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Rock RMS

Integrating The Rock and DonorWERX

This simple step-by-step article will guide you through integrating your Rock RMS and DonorWerx systems.

Rock RMS

Rock RMS and DonorWerx Integration

DonorWerx recognizes Rock RMS as a popular church management solution, particularly for smaller churches working on tight budgets. If you’re a user of it, you’ll be happy to know that DonorWerx now integrates with Rock. Just follow these instructions to connect.

Church Community Builder church management software

Integrating Church Community Builder and DonorWerx

With check-in, contribution management, communication, and more, DonorWerx recognizes the importance of organizing your data. vs Donorwerx: Online Giving Software Review vs Donorwerx: Online Giving Software Review

Last year represented the sixth consecutive year of growth in charitable giving, with an overall increase of 4.1%. What’s more staggering? Online giving grew by an astonishing 12.1% in the past year alone, and its rapid pace shows no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, it’s no doubt that more organizations like yours…

You need an online donation website

easyTithe vs Donorwerx

Are you looking for the best online giving platform for your church and donors? If so, you’ve likely come across both easyTithe and DonorWerx services. The following guide will help you understand which might be better for your congregation. What to Remember About Church Software It is important to note that some platforms provide full…

Best Sermon Themes

5 Best Sermon Themes for Difficult Times

Let’s face it: these times are trying for everyone. With such uncertainty going on in the world, how can you as a pastor continue to lead your church in faith and love? You may be wondering where or how to find inspiration for your teachings at this time. Fortunately, the Bible offers plenty in the…

Vanco Payment Solutions: Features, Pricing, Reviews, and Alternatives

Vanco Payment Solutions: Features, Pricing, Reviews, and Alternatives

Searching for a merchant services provider that can cater to your needs as a nonprofit? With online giving growing year after year, and a substantial 10% increase just last year, more organizations are finding ways to get connected and get online. And, if you’re trying to do the same, Vanco and DonorWerx are two options…

Rocket Company

The Rocket Company vs Donorwerx: Compare Pricing, Reviews, and More

Founded in 2008, The Rocket Company has long striven to offer coaching solutions for leaders at churches big and small. One of the first major problems they tried to address is the lack of funding many churches struggle with. Because of this focus, they launched the Giving Rocket coaching program. Through the years, they’ve also grown…

Make your church capital campaign succeed.

5 MORE Skills Pastors Need to Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World (Part 2)

+++ Many church pastors across the world are experiencing a time of deep reflection, and a shift in normal operations. It is time to renew our awareness of the needs of our churches and how to best react and help during this difficult time. Many donors and their families are experiencing great loss: loss of…

Church Finances

Everything You Need to Know About Church Finances

Your organization operates on a tight budget. Like any nonprofit, every dollar needs to be stretched to its fullest potential to ensure optimal operations. Of course, managing your church’s finances is no easy feat. Here’s the critical information you should keep in mind about your budget. Build a Conscious Budget What’s measured is managed, which is…

Church Budget

Best Practices for Maintaining a Church Budget

With careful maintenance, your church’s budget can go farther. Here are the best practices for ensuring you always have funds to work with and never run out. 1. Every goal should include a cushion. Your budget should never use up every dollar you have available. On the contrary, you need to factor savings goals into…

How to Create a Church Budget

How to Create a Church Budget

Many people within the church may not want to feel like the church is a business. Yet, having a church budget is integral. It doesn’t matter if your church is big or small – the money aspect matters. Your ministry must rely on a proper budget so that life’s little emergencies do not deplete the…


Blackbaud vs DonorWerx : Compare Pricing, Reviews, and More

Trying to build better relationships with your donors? It’s easy to get mixed up in follow-up thanks to the increasing pressure for highly personalized outreach. The trick is to get everything (including your people, events, and finances) under one software umbrella so that you can get a 360-degree view of your donors and congregants. So,…

