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The world has moved toward wide acceptance of digital coins, so perhaps you’re wondering when donors
will start giving in this manner. The truth is, they already have. Take a minute to view this short video on
the rise of crypto donations in the world of giving.

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It wasn’t very long ago when donating to ministries or nonprofits meant accepting checks or passing the offering plate. The digital world eventually normalized online giving, but technological innovations continue to change giving. Crypto donations are quickly finding a way into the charitable world, and if your church or nonprofit doesn’t keep up, you could miss out.

CryptoDonations through DonorWerx (Powered by BitDonate) is an easy and affordable way to keep your organization at the forefront of giving. Cryptocurrency may seem like a difficult concept to grasp, and for many people, getting started in this world seems overbearing. When using BitDonate on the DonorWerx platform, though, crypto giving becomes a simple process.

The world has moved toward wide acceptance of digital coins, so perhaps you’re wondering when donors will start giving in this manner. The truth is, they already have. Take a minute to view this short video on the rise of crypto donations in the world of giving.

Did you know that 14% of American adults owned cryptocurrency by 2021? Among those who didn’t own these digital coins, over 50 million planned on buying them for the first time in 2021. This means nearly one-third of adults in America will own cryptocurrency — more than those who invest in stocks. This makes it very clear why crypto donations are so important.

Adoption of cryptocurrency is happening quickly. The percentage of individuals who own these digital coins nearly doubled between 2019 and 2020. This means if you don’t offer crypto giving at your church or nonprofit, you’re missing out on a significant revenue source. The big question most people have is how they can start accepting these donations.

If you’ve never bought or sold cryptocurrency, understanding digital coinage may be difficult. In fact, even those who own crypto often don’t fully understand it. Only about 10% of consumers know how cryptocurrency works, but fortunately, this doesn’t mean you can’t offer crypto giving. CryptoDonations through DonorWerx (Powered by BitDonate) simplifies the process.

Take a look at how easy we make it to set up crypto donations:

  • BitDonate creates a cryptocurrency eWallet for your organization
  • Donors send cryptocurrency to the eWallet of your ministry or nonprofit
  • BitDonate converts digital coins into real currency at the current market exchange rate
  • Your organization receives the monetary donation in real dollars

It’s that simple! Your supporters or congregants can donate crypto, and your organization receives a monetary contribution. There’s no need for you to convert anything or worry about exchange rates. CryptoDonations through DonorWerx (Powered by BitDonate) handles all the heavy lifting for you!

Don’t fall behind in the world of crypto donations. It’s simple to sign up and add an online giving button to your website today. There’s no doubt that this type of charitable giving will soon be the norm, so make sure your organization is ready for the shift.

We make signing up for cryptocurrency donations just as easy as receiving them! There’s no signup fee and no monthly fees. You only pay a 3% transaction fee when donations are made — in line with other donation platforms like Paypal. The difference? We offer crypto giving and provide a platform dedicated to processing these donations.

You'll also have access to comprehensive reports, unlimited donations at no additional cost and a variety of other donation tools. Getting started is as easy as signing up. We’ll establish your eWallet, accept crypto donations on your behalf, convert them into physical currency and send contributions directly to your organization. It couldn’t be simpler!

Successful churches and nonprofits thrive because they respond quickly to emerging trends. Cryptocurrency may have seemed like nothing more than a novelty in previous years, but adoption of this digital coinage has skyrocketed recently. If your church or nonprofit isn’t already accepting crypto donations, now is the time to make the switch.

CryptoDonations through DonorWerx (Powered by BitDonate) is a simplified way to set up your crypto giving account. It takes just a few minutes to join the world’s largest cryptocurrency donation platform, and there are no signup costs or hidden fees to worry about. Don’t get left behind while other ministries and organizations lead the way on crypto donations.


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Big changes in how people give have occurred in recent years, but the emergence of crypto giving stands out the most. With CryptoDonations Through DonorWERX, your ministry can accept a variety of digital coins that immediately convert to usable currency. We run your crypto wallet for you, so no tech knowledge is necessary. All this with the lowest transaction fees in the industry!

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Increasing giving among parishioners isn’t as simple as reminding them to tithe. It’s all about messaging and engagement. The DonorWERX Communication Plan teaches you how to target members with personalized messaging, segment donors to increase recurring giving, and provides ongoing communication plans for future giving drives. We’re with your ministry now and into the future!

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Improved donor engagement is a powerful tool, but having the technology to back it up can make all the difference. DonorWERX digital giving software gives your members the ability to donate online, at a kiosk, via text-to-give and even on an app customized for your ministry. We can then use the data gathered from these tools to help you better communicate with your flock!