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10 Secrets To Building A Church Outreach Program For Youth

outreach program for youth

Help Your Community’s Youth

Do you want to find out ways to help your ministry thrive and reach more young people? A key when planning your outreach events is to think about what is appealing to today’s youth.

The old ways of attracting young people to the church may not be relevant anymore. To succeed as a church, you must find what works specifically for your congregation. Get to know the young people in your community and encourage more fellowship between them and their peers.

What are the social media platforms they love using? What will make them want to share your message or projects with their friends? Here are 10 suggestions to get you started.

(Remember to check out our blog posts on other avenues for outreach.)

1. Invite Them to Invite Others

Young people go where they feel accepted and welcome. Make sure that your church services are spaces that are appealing and make them feel comfortable. Then, invite them to invite their friends. Their groups of friends are likelier to come if they feel like their friends want them there.

2. Organize a “Friends and Family” Day

Not everyone attends church weekly, but they might come on a special “Family Day.” You can consider asking your current members to invite their networks and folks with kids. To do this, organize Bible games or fun quizzes — activities that get people of all ages having fun.

3. Online Streaming Services

Potential church members or donors may first be attracted to content you have online. So focus on your digital presence. For example, you can stream Bible movies and invite them to a digital evening of inspiration.

4. Ensure That Your Church Has a Strong Social Media Presence

You should have a social media presence that is appealing to youth. Use LinkedIn to reach millennials who are in the corporate world. Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can also be attractive, depending on the content you choose to engage them with.

See this post on social media tools for your church outreach.

5. Make Hotlines Anonymous

Do you have a hotline set up that young people can call when they need someone to talk to? It helps to have a line that remains anonymous but where young people feel they can vent, pour their hearts out, or just share what is on their minds without judgment.

6. Organize Non-Religious Events

Art events, movies, and even cooking classes can be a great way to meet new young people. if those leading the classes are connected with the church. It is also a good outlet for their creativity. Remember that not everything you organize for young people has to have Scripture—as long as it is inspirational, lifts their spirits, and encourages them in life.

7. Stay Updated with Trends

Designate people on your managing teams to create content specifically for the young people you want to reach. These should be individuals who have a heart and mind for reaching youth and who can adapt to their needs. Include training for youth leaders in your plan for church managers.

8. Music Concerts and Gatherings

If and when you can organize in-person gatherings, have the church arrange concerts geared toward young people. Music has a wonderful way of bringing people together, and this can be a fun avenue for attracting young people to your missions.

9. Volunteer Projects Where Young People Can Excel

Perhaps the young people in your community would like to get active in environmental help or do positive work with underprivileged kids. Sometimes, anything where they feel they are making a difference is beneficial for them as well. It keeps their minds busy and gives them an outlet for service. Schedule weekly outreach projects for this, allowing them to get together and make an impact.

10. Train Your Church Managers to Be More Youth-Oriented

Not everyone can lead young people in the church. This is a ministry in itself, one that takes a certain type of leader. Look for people who have experience with children or teenagers. They must be able to keep up with the energy, be open-minded, be non-judgmental, and bring energy and warmth to the youth programs.

church managers to be more youth-oriented

How DonorWerx Can Help

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