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rock rms

The Rock and DonorWERX Integration

DonorWerx is proud to offer one of the most powerful donation tools on the market, widely known as SecureGive. But, how can DonorWerx partner with

The Rock and DonorWERX Integration

rock rms

The Rock and DonorWERX Integration

What if relationship building was the core focus of your management strategy? That’s the approach Rock RMS hopes to help every ministry achieve. Knowing how important it is for everyone in the congregation to feel connected to the church and its mission, The Rock RMS strives to make building strong, lasting relationships as simple and efficient as possible.

Being open-source, there’s no doubt that Rock is a popular system for getting to the heart of any ministry — that being its people. With Rock, churches enjoy a feature-rich and mobile-friendly software that can help them build a lively, vibrant community of engaged congregants. And, it’s all thanks to the Rock’s innovation solutions.

Why Use The Rock?

Perhaps one of the things that makes Rock RMS so powerful is the fact that a non-profit ministry runs it. That ministry’s first-hand wisdom guides every update launched. Of course, the Rock goes beyond relationship management.

With tools to help you manage your church’s content, finances, data, and even automate some of your administrative processes, the platform strives to be a truly functional church management system that ministries big and small can implement and start utilizing with as little friction as possible.

Get to Know Your Congregants 

The many benefits of using the Rock start with its relationship management capabilities. These allow you to get a view of each individual person and/or family. Beyond that, you can divide people into groups. You even have tools to check-in children, handle event registration, and boost engagement with follow-up and communication tools.

Manage Your Content Better

From personalizing your church’s website experience to building out a content calendar, the Rock’s content management tools take things to the next level. This helps churches bridge the gap between their ministry and their digital interfaces. This is vital since congregants are becoming more and more likely to interact on these platforms.

Track Your Finances

Like any good church management system, the Rock also has financial management built-in. This includes the ability to simplify the giving experience for donors. You can also effortlessly generate reports and easily track the pledges your congregants make. 

Combining Rock RMS and DonorWerx

DonorWerx is proud to offer one of the most powerful donation tools on the market, widely known as SecureGive. But, how can DonorWerx partner with the Rock to make church management that much more efficient? That’s the exact question we set out to answer.

Now, DonorWerx features an official integration with Rock RMS to help churches like yours be more productive. With a simple integration, you can effortlessly sync all SecureGive transaction records directly into your Rock RMS. Using a custom API makes this simple. Once linked, all donations and payments your users make will automatically show in your Rock RMS database.

Want to see how it works for yourself? Schedule a Discovery Call or reach out to your account manager at DonorWerx today. Let them know you’d like to prepare your account for an integration. We’ll walk you through things step-by-step so that you can start getting more out of your church’s data. 

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