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5 Text to Give Campaign Mistakes Churches Are Making

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Churches should capitalize on fundraising opportunities by leveraging text messaging. Given the widespread use of mobile devices and the prevalence of text messaging, text-to-give campaigns offer a highly potent avenue to engage members and seek their support.

By the conclusion of 2019, the number of global mobile phone owners is projected to exceed 4.68 billion. In addition, mobile users collectively dispatch over 560 billion text messages each month. Yet, if your church opts for a text-to-give service, it’s crucial to sidestep a few prevalent pitfalls, including the following:

1. No Recurring Gifts in Text to Give Campaigns

Seize this opportunmity: When you reach out to potential donors, ensure you present them with the possibility of establishing a recurring donation. If they contribute once, they might have the inclination to offer their support again in the future.

Simplify this prospect for them by providing the choice to set up recurring contributions via text. Research indicates that recurring donors hold a value that’s 440% greater than one-time donors. Hence, don’t let the opportunity to acquire one slip by.

2. Putting Caps on Individual Donations

Certain organizations opt to set limits on donor amounts, a decision that can prove detrimental. Opt instead for a service that empowers donors to contribute as much as they desire. Imposing caps on donor amounts doesn’t foster enthusiasm for giving.

Instead, it restricts the potential funding you can secure. Consequently, you should aim to ensure that your text-to-give campaign remains unrestricted. Allow individuals to donate any amount they wish to your church through text messages.

3. Not Providing a Clear Next Step for Donors

Even if a donor isn’t inclined to commit to recurring contributions, they might still express interest in greater engagement with the church. They could be open to volunteering their time or gaining deeper insights into your identity and activities. It’s a misstep for your ministry to present text-to-give campaigns without subsequent actions or follow-up.

Instead of only providing donation opportunities, contemplate offering additional information, avenues for involvement, or encouragement to step forward and offer support to the congregation. This approach embraces a broader spectrum of engagement beyond just monetary contributions.

4. Accepting High Fees on Your Text to Give Campaign

To implement text-to-give effectively, you should employ a service that enables you to text donors and receive their contributions seamlessly. Numerous options are available, but it’s advisable to avoid those burdened with steep service fees. Certain platforms impose significant charges that can sum up to nearly 10% of the total received donations.

This substantial deduction significantly diminishes the funds intended to support your church. Identifying a text-to-give platform that doesn’t levy high fees can help you evade this expense and retain more of the donated funds for your ministry’s benefit.

5. Failing to Tell Donors Where Money Is Going

In your upcoming text-to-give campaign, precision in communicating fund allocation is crucial. If multiple giving options exist, ensure explicit details are provided for each, including how individuals can designate their donations.

It’s conceivable to request contributions for a particular fund designated for purchases, causes, or annual operations. Regardless of the purpose, maintaining transparency is vital. Individuals appreciate understanding how their funds are utilized, leading to a heightened willingness to donate.

If your church is employing text-to-give campaigns but encountering fundraising challenges, the aforementioned tips could prove beneficial. By incorporating these insights, you can confidently engage the right audience at the right moment and in the appropriate manner. With these strategies in place, your forthcoming text-to-give campaign is poised for success within your congregation.

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