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Best App For Giving and Collecting Church Donations

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Which App Is Right?

Giving and collecting donations for your church used to be reserved for the Sunday Service. The pastors and church board would wait until the weekend came around to pray and hope that their church members would give and be more generous each week.

Nowadays, church leaders have so many resources at their fingertips. Literally, in the digital tools they hold in their hands. Growing donors and church revenue does not have to be an awkward thing done at the end of your weekly sermons. In fact, during the pandemic, it was the churches who were already tech-savvy who eventually thrived.

(Read this blog post about ideas for your Sunday sermons!)

Online Apps Are the Secret to Success

You can continually grow your donors and church members through the online content you share with them. You have the opportunity to make it easy—and attractive—for them to give. Through online apps, web platforms, crowdfunding, text-to-give strategies, and many other ways to donate.

In this article, we explore more of the best e-giving solutions for giving and collecting church donations, and how you can start to increase giving today.

the secret to success

Benefits of a Church Giving App

There are so many reasons why successful churches are using digital giving solutions. Here is a recap of some of our favorite:

Increases Your Recurring Giving By 39 Percent

We offer you the ability to receive donations online, one of the most powerful tools created in our Donor Management software. If you notice that your church members’ tithing has been consistently decreasing, and even more so during the pandemic, you need to consider the tools at your disposal. We believe that, in today’s world, online giving is not just a nice option; it’s a necessity.

Provides Security

Cash and checks are proven to be one of the most insecure ways to receive donations. You must do everything you can to safeguard your financial health, prevent fraud and keep your donors’ trust. An app like DonorWerx gives you this security and ensures that your donors also feel safe about where their gifts are going.

(Learn more about why church digital security is important on our blog.)

Encourages Recurring Giving

Part of growing your donor’s desire to give is making it easy for them to decide. When you go shopping, for example, whether in-stores or online, you often choose to purchase from shops that serve you the best. They make it possible to pay with cash, card, and check. They even send items to your door when you purchase online, saving you time and inconvenience. When setting up a monthly tithing app, you can give your donors the automated option, so it’s one less thing for them to think about.

Booking and Accounting Made Simple

With the DonorWerx tithing app, you can automatically track donations. You also save a lot of energy and time on human resources for accounting, as the computer system takes care of much of the work, streamlining the process for all.

When you have a system like DonorWerx, it is especially useful for small, micro teams. You need all the personnel you can take care of church admin stuff. So, it just makes sense to use apps created specifically for handling other technical areas for your church.

Happier Donors, Stronger Teams

When everyone wins, everyone is happy. Your church team members get to do their jobs better and more efficiently. Your donors have the peace of mind and become more generous in the long run. They see that you are also not stuck in old ways of doing things.

Try to re-evaluate where you are at on your donor journey, and what you need to do to take your supporters further.

happier donors stronger teams

Uncover Donor Opportunity With Our Donor-Centric Framework

Discovering what your donors support, when/how they give, and why they are passionate about specific causes is the key to stronger member relationships. At the end of the day, it’s people who fuel your mission forward. We’ll teach you how to build the right relationships by understanding their donor personalities and creating an experience they love to be associated with.

Get DonorWerx’s Help for Growing Happier Donors

At DonorWerx, we understand that today’s churches need a giving strategy that works. Using our combined 30 years of experience with over 2,000 churches, we have built our Donor Experience communications framework to help you.

Fulfill your ministry vision and remove growth barriers by using our app to:

Discover and define your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Understand your donors

Implement the DonorWerx framework for better church management

If you want to clarify your vision, lead teams to success, and increase your donors’ desire to give generously, our app helps you do that. Contact us for a free consultation to find out more about our digital giving solutions. 

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