Church Announcements

10 Church Announcements Dos and Don’ts

Making church announcements might seem like a small thing, but it comes with a huge responsibility. Only assign this responsibility to church marketing officers and leaders who have experience with the public, preferably in some form of media and PR management. Before digging deep on this topic, let’s look at a few Bible verses on leadership and…

ChurchFuel vs Donorwerx

ChurchFuel vs Donorwerx: Compare Pricing, Reviews, and More

At some point, every church leader realizes that seminary doesn’t prep you for all the real-world problems you’ll encounter when leading a congregation, and that’s the founding principle backing ChurchFuel’s concept. ChurchFuel isn’t a software solution, but rather a collection of courses aimed at church leaders to help them get ahead of their finances, put…

Spiritual Disciplines: What Are Spiritual Disciplines?

Spiritual Disciplines: What Are Spiritual Disciplines?

When you see the word discipline, you ultimately think of a means of conditioning to be better by means of sacrificing something that you do, that you love, or that you are used to. How discipline is described in the bible is described as the instruction of the way that one should go. We are known to discipline children and pets, but we too can expect ourselves to be disciplined as students, employees, friends, and even parents. But according to the book of Hebrews 12:5-11, we are all the Lord’s children, and thus, we warrant discipline.

When a Pastor is Overwhelmed: How to Recharge and Evolve

When a Pastor is Overwhelmed: How to Recharge and Evolve

As a pastor, you want to appear strong and capable no matter the situation you are in. As one of God’s representatives on earth, you feel under great pressure to perform your duties well no matter what trials you are personally facing.. Your strong front may be hiding a wild swirl of emotions, though. Ministering…

Thanksgiving Sermons: 10 Thanksgiving Sermons Pastors Will Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving Sermons: 10 Thanksgiving Sermons Pastors Will Be Thankful For

With Thanksgiving approaching, there is no better time to remind your community about the power of praise and thankfulness. If you need some prompts for your upcoming service, here are ten great ideas to get you started. Each one comes with scripture which you can then use as the foundation for the rest of your sermon.

Cynical in the Bible: How to Help Congregants who Are Doubting their Faith

Cynical in the Bible: How to Help Congregants who Are Doubting their Faith

When you run a church congregation, you will encounter a wide range of people who have a variety of feelings about church, the bible, and their religion. Some will be devoted congregants and firm believers whose faith never waivers. Others will be new to the religion and learning, but excited about developing their spirituality and…

Great church leaders have christian values

Christian Values that Make Wise Church Leaders

Good leadership relies on the same personal qualities that are nurtured by a Christian life. If you’re working hard to follow the pathway of Christ, you have the foundational characteristics to be a wise leader. Here you might be saying, “Wait! I know I could do better in my spiritual discipline, and I definitely don’t always feel wise!” Your humbleness and striving to improve are actually key to being a good leader, so you’re already on your way. Here are some of those habits of leadership which characterize the deepest Christian values:

How to Inspire Your Congregation to Adopt a Spirit of Generosity

Generous in The Church: How to Inspire Your Congregation to Adopt a Spirit of Generosity

When you run a church, you provide both a physical place and a community for congregants that can help enrich their lives in many ways. Churches offer programming, religious services and guidance, social opportunities, education, and more. In order for a church to survive, thrive, and grow, it relies on the donations of its members…

what to say when someone dies

What To Say When Someone Dies

It’s hard to know what to say when someone dies. Let alone say the right thing. Sometimes it’s nothing, but sometimes it’s a lot. In many instances, it’s enough to just listen and love. The important thing is never to rush through grief. Be patient. And see what Scripture has to say about mourning. But…


