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Top 10 Church Hashtags in 2021

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Top 10 Church Hashtags in 2021

While Twitter may have popularized the hashtag, use of the symbol has spread across the entire sphere of social media. You can now see these little “pound signs” everywhere from LinkedIn to Facebook. Effective church hashtags can increase engagement, overall reach and even make your posts go viral. Of course, not all these tags are equal in their effectiveness.

In this guide, you’ll find some of the best church hashtags for 2021 along with information on their proper utilization. Once you’ve completed this guide and bookmarked it for later use, make sure you check out the DonorWerx Framework as well. Hashtags are all about increasing your reach and getting noticed, and that’s the very basis of our donor engagement system.

Top 10 Church Hashtags in 2021

Many churches don’t use hashtags because the idea seems too modern and only appeals to younger generations. As our piece on the truths of church tithing explained, though, ministries need to reach out to young adults. The premise of this belief is also incorrect. It turns out that nearly one-third of social media users aged 45 to 54 use hashtags.

This social tool is powerful in its effect. And for ministry leaders seeking the best church hashtags in 2021, the following are likely to have the biggest payoff.

1. #ChurchesOfTheWorld 

You’ll want to use some beautiful images of your church when using this hashtag. People are looking for inspiring photographs of your architecture and more.

2. #ChurchPhotography 

This hashtag offers a bit more wiggle room than #ChurchesOfTheWorld. Any images related to your ministry are perfect for this tag.

3. #ChurchesofInstagram

Replace “Instagram” with whatever social media outlet you’re using before sharing this tag.

4. #Worship 

This is another flexible hashtag. Its use can include images of baptisms, videos of community volunteerism, biblical verses and more.

5. #GodHeals

Exodus 23:25 – and many other verses from the Bible – tells us that God heals those who believe. Use this hashtag alongside testimonials or inspiring videos.

6. #NewTestament

When streaming services or posting lessons (e.g. videos, memes, text), use #NewTestmanent to get more engagement.

7. #JesusLovesYou

Whether you’re inviting people to service, reminding them of the miracles God grants, or engaging in any other social media outreach, “Jesus Loves You” is a top church hashtag in 2021 and beyond.

8. #ChurchFamily

Use this hashtag with images and videos of your congregation. This helps others see what your church family is really like–and may encourage them to join.

9. #GodsWord

Got an inspirational verse to share? Need to make your recorded service stand out? “God’s Word” – without the apostrophe – will get the job done.

10. #LoveOneAnother

This hashtag will certainly get some attention outside of ministry use, but it should be a central tenet of everything we do. Use this tag on posts that show the masses that God’s love is real.

You may wonder how hashtags like #God and #Jesus didn’t make the list of best church hashtags in 2021. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use these tags. Because of their popularity on social platforms, though, it may be difficult for your ministry to get noticed when using them. By including them when appropriate, though, you may snag a few new followers who sort by “New.”

Consider using the following hashtags on social outlets, but remember that they’re only likely to get noticed within the first few minutes of your post:

#Churches #Church #God #Jesus #Heaven #Faith #Bible #JesusChrist #HolyBible #Sunday #Love #Christian #GodsPlan #InstaChurch #Holy #BibleQuote #Scripture #Devotional

Where to Use Church Hashtags

While Twitter may have once run the metaphorical yard in the world of hashtags, the use of this social tool has grown exponentially. You’ll hardly find a social media platform where thought leaders and regular folks alike aren’t including them. Here are a few places you can share the best church hashtags of 2021 – along with tips specific to each platform.

Twitter Hashtags

You can use as many hashtags on Twitter as you’d like, but the platform recommends sticking to just two. You can use these to highlight specific words in your post or as tags at the beginning and end of tweets.

Facebook Hashtags

If your church is using hashtags on Facebook, keep in mind that you can’t track full usage due to members who set their profiles to private. Similar to using these tools on Twitter, though, you can place hashtags throughout your post. If you run a group for your church on the platform, you can also use them to sort specific content themes.

Instagram Hashtags

If you’re looking to get the most use out of the best church hashtags of 2021, Instagram might be the place to do so. You can use up to 10 tags without going overboard, and you don’t even have to clutter a post’s caption with them. By using hashtags in the first comment on your image or video, users will still discover your posts.

YouTube Hashtags

There are over 2 billion users on YouTube, so if your