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How to Appeal to Type 3: The Driven Donor

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How to Appeal to Type 3: The Driven Donor

In this article, we continue our in-depth series based on the Donor Personality Test, covering the Nine Types of Personalities. The Type Three Donor represents the Driven Donor. Now that you church leaders and pastors know how to define them, the next step is understanding how to appeal to this type. When you tweak your fundraising strategy to be in line with their goals and values, the Driven Donors will be more likely to want to give to your cause.

Read on to find out the best practices for partnering with Driven Donors and guiding them on their donor journey.

The Driven Donor Recap

Best known for being adaptable, these types of folks were born to excel. Whatever they put their mind to, they almost always achieve. Because of this passion to succeed, they are image-conscious. In supporting a church or nonprofit, this desire to succeed extends to their desire to support a mission that is also successful.

Therefore, even if your nonprofit or church missions are still in the early stages, you must do all you can to show a professional representation of your work. Update your online presence, and plan with your executive pastors how to build a fundraising strategy that will engage Driven Donors and deliver significant results.


Common Descriptions of a Driven Donor

Knowing how to identify a Driven Donor is the first step in planning your fundraising. The following terms and words are often used to describe this type of person. Do you notice any of the following descriptions in your congregation?

  • On top of their game
  • Powerful speaker
  • Impressive stage presence
  • Workaholic
  • Naturally charming
  • An influencer
  • Gravitates to other high achievers
  • Mentors others

Appealing to the Driven Donor’s Passions

Driven Donors are a unique type of supporter because they champion causes even when they are in the start-up stages. You don’t have to worry if you are just getting started with your church fundraising. These kinds of folks understand it is the mindset that matters.

Although they gravitate toward successful nonprofits, they also can visualize your potential and back the missions that they feel are going to be successful in the long term. And just as they invest a lot in creating a positive, powerful image, so must you work on the ways you influence them as a leader.

Seven Ways to Appeal to the Driven Donor

Engage the Driven Donor and they will give you back their unwavering support. You will be able to count on them to be there in your time of need and help you achieve your goals and missions. Below are seven practical ideas to get you started.

1. Motivate with a Detailed Outline of Your Mission

Driven people are also good at motivating others, and they look for practical ways to take action. The approach to this type must be a focused one. Appeal to them in your newsletters and church services by stating the exact goals of your mission and giving them detailed, concrete ways to give financial support. You could use online email updates that focus on statistics. Ensure that they are regularly updated by adding them to your email list and sending them automated emails with your mission news.

2. Be Direct

Don’t be afraid to be direct when asking for donations. These types of Donors look at proof of outcomes. They want to know the end goal. Instead of stating, “We appreciate any help you can give,” try instead an appeal such as, “We are aiming to raise $10,000 for our next project. Can you contribute to helping us reach this?”

Hosting engaging virtual events is one way to appeal to them live, even when you cannot meet in person. During and after the pandemic, many churches shifted their mindsets of in-person services and found success through Zoom meetings, videoconferences, and virtual technology for better communications.

3. Build on Their Leadership Capabilities

You may often find the Driven Donor types in a managerial or leadership position. They thrive on the work and feel successful when they have made an effort to reach goals. Giving them responsibilities such as spearheading a volunteer program may be effective. If you run any peer-to-peer fundraising drives, they may be happy to help spread your fundraising appeals to those in their networks.

4. Fundraise with Branded Merchandise

This type of donor may appreciate supporting your nonprofit’s fundraising effort by purchasing merchandise. Besides developing your brand recognition, it gives them a way to show their support of a results-oriented church. If you don’t have branded merchandise for your church yet, consider opening an online shop and having a third-party drop-shipping solution for printing and postage costs. This is also an excellent way to add more revenue to your missions.

5. Ask for Referrals

The Driven Donor surrounds themselves with other driven people and likes to get others on board with causes they care about. Asking them to help spread your message and mission through a crowdfunding campaign is one way to reach other potential givers. You can set up something simple and free such as a social network page where they invite their friends to take part. On this page, you must offer value that their network will appreciate. Some ideas on how to engage them online: as a follow-up to your services, a prayer request portal, question-and-answer sessions with your church managers, a gallery of your most recent outreach programs, etc.

6. Share Educational Resources

This type of donor is a brilliant observer, often on the lookout for ways to improve themselves and learn new things. Stand out as a spiritual guide by offering them materials that speak to their intellect. This could be inspirational articles that you post on your blog or a podcast you invite them to listen to that offers learning value. When you send out your weekly or monthly newsletter, always ask yourself, “Will the donor reading this learn something new and inspiring from the content I am sending to them? Will they consider it worth their time and attention?”

7. Encourage Self-Care

Teach your driven types to not forget daily self-care. The Driven Donors can get so busy with their personal and professional goals that they forget to take time out to refresh their mind and spirit. Set an example by creating a calm space in your church services, where they can go to find peace. Encourage them to spend more family time, give themselves care, and focus on their own wellness.



Focusing on ways to give to the Driven Donor, rather than always asking them to give, is a proven strategy. As leaders, you can give your time, attention, spiritual guidance, and helpful resources that will add value to their lives and appeal to their desire for excellence.


How DonorWerx Can Help

Are you thinking about improving your donor journey, but don’t know where to start? At DonorWerx, we believe technology is the bridge for connecting Driven Donors to your church and successful fundraising. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by all the new information out there.

We provide you with everything you need to grow your church: from online coaching tools to made-for-you email campaigns and digital resources. Contact us to schedule a Discovery Call today.

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