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PowerChurch and DonorWerx Integration

PowerChurch represented their first step into the digital world and, to this day, it remains many organizations' key to insightful church management, event scheduling, and

PowerChurch and DonorWerx Integration


PowerChurch and DonorWerx Integration

Founded in 1984, PowerChurch Software is one of those classic, legacy systems that continues to be the backbone for countless churches today. Through the years, the team behind it has gone above and beyond to help the software keep up with the changing times while ushering their users into the digital era. That’s why we’re excited to announce an integration between PowerChurch and DonorWerx.

If you’re a PowerChurch user, there’s a good chance that you’ve been running on this software for some time now — perhaps since your church first took a step into the digital era of ministry. If that’s the case, you surely have years, if not decades, worth of valuable data stored within your PowerChurch databases. As such, the thought of switching to a new software is likely very daunting.

Here at DonorWerx, we’re here to tell you not to stress about it. Thanks to new integrations between PowerChurch and software like ours, we can help you connect to new, third-party tools. This includes our powerful donation software. All this without worrying about moving all that data from PowerChurch or setting up a brand new complicated system.

Why You Should Integrate PowerChurch and DonorWerx

Seeking a modern giving solution? We are proud to offer SecureGive, a multi-faceted donation collection and payment processing system. It’s fully customizable and easy to use, even for tech-challenged congregants. It offers online giving, in-person giving, text giving, app giving, and a giving kiosk. So partnering with us means unlocking powerful new hardware and software combinations. This will enable your diverse congregation to give any way they choose.

Of course, we know that having all of your data in one place is an absolute necessity. After all, data continues to remain one of the most valuable assets for organizations like yours. With this integration, we developed an API to seamlessly bridge the gap between PowerChurch and DonorWerx.

This means that, whenever a member donates using our software, the information regarding the transaction is effortlessly and automatically transferred from DonorWerx into your PowerChurch dashboard where it identifies the PowerChurch member that made the donation so that you can better track when and how your members interact with your church.

The Popularity of PowerChurch Remains Strong

For so many churches of yesteryear, PowerChurch represented their first step into the digital world. To this day, it remains many organizations’ key to insightful church management, event scheduling, and outreach efforts. Because of this widespread use, we’re happy to present a seamless integration to PowerChurch users.

Now, you can continue to use this legacy software while enjoying modern, innovative tools offered by third-party providers. All without having to worry about data transfers or setting up a complex new software.

If you’re interested in learning more about this integration between PowerChurch and DonorWerx, Schedule a Discovery Call with us today. You can also learn more about what we offer in regards to donation software by clicking here.

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