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Best Ways to Use TED Talks in Your Church

ted talks in your church

Best Ways to Use TED Talks in Your Church

Many of your would-be donors or church members may never have gone to church before. They need spiritual guidance in a way that reaches their heart and cuts through the noise. TED talks have the ability to do this, as they are limited to just a few minutes, and each speaker must share his or her idea concisely. Unfortunately, church TED Talks are few and far between.

This doesn’t mean, however, that these discussions aren’t invaluable. With just a few words or a personal story, the speaker is able to convey a powerful message. You will find, as you watch the various TED talks available, that the speakers present their opinions as digestible “ideas”, and most of them really are worth sharing.

If you as a pastor can grow as a communicator and convey the message of the Gospel in an engaging, authentic way, you are more likely to reach the hearts—not just the ears—of your listeners. Doing so, you will be more effective, your sermons more powerful, and your witness greater.

Here are some suggested ways to use TED talks in your church community.  

1.      As inspiration for your sermons

Get ideas for stories, anecdotes, illustrations and concepts from the great storytellers featured on a variety of topics. The TED speakers are often great storytellers and public speakers. You can learn a lot by their stage presence, body language and they way they train themselves to hold the attention of a crowd.

Watch how TED speaker Jason B. Rosenthal talks about living after the loss of his wife. If your congregation is dealing with the loss of loved ones, hardships, or grief, his quiet wisdom could give you inspiration for your own counselling sessions.

2.     Leadership training

During one of your streamed leadership programs you can play a talk that inspires your managers and leaders of the community. Even youth leaders, and those who are committed to guiding others with the Gospel will benefit.

A great one is Pastor Rick Warren’s “A Life of Purpose” talk. This is one of the great and available church TED Talks. The author of “The Purpose-Driven Life,” reflects on gifts and talents, and how we can use them to influence the world for good.

3.     For your social media content

TED talk videos are highly shareable, something that makes them a joy to watch. They are presented with a digital audience in mind, although often shot in front of a live audience. They are both intimate and far-reaching. Use them when launching any kind of church ministry programs, or for your social media campaigns.

4.     As a thought-provoker

Use TED talks in your community group discussions when tackling a difficult theme. For example, share this legendary talk given by Rev. Billy Graham, who spoke at TED in 1998.

In this thought-provoking talk, he tackles technology. He marvels at technology’s power, and acknowledges that acceptance of Christ is the only way to end the world’s misery.

5.         In youth training

TED talks aren’t just given by middle-aged adults or seniors. Check out this TED talk by two very young girls, sisters Caitria and Morgan O’Neill, 20 and 24 years old. They share their experience after their hometown was hit by a freak tornado.

For example, if you are discussing pandemic measures, or emergency situations with your youth groups, it could be encouraging for them to see how two brave young people stepped up in their community. These topics are very timey as the world faces major disasters and unprecedented global events.

6.     For Your own weekend inspiration

Sometimes you have a moment to yourself and you would like to lay aside any stress of the day. Church matters will always be on your mind, but it is good to take a break from trying to solve the problems of your congregations. Instead, make a warm cup of tea or coffee, switch on a TED talk, and find inspiration from other leaders.

Today’s pastors and church leaders must stay relevant. The times are changing, and what worked in the past does not work the same today. There are new digital tools, innovations, apps you can and must utilize. If you want to see your church grow and its members thrive, then there is no better time that today to make the change.

Church Ted Talks Pale in Comparison to The Word

Finally, here are some Bible verses on Leadership to inspire your heart today:

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;

I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.Psalm 32:8

The mouths of the righteous utter wisdom,

and their tongues speak what is just.

The law of their God is in their hearts;

their feet do not slip.Psalm 37:30–31

Be still before the Lord

and wait patiently for him;

do not fret when people succeed in their ways,

when they carry out their wicked schemes.Psalm 37:7

Be sure you know the condition of your flocks,

give careful attention to your herds;

for riches do not endure forever,

and a crown is not secure for all generations.Proverbs 27:23–24

For more pastor tools, resources, and ideas for your Bible sermons, be sure to check out everything we offer at Donorwerx. While church TED Talks can be an inspiration, much more goes into a thriving ministry than insightful lessons. We have tailor-made solutions for your church and ministry and would love to help you on your digital journey. 

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