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How to Pick the Best Church Giving App?

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How to Pick the Best Church Giving App?

Technology has done great things for modern houses of worship, and nowhere is this more apparent than with tithing and donations to ministries. Advanced software can help increase contributions, but this raises the question of how to pick the best church giving app. While there are many to choose from, it’s important to ensure you’re getting exactly what you pay for. 

American churches had a difficult year in 2020, but the right giving app can turn this around. When performing your research on the best tool available, make sure to take all the following information into account. If you make an informed decision from the start, you’ll avoid wasting money on subpar platforms. 

How to Pick the Best Church Giving App: Your Choices

When it comes to choosing the best app to handle your church’s giving needs, your first step should be to identify your options. While the following list isn’t exhaustive, it does represent some of the most popular giving apps available to ministries. 

When learning how to pick the best church giving app, you’ll quickly recognize that not all platforms are created equally. While each certainly has its own special features and specific benefits, there will always be one option that is best suited for your ministry. 

Pick a Tool Created For Pastors

created for pastors

The first step in choosing the perfect giving app for your church is to find one created specifically for ministries. Luckily, all of the platforms mentioned in the previous section meet this qualification. Apps that cater directly to churches are typically created by individuals and brands that understand the importance of properly measuring a church’s health

Unfortunately, some pastors go the cheap route with PayPal or Stripe. Neither of these provide the tools that are essential for houses of worship. Stick with dedicated platforms, and if you’re really looking for the option best suited for churches, consider getting SecureGive. It was created by a pastor who wondered how to pick the best church giving app, but decided that making a better tool was ideal. 

Contact us today at DonorWerx to see how we seamlessly integrate the SecureGive platform into our donor engagement strategy. 

Make Online Coaching a Necessity

Did you know that businesses who utilize mentors have a five-year success rate of 70 percent? That’s far higher than the national average, and this is because everyone occasionally needs some one-on-one support. This is why you should make the availability of online coaching a central factor when learning how to pick the best church giving app. 

The fact is that most pastors and ministry leaders have a full plate on their hands at any given moment. When they make the effort to invest in a giving app, they shouldn’t have to guess their next step or whether they’re on the right path. Choosing a giving solution that offers online coaching is a simple way to avoid this difficulty. 

Find a Multi-Platform Solution

When churches hire an executive pastor, it’s because they recognize the need of facing issues and responsibilities from multiple fronts. This is also the case when you’re learning how to pick the best church giving app. The ability to tithe and donate via mobile app is impressive and essential, but the best giving platforms go the extra mile. 

When seeking out the giving app that will work best for your ministry, find one that can handle donations via text, app, website and kiosk. You don’t necessarily have to use each of these tools – especially if you cannot afford an onsite kiosk – but platforms that offer a multitude of options have your ministry’s best interest in mind. 

And who knows? Once you’ve figured out how to pick the best church giving app and successfully rolled it out, maybe you’ll be able to afford that onsite kiosk in no time!

Find an App That Integrates With Communications

integrates with communications

When you boil down the basic function of all church giving apps, it really comes down to collecting tithes and donations. You could do this with tools such as PayPal, but you’d miss out on many of the features that make ministry platforms so effective. Similarly, you should try to find solutions that integrate with other aspects of your church. 

One of the biggest areas for potential integration is with your communications strategy. You could know every secret of how to pick the best church giving app, but this will mean nothing if you’re not effectively communicating with your congregants. Members of your congregation need a reason to give, and it’s your messaging that will provide this necessity. 

This is why the DonorWerx Framework was created to work hand-in-hand with the SecureGive platform. Click here to learn more about how the entire system works to grow your ministry. 

Choose a Customizable Solution

Although many of us may not like the terminology, every church has a unique brand. This could include your ministry’s name, logo, motto and even the specific colors used in the content you create. The important thing to remember is that your congregants trust your brand. Unfortunately, this won’t necessarily apply to the giving app you choose. 

Brand trust is becoming increasingly important, so it’s important to choose a solution that’s customizable. When parishioners visit a webpage or mobile app, it helps if they immediately see your ministry’s branding. Perfecting how to pick the best church giving app will also include choosing platforms that feature all the elements you’ll require for branded impact reports. 

Your church’s members need to know where their money is going. Customizable giving apps allow you to provide this for them. 

Learning How to Pick the Best Church Giving App is Easy!

If there’s one takeaway from this guide, it’s that your church needs a giving app. All ministries are certainly unique in their own way. Still, the modern world necessitates that every ministry use tools that can increase tithing and donations. Now that you have all the essential information on how to pick the best church giving app, you’re ready to take your ministry to the next level!

If you still have questions regarding choosing the best app – or if you’re ready to Get started now – contact us today! We created the DonorWerx Framework to integrate seamlessly with SecureGive. You’ll always know that we put every consideration into helping your ministry succeed. 

Email: From streaming sermons online to entirely mobilized missions, technology has created significant benefits for modern ministries. One advanced tool that many pastors still overlook, though, is that of church giving apps. These programs make it easier for congregants to give, but unfortunately, many ministry leaders don’t know the best app to choose. In our latest article, we explain everything you need to know when researching the best church giving apps.

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