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How to Thrive–Not Just Survive–in an Uncertain Era

an uncertain era

How to Thrive–Not Just Survive–in an Uncertain Era

No one was prepared for the changes which were brought about by the recent virus. Thrive–Not Just Survive–in an Uncertain Era No one expected the kind of repercussions, or even how long they would last. As the leader or manager for many people, it can be overwhelming when folks come to you bringing their burdens and problems caused by the pandemic.

We don’t have the answers to every situation, but we hope that this article will inspire you but it is possible to keep the faith and even be the light in a dark world.

If you find yourself today overwhelmed, discouraged, or simply tired, don’t give up hope. In this article, we give you a few tips on how to thrive, not just survive, in trying times.

Perhaps at this moment, many of your church members are social distancing and not able to attend the usual services. the following tips and tools are both spiritual and practical. Remember, faith without works is dead.

1.      Recharge when you are overwhelmed

You cannot lead a church or even a small group of believers if you yourself are feeling discouraged, downcast, and disheartened. Always take a moment, or even a few minutes each day for time out, reflection and meditation.

You may find that this quiet time is when you find inspiration to lead. (Tip: Check out this article about Best Sermons for Difficult Times )

2.     Get better at church marketing

You might have a great mission but if nobody knows about it, who is going to support it? If you want more donors and supporters of the church, learn how to do better marketing. This might sound commercial but even pastors and leaders need to know the secrets to success. Work on better relationships, better communication skills, even better listening skills. Look for partners who can help you with your church marketing. It could be as simple as building a better website or blog. perhaps you need to find new ways to reach people such as podcasts 4 live streaming. Think outside the box when it comes to marketing.

3.     Stay socially active

If you have youth in your church groups, how much time are you investing in learning new social skills? We are not just talking about in person relationships, but also digital social skills. The new way of doing things in a Christian ministry means reaching your target audience where they already are. That is, on their smartphones and laptops.

Some things you can look into are using blogs and video logs to connect with your church members socially. Encourage prayer groups online. Have Zoom conference meetings. See what works in your situation and how you can best reach your own mission goals with the digital tools that are at your disposal.

4.Build a conscious budget Thrive–Not Just Survive

You might have all the right mission goals, but unless you get your finances in order, you won’t survive a desperate financial crisis. it could be that some of your sponsors and donors are also suffering financially and unable to give their usual tithes. Now is the time to get your church budget in order, and make practical goals. Follow our tips in this blog post for getting your finances in order.

5.     Remember that happiness is a state of mind

You already know that nobody and no circumstance can steal your joy. A Christian’s faith is built on foundations found in the word of God. Keep reminding yourself of the promises you have all around you and within you. if you need a little lift of hope enjoy for today, here are some scriptures to claim when you feel down.

The joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8: 10b

Psalm 16:11

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

1 Chronicles 16:26–27

“For all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols, but the Lord made the heavens. Splendor and majesty are before him; strength and joy are in his place.

6.Create your own opportunities Thrive–Not Just Survive

Yes, a lot of doors were shut because of the pandemic. but the truth is that a lot of new ones opened. Many of them were virtual doors. Are you walking through them with faith and courage? Are you asking yourself what needs your church can fill? The possibility to create your own opportunities online is now very real. All over the world, leaders are finding ways to innovate and create. Don’t be left behind.

If you want to succeed as a leader of the church, growing your sponsors and donors in the faith, it’s important to stay grounded in hope. Another thing that might help is if you focus on finding tools that will take you to the next level of success.

Some days you may feel a lot of joy, other days not so much. the secret to thriving is to keep yourself immersed in foundations of faith.

If you want to learn more about the best digital strategies to help your church grow at a time when others see only darkness and despair, we are here for you. Contact Donorwerx today for digital resources, tips and counselling for your church.

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