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5 Benefits of Using SecureGive, and How It Can Help Your Church

benefits of using securegive

5 Benefits of Using SecureGive, and How It Can Help Your Church

Some churches refused to get on the bandwagon when digital giving started to take off. They had done fine for years by simply passing the offering plate, and they saw no reason to make any changes. Unfortunately, the pandemic taught them a tough lesson. Digital giving is a necessity, but how can you get started? The benefits of using SecureGive offer an easy answer.

If you’ve never heard of SecureGive, it’s one of the most respected giving platforms available. People want to tithe and donate in new ways, and SecureGive provides that possibility. Of course, you shouldn’t make a decision based solely on promises. The givers in your ministry deserve more. That’s why we’ve compiled the best benefits of using SecureGive in this guide.

We think most folks will be convinced by the end of this piece. However, if you still have questions, Schedule a Discovery Call with the giving experts at DonorWERX today.

1. A Multitude of Giving Options

The way people spend money has changed significantly in recent years. Millennia went by with folks only spending cash, and then eventually, we had access to checks. Things have progressed quickly since then, though, and online giving is becoming the preferred way to donate. In fact, online donations recently grew by more than 20% in a single year.

One of the major benefits of using SecureGive is that you can accept these online donations. You can also do much more than that. Whether you have an end-of-year fundraiser or are collecting tithes on Sunday, SecureGive allows donors to give via mobile app, kiosk, text-to-give, and on your website. This makes it one of the most expansive digital giving software platforms available.

SecureGive allows the check to scan as well. That means it doesn’t matter how someone wants to donate. Thanks to SecureGive, they’ll be able to.

2. Affordable Pricing

When discussing the benefits of using SecureGive, the multitude of giving options deserves the first mention. Of course, this isn’t all that matters when you’re running a ministry. You have to think of your church finances as well. This is probably the second biggest concern once someone understands the worth of such a tool.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a major concern. SecureGive has clear and straightforward pricing. A flat monthly rate offers up to 2,000 transactions on every plan. Depending on your ministry’s needs, you can also opt for unlimited donations. What really stands out as one of the best benefits of using SecureGive, though, are their lowest-in-the-industry transaction fees.

In fact, the average transaction fee is just 2% + $0.30. That rate is lower than what you’ll find on PayPal, and you’ll get far more features for your money. This is why SecureGive is popular among both ministries and nonprofit organizations.

3. Consulting Calls

Do you have questions about your mobile giving strategy? Are you thinking of new ways to integrate your church management system? Whatever questions you may have, you can get them answered via consulting calls. This is easily one of the best benefits of using SecureGive — and why it’s widely regarded as one of the best online giving platforms for churches.

During these calls, many people focus on learning better ways to communicate with givers. When using SecureGive as part of the DonorWERX system, though, you can spend your time discussing other pressing matters. That’s because many of the donor engagement tools provided by DonorWERX focus directly on messaging and communication.

Regardless of where you are on your journey to increase giving, the Stewardship Team at SecureGive is an invaluable resource.

4. Guided Setup and Training

When most ministry leaders heard that putting their church on social media was necessary, they weren’t quite sure what to do. Even if they recognized the importance of doing so, they were left to set up an online presence by themselves. Fortunately, one of the major benefits of using SecureGive is that you’re not alone in the startup process.

You might be thinking, “Sure, they’ll help set up the giving kiosks, but that’s the easy part!” Correctly positioning a kiosk in your sanctuary is an easy task. Of course, the real difficulty might come when setting up your giving website. Then again, figuring out the analytics reporting tools could be your Achilles heel. For others, it might simply be figuring out all the SecureGive tools.

Fortunately, the guided setup and training provided on the platform simplify all of this. All the benefits in the world for using SecureGive couldn’t make up for having to figure out everything on your own. Luckily, this will never be an issue for you. From initial setup to improving tasks with electronic giving tools, you’ll learn everything you need as soon as you get started.

5. Customized Church App

There are plenty of apps out there that allow donors to send money. They can connect their credit card or bank account and send it in minutes. Venmo, PayPal, and CashApp are just a few options. Of course, these aren’t elegant solutions for the ministry. Those who donate — especially first-time givers — want to know they can trust where their money is going.

This makes branded church apps one of the most significant benefits of using SecureGive. You’re not just getting a factory app or payment processing platform. Your church will receive a branded mobile app that features donation tools, event schedules, push notifications, the ability to live-stream services, and more.

Just imagine, your donors can move back and forth between your social media pages, website, and church app without missing a beat. Branding will remain the same throughout, and they’ll have a multitude of resources to help them stay engaged. The giving platform in the app certainly meets church needs, but the other features will appeal directly to congregants.

How Can DonorWERX Help?

Some digital giving platforms get by just offering a few of the benefits of using SecureGive. Those options can certainly help increase giving, but why relegate your ministry to fewer donation methods? SecureGive is the real deal, and that’s exactly why we utilize it at DonorWERX. With the DonorWERX framework, however, you get so much more.

Our giving experts created a system that focuses on every aspect of increased donations. Donor engagement? Covered. Digital giving? Covered. Messaging and personalization? Covered. We’ve even recently added the ability to donate cryptocurrency to our suite of tools. The benefits of using SecureGive are many, and you’ll get these and more with DonorWERX.

If you’re ready to get focused and help your ministry succeed, visit our Get started page today to set off on the path of further glorifying God.

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