7 Essential Attributes Of Executive Pastors

What is an executive pastor position? An executive pastor carries a senior role in the church. They are responsible for setting long-term goals and guiding the church. They help navigate the members and offer spiritual counsel. But they also need to be attuned to physical and financial needs as well. Executive Pastor Job Description While…

christian pick up lines

10 Best Christian Pick-Up Lines

The term ‘Christian pick-up lines’ might sound like an oxymoron to some, but even Christians need a way to break the ice to connect with that special someone. If you’ve got a crush on someone, turn it into a real-life bond with the perfect line. Great Christian Pick-Up Lines for Dating 1. “I love everything…

church newsletter writing ideas

Church Newsletter Article Ideas That Foster Engagement

Church newsletters are an ideal way to allow members to be in-the-know about everything that is going on. Whether your church does a weekly or a monthly newsletter, it is important to have one that creates interest and is read by everyone. Here are some church newsletter article ideas that foster engagement and keep members…

thanksgiving table setting

Thanksgiving Verses to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful for everything you have in your life. It is a time to reflect on everything that the Lord has provided us and give back. It’s a time to spend with family and the people who mean the most to you. In the spirit of the season, here are some verses of the good book that reflect this time of year, and will help us appreciate the holiday even more.

Taking My Church Events to the Next Level

Taking My Church Events to the Next Level

Sponsoring community events takes a lot of work. There are so many moving pieces to coordinate and get right for the event to run smoothly. If you pull everything off, though, hosting events is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the members of your community and to attract new faces. So let’s talk about some things to keep in mind so that your next event will be the best it can be.

donorwerx church giving consulting

Lessons of the Widow’s Mite: A Financial Model for Church

Generosity is preached a lot in Christianity. We covet it and strive for it. We generally try our best to give as much as we can, but how much are we holding back? How much are we preserving for our security and safety? The Parable of the Widow’s Mite teaches us important lessons in this…

Bible-Based Films

9 Best Bible-Based & Inspirational Films For Church Youth

The next time you plan your youth events and activities, why not try some classic films from the list below? They will inspire people for all ages to continue serving the mission they were created for. Streaming movies on your online platforms, or organizing virtual film nights is also a wonderful way to engage your…

Church giving kiosks are essential for the ministry.

What is an Executive Pastor and Does your Church Need One?

Although they may have been unheard of a few decades ago, executive pastors are becoming an increasingly integral part of successful churches. They don’t take on the same duties as a senior pastor, but that’s part of their overall appeal. If you can’t decide whether your ministry needs to create such a position, the following…

Executive Pastor

Your Guide to Hiring an Executive Pastor

Hiring an executive pastor can exponentially increase the good a church does within its community. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy role to fill. Pastors placed into executive positions must have very specific skill sets – because it’s about much more than simply acting as an aide to the head minister.  Making the choice on who…

post covid

Post-COVID Church: A Guide to Reopening

Many organizations are struggling to determine how they’ll return to normalcy in the wake of COVID-19. While some are impatiently awaiting the full reopening of the economy, others are harboring safety concerns and pushing for delays. In these uncertain times, it can be challenging for organizations to know how to prioritize themselves and their members…

Faith-Boosting Scriptures

Best Faith-Boosting Scriptures in Times of Crisis

Taking care of your donors means being there for them through thick and thin. The last few months have undoubtedly been hard for everyone. The donors who still continue their communication and donations to the church should be valued. You can always give them your moral support, constantly upholding them in prayer, and teaching them…


How Has Giving Changed in 3 Months? A COVID Assessment

In the past several months, Coronavirus has increasingly weighed on the financial security of communities, businesses, and organizations alike. As organizations that thrive on in-person gatherings, churches were especially rocked by sudden social distancing rules and mandatory shutdowns. And because of the unprecedented nature of this situation, churches had no data to look to –…

bible tithing

11 Bible Verses About Tithing

Tithes and offerings are a big part of sustaining the church. As leaders, it is our responsibility to teach our flock to give from the heart, for “God loves a cheerful giver”. If the gift feels mandatory or forced, this is not what God intended. Here are a few good verses to remember on the…


