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Top Donor Survey Benefits in Current Times

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Top Donor Survey Benefits in Current Times

Developing deep and meaningful relationships with your donors means being there for them in their toughest times. And with the recent COVID crisis, donors’ emotional and spiritual needs required tending more than ever. How can you accomplish this? There are many ways, but recognizing and taking advantage of the best donor survey benefits is often an overlooked approach.

Your donors are gripped with uncertainty, just like everyone else. They worry what economic effects COVID will have on them, their business, and their income. If you have a dip in contact with your members, or cannot meet them face to face, how do you stay in communication? How do you know what their needs are, so that you can address them? A practical way to do this is by creating donor surveys.

These surveys provide unique insights—not just into data and numbers, but access to their most desperate spiritual and mental needs. Donor care is so important for you to focus on throughout the COVID crisis. Never forget that solid relationships are the foundation of your church, and the backbone of any fundraising programs you plan.

Wondering what other donor survey benefits you can take advantage of? Read on for tried and proven tips.

1.      Surveys help you know what inspirational content to create next

Creating donor surveys will enable you to understand your donors’ needs, so that you can create the right content to truly inspire and serve them. Everything in their lives will be a little tougher at this point, and in the beginning of this crisis, many will be confused, not knowing how to handle their emotions. You may not be able to tell them exactly what the future holds, but through surveys, you get a better idea of the kind of fears and anxiety they are facing at this time, so you know where to focus your counselling efforts.

2.     Surveys create the opportunity to show you care

Sometimes, your donors just need to know that someone is there for them. They may be used to being the ones giving on end, having the means to give, or the people supporting others. Having someone else check in on them, ask them about their opinions and their needs, will make them feel truly cared for. And it is your responsibility as the leader of your church fellowship to guide them. Even if you are not sure yourself what the situation will be like weeks or months from now, just providing that emotional support is crucial.

3.     Surveys give you insight on future event planning

After collecting data from your surveys, you can gauge what people need most in the moment, and what will be worth your efforts in the future. Perhaps, before the Covid crisis, you had planned certain meetups or event to address particular issues. And maybe now that the situation has completely changed, you will need to adjust your agenda as well. But the only way to be sure about it, is if you ask those directly involved. Let your donors know some of the events you had planned for the future, and ask them to give their opinions on what is most necessary.

4.     Surveys are the quickest way to get direct feedback

If you have a good website up and have already implemented online donations, you can use various apps to monitor and track your site navigation. But this still does not give you a clear picture of what your site visitors and donors might be looking for. Maybe they are seeking ways to give, how to donate during the crisis, or situations that need their help. Only by creating targeted surveys will you be able to gather this information.

5.     Surveys keep your donors engaged

When you ask people for their opinion, they feel valued. This is human nature. And when you ask donors—or potential donors—their views, when you consider their opinion, they will feel more invested in your cause. They will feel that you don’t just come to them when you need monetary help. If you are truly concerned about their spiritual well-being, this will be apparent in your survey questions, and the way you handle polls afterward.

6.     Surveys will help guide your future fundraising campaigns

It’s often all in the details. Within your donor surveys, you can ask your donors questions such as, what inspires them to give? How they found your church or your website? What future activities and updates they would appreciate reading in your newsletters? What topics do they feel are most relevant to hear about in future sermons and fellowships? Which types of online events would benefit them the most during Covid?

7.      The follow-up surveys are crucial

During Covid quarantine, you may hold your own online events to connect with donors and church members. So, don’t forget the all-important follow-up survey right after your virtual meetings. This feedback will be useful throughout the quarantine, and help you provide them the best kind of support online. Ask questions that will give you more insights for your next online events. For example, ask what they liked best about the event, what did they like the least? Would they change anything about the technical setup? How can you improve the next online meeting?

Donor Survey Benefits Can Overcome Many Challenges

You will find, during this crisis, that you won’t have answers for many of the questions or situations that arise. The surveys will give you insights into new issues which your church never had to tackle before. Don’t let this discourage you. Rather, see it as a way to reach out to your donors in an even greater, far-reaching and yet more personal way.

Now, more than ever, people are hungry for real interaction. They will want to connect with those who can be their lifeline, their spiritual and moral support. And the lack of normal contact with others will affect your donors in different ways. Identifying these effects is one of the most important donor survey benefits.

Make sure you treat every case individually. No matter how much or how little they are donating to your church, now is the time for you to concentrate on ways that you can give them what they need most, and feel that their financial giving is not in vain. It’s the perfect time to give back to your donors!

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