not expect it, but here we are. The challenges are great for church leaders all over the globe. In the post-pandemic world, what are the things you should know as you strive to grow your donors? You may long for normal church services again and miss…

church podcast

Podcasting for Pastors: A Guide for 2021

What is a podcast? You probably listen to podcasts already, and you are familiar with the term. If not, a podcast is a pre-recorded audio show which you can upload to listeners online. It is a great way to reach potential church members and donors. It will be typically focused on a specific topic, like motivational…


Digital Transformation: 7 Steps to Build a Digital-ready Church

2021 is going to be the year we see more and more churches transitioning to online giving and online platforms to grow their church. If the thought of technology seems overwhelming, we are here to help break it down for you in practical, doable steps. Here are seven things the DonorWerx team suggests you do…

Benefits of livestreaming church services

7 Benefits of Livestreaming Church Services

You may have a great church mission, but it is only as good as the tools you are using to get there. Would you rather crawl to your finish line, or lead others to the top with inspiration, grace and strength? When considering whether you should avail of livestreaming services, consider your audience. The following are three…


Video Streaming Trends That Will Shape Churches in 2021

“The only constant thing is change.” Since the beginning of Christianity, believers have been called to expect and hope with faith. We rely on things unseen. So, this year of unpredictability should not take us by surprise—not if we have the proper digital resources to help us. When you expect that unprecedented growth in technological advances, one…

Knowing how to write a stewardship letter is vital

How to Write a Stewardship Letter

The new year is an ideal time for thanking your online donors for all their support and help. It is the perfect time to reconnect, communicate with, and update your donors about church missions. Unfortunately, many ministry leaders don’t know how to write a Stewardship Letter. In this article, let’s go over what a Stewardship…

Use these annual giving letter examples to excel.

Annual Giving Letter Examples

Sending out fundraising letters to donors should always be a part of your annual giving campaign. Throughout the rest of the year, you can space out the fundraising letters. This article looks at your annual giving letter, which might be a more general overview of your past year and a reminder to donors how they can help in the new year.…

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