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7 Challenges of 2021 and How Churches Must Face Them

churches must face them

7 Challenges of 2021 and How Churches Must Face Them

The last year was a year like no other. We did not expect it, but here we are. The challenges are great for church leaders all over the globe.

In the post-pandemic world, what are the things you should know as you strive to grow your donors? You may long for normal church services again and miss the contact you have had in the past with your congregants.

On top of it all, you probably have seen a drop in giving to the church since folks are busy dealing with their disrupted personal and professional lives.

Below are some more challenges that you can expect this year. But as we cover them, let’s remember that there is still hope. With every challenge, there is a practical solution. And you have the digital tools you need at your disposal.

Challenge: Members stopped attending church during COVID-19

Solution: Open up digital church channels!

Now is the prime time to introduce your members to ways they can still meet and connect online. Focus on growing your digital communication tools and watch as the church is unified once again.

Challenge: Members and donors already switched churches

Solution: Find new members!

Don’t give up during this troublesome time. If you find yourself with fewer members, maybe it is time to focus on the personal spiritual connection you must have with each one. You are here as leaders to serve, so do all you can to be the best leaders to the ones who still look to you for guidance.

Challenge: Giving is on a steep decline

Solution: Make it easier for your donors to give!

If you cannot receive donations in person anymore, then set up digital giving tools. Use all the resources that you have online. Make it easy for people to give with one swipe of their cellphones from the comfort of their homes. Don’t make giving difficult.

Challenge: Recession and lack of work leads to fewer donors

Solution: Focus on what you can give your members, not what they can give you.

It is a crucial era, but your donors and members need you now more than ever. Focus on feeding them with spiritual comfort and guidance, and watch with faith as God continues to provide for you and your church.

Challenge: Changes because of COVID-19 affecting your tithes

Solution: Look for other ways to raise donations—through crowdfunding, text-to-tithe apps, church giving apps, etc.

Traditional tithing goes back thousands of years. But in this new modern day and age, we need to adapt to the times. Perhaps members can give in other ways: volunteering their time to teach life skills on your social media channels; giving their time for an online prayer meeting; and giving in kind instead of cash. Focus on the greater picture of strengthening the church, and the gifts will come at the right time.

Challenge: No plan for an uncertain future

Solution: Teach your members and donors to have faith even if they cannot see the immediate plan.

This is the perfect time to go back to the basics of childlike faith. “For now, we see through a glass darkly,” the apostle wrote, “but then, face to face.” (1 Corinthians 13) All throughout history, Christians had to live through unpredictable times. They faced persecution, death, plagues. Remember the stories of old, the miracles that came to pass, and know that you can meet any challenge in life with the same faith and assurance that they did.

Challenge: Increased operating expenses

Solution: Move to online platforms and cut operating costs

Many churches are reluctant to try new things. But in a post-pandemic world, the ones who thrive are the churches who know how to adapt, upgrade, and even change their complete strategy. This is a great time to invest in digital skills, give your leaders time to learn new things, managing online church communities, or reaching out through web platforms.

Never forget the promise, “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)

At DonorWerx, we help churches who need to Get started on the digital journey. It is still possible to grow your donors—in fact, there is no better time than now to transition to online givingContact us today for a Discovery Call so we can help you get started.

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