10 Truths about Church Tithing

    Maintaining a healthy ministry requires consistent church tithing from your parishioners. Ministry leaders who aren’t super involved in finances, however, might not realize just how vital this biblical duty is for the congregation. And among those who do recognize the importance, many haven’t noticed just how tight money might be in the coming…


Church Tithing: Who, What, Where, When and Why

When it comes to keeping a house of worship running, few things are as important as church tithing. You could have some of the most devoted followers in the world, but if your congregation’s financial situation isn’t solid, you’ll find it difficult to continue doing God’s work.  Of course, many people have questions about tithing…

10 Great Christian Memes to Share

10 Great Christian Memes to Share

Part of being a pastor these days is taking advantage of new themes and trends – and there’s nothing trendier out there in the world than memes! You only have to take a quick glance at Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see just how important memes are. These simple images and text distill complex messages…

Pastors should Blog

5 Reasons Pastors and Ministry Leaders Should Blog

No matter what industry you work in, whether it is technology, retail, or spirituality, people will wonder what gives you the authority to speak on certain topics.  In a global marketplace where it is becoming increasingly harder to be seen and heard, establishing your unique voice is critically important. The people who get to the…

Church Health

A Guide to Measuring Church Health

Accurately measuring your church’s health is an essential aspect of continuing your ministry. When doing this, however, are numbers all that matter? Revenue is obviously an important consideration, but what about emotional connections and overall strength? The following information can help you measure your congregation’s health by determining growth, audience and other important factors. What…

Church Outreach

How to Use Your Survey Results to Give Back to Your Donors

In March, we talked about how to boost revenue with donor surveys. Although it’s important to remain mindful of donor motivations and barriers to giving, you’ll want to take a more in-depth approach in terms of donor retention. According to the 2016 Fundraising Effectiveness Report, the average donor retention rate was 46 percent. Whether you are a…


Pastor Teaching Tips: Don’t Do These 10 Things When You’re Teaching

Everything you do, say, and write about as a church leader has great significance. Your mission and calling is to lead the congregation and clergy, and this takes wisdom and prudence. For ministries that focus on training church leadership, these pastor teaching tips are invaluable. But instead of focusing on what might be obvious, here are some common…

Virtual Church

Finding Inspiration for Your Virtual Church

While your church may have embraced the digital age a long time ago, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted society in unexpected ways. That means, in light of stay-at-home orders and general precautions, many churches have gone entirely virtually. Of course, although your church may look quite different today, that doesn’t mean you have to struggle…

pastor blog

8 Tips for Helping Pastors Blog Better

Nothing bonds people together like a crisis. In just a few short weeks, we are seeing this happening at the roots of our communities. Yes, people are fearful, they may have lost faith in humanity. They are anxious for the future, and looking for support. But this is where you as a pastor or church…

Church Informed

Church Health: 7 Secrets to Keeping Your Church Informed

The Scriptures remind us that “the tongue of the wise is health”. As pastors and church health leaders, your work as spiritual healers and guides is vital. With recent events leaving people feeling isolated, cut off, and lonely, you can be sure that their spiritual health is also suffering. How do we stay connected to…


8 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Pastors

1 Timothy 3:1-13 tells us, This [is] a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. Leading a church comes with a unique set of responsibilities; it is not for everyone, but it is an important mission and vital that you find the right people for the job.…

Good stewardship is essential for every ministry.

What Is Stewardship and How Can You Excel at It?

Looking around at the world today, it sometimes seems that the question of ‘what is stewardship’ has more to do with its very existence than the basic definition. Even though stewardship is a quality that’s innate to Christianity, it seems some people are overlooking their spiritual duties. In many cases, though, people simply don’t understand…

Church welcome speeches are vital!

The Importance of the Church Welcome Speech

A church welcome speech is extremely important in leaving first impressions. First-time visitors need to be gradually warmed up to the routine of a congregation. Coming on too strongly might result in poor reception. The same thing applies to a lack of hospitality and attention. Thus, church leaders need to provide a middle ground, where…

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