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3 Benefits of Electronic Giving for Churches

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3 Benefits of Electronic Giving for Churches

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Email Teaser: Benefits of Electronic Giving for Churches Are your church giving and donations decreasing following the pandemic? In this article, we tell you how you can use electronic giving to benefit the church during these hard times. Find out what your options are for digital giving solutions.


Many people attend church services with the frame of mind to give. They are prepared to donate their weekly or monthly tithe, and this helps your church’s revenue. But what happens in times like a pandemic when people start attending church less frequently? Or cannot meet in person altogether? We don’t need statistics to see that the church suffers, and donations drop off.

All across the globe, from America to Europe and even in Asia, many churches are suffering. The churches that were not prepared for these unprecedented events are seeing both members and donations decline. The pandemic has left pastors wondering how they and their congregations—not to mention important charity projects—are going to survive.

The good news is, that there are other churches that have risen to the challenge, and are not just surviving, but thriving. How is this possible? They have discovered the simple secret to success in the world of “new normal”: adaptation.

How Can You Increase Your Church Giving and Donors?

If your budget and outreach projects depend on the continued giving of your church members, then you as pastors must do all you can to increase—not decrease—giving. The churches that will be successful in the future are the ones who transition to online solutions and digital platforms. There’s simply no way around it. (Tip: Check out this article about Best Sermons for Difficult Times)

Benefits of Electronic Giving for the Church

There are many reasons you should transition to electronic solutions. But here are our top three benefits that we believe will be best for your church.

Simplifies the Giving Process

Donors want straightforward solutions. Their lives are already full of work and family affairs. So, if your church can make the process to give simple and stress-free, they are more likely to become long-term supporters.

Having automated giving options through online platforms enables this. It encourages the givers and allows your church managers to do their jobs more efficiently. They don’t have to remind people to give. The digital platforms can be optimized to send out automated emails that link to your website giving page. The process becomes seamless and simple for all.

Church tithing software requires a few simple clicks for donors. Options for credit or debit cards make donating as simple as an online purchase—something which most people are already accustomed to.

Check out our DonorWerx software made specifically for non-profits. Get in touch for assistance with setting up recurring payments for your church.

Encourages Giving in Social Circles

Try setting up your outreach Fundraiser campaign via a crowdfunding website or social media group. This enables you to reach even more of a wider network.

Since many of your congregation have to isolate or avoid in-person crowds, many people are turning to social networks for entertainment and to destress at the end of the long day. And while there may be a lot of bad news in the world, your work as a non-profit can be one of the positive things on their feed they can look forward to.

Why not encourage donations online through your church social networks, and spread a spirit of positivity instead? When folks like, share or spread the word about your charities, they create more buzz organically.

Electronic Giving Enables Pastors to Do Their Best Work

Your pastors and church managers must have adequate time to focus on the work that matters: Preparing spiritual messages and Sunday Services; strengthening the congregation through prayer and counseling; and staying mentally strong during a globally challenging time.

Electronic giving solutions save time and make it possible for them to delegate some of the fundraising work. Having the records in a digitally managed and safe space will also give them peace of mind about their church finances. Make sure that your church managers are trained and aware of the many online giving solutions available. We also cover Leadership and Communication Strategies. Our DonorWerx courses and resources are a good start for study material.

How DonorWerx Can Help

Do you want to thrive—not just survive—in this new era of giving? The first step to do so is changing your mindset about what might work for donations and fundraisers. It may be a dark path ahead but we have hope for the future and a light at the end of this tunnel. If your church has been successful in the past but is now suffering financially, it might be time to look deeply and with an open mind at your digital-giving health. At DonorWerx, we are geared to supporting churches who want to transition to the new way of fundraising. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how you can start increasing tithes, donations and giving options for your donors.

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