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5 of the Best Church Online Giving Platforms


5 of the Best Church Online Giving Platforms

When you upgrade your outreach and fundraising strategy, you need to research the best church online giving platforms — those that meet your church’s needs and support your most important missions.

An online giving platform makes it easy for donors to support your church, and simpler for your managers to track the gifts. You can keep tabs on follow-up dates, budget, and recurring gifts. Additionally, digital online platforms  help you zero in on data and track progress, enabling you to do what you well: serve through church leadership.

As a pastor and manager of a greater community, you are already pressed for time. Fortunately, an online giving platform saves you time and creates ways for your congregation to engage with you. Additionally, they can support your work and give recurring gifts. All from the comfort of their home or via their mobile phone.

There are many online giving platforms on the market. The pandemic changed the way we now operate, do business, and even go to church. But it also opened new doors to opportunities. It made the digital journey something to be embraced. It revealed the possibilities of using technology for the greater good. And it showed that we could still hope for progress and change.

The events of 2021 have made us all rethink our outreach strategies, and understand better how technology can work for us. To help you decide on one of the best church online giving platforms for you, we’ve listed five that offer quick and easy digital solutions.

1. DonorWerx

DonorWerx is a donor-centric online framework. We created it to help you uncover more outreach solutions and set yourself up to enable consistent, recurring givers — and to help churches that want to manage their donors better through powerful online tools. With DonorWerx, you have the potential to increase recurring giving by 39%.

We have church management options and donor management software to empower your church. DonorWerx is a simple, effective, and personalized fundraising framework. It allows you to harness the power of technology for more successful fundraising. Check out our blog and resources for more about what DonorWerx offers churches worldwide.

2. SecureGive

Starting at just $99 a month, SecureGive has a good range of options for every church budget. They offer a 30-day plan to transition recurring givers from your previous giving provider to SecureGive. And with a track record of helping churches grow for more than 15 years, SecureGive is one of the most trusted names in the nonprofit space.

SecureGive runs a digital system platform that helps churches with better reporting and administration. Their tiered monthly plans also offer competitive transaction rates. Their free resources include e-books, digital downloads, webinars, and e-newsletters to help church leaders succeed.

3. mobileAxept

mobileAxept is a pioneer of text-to-give software. They were some of the first online platforms to cater to churches and are still a trusted church online giving platform. They focus on a clear communication strategy, perfect for church congregations and outreach ministries.

Committed to serving churches and nonprofits worldwide, they provide adoption strategies and help clients with customer service by phone or email. The majority of users seem quite pleased with their services, especially the ease of mobile solutions.

4. PushPay

PushPay is another trusted church online giving platform that was created specifically for donor development. They focus on centralizing donation data and easy management for church donations. Their digital management tool enables customized plans for growing more sponsors and committed church members.

PushPay is best known for its great support teams, infrastructure, and seamless user experience. Additionally, users say they like the cleanness and simplicity of the platform. It is free to implement their plans and utilize customer support. The payment pricing only begins for those who want to access premium content.

5. easyTithe

easyTithe has a free app that you can integrate fully with your online giving, text giving, kiosk giving, and other easyTithe modules. The paid plans start at just $19 a month, and this makes easyTithe one of the most budget-friendly church giving apps.

A great feature of easyTithe is the calculator, which estimates the growth that they can help create for your church. This will show you your potential to grow and meet your financial goals. Additionally, using an app is also efficient for your financial managers. Donors simply give straight from their smartphones, saving time and effort.

Main Things to Look for When Choosing Your Best Church Online Giving Platform:

Now you know some of the popular and efficient giving platforms. So, how do you choose the one that is right for your church? A good first step is to start by asking the kind of questions that give you a clearer idea of where you are at in your own church digital journey.

You can even use this list as a survey tool amongst your pastors and managers. And by having more opinions on how you are doing as a whole, you’ll have more information to help better guide your decisions.

That said, it is important for your team members to see the importance of an online giving platform, and how this helps to further your church ministry.

  • What are my church’s giving goals?
  • Who is my ideal donor? What are their age brackets, needs, or anxieties? How can this platform help me offer them better solutions?
  • How much do we need in donations to do our mission this month/year/season?
  • What is our church budget and how much can we afford to allocate for digital upgrades? 
  • What is lacking in our donor programs and how can an online giving platform help us improve our strategy?
  • Do we have digitally skilled church managers who can handle the responsibility of our digital strategy?

Committing to the Online Giving Technology Is a Journey

The needs of your church will depend on your congregation, how widespread your reach is, and how big your goals might be. Perhaps you want to think about starting small, allocating a minimal budget for digital programs, and then upgrading as time goes on and your givers grow.

Most of the church online giving platforms we mentioned above have tiered solutions or subscription options, and depending on your church goals, one may stand out among the others.


For more information on ways to upgrade your giving strategy, visit our new DonorWerx website and schedule a Discovery Call today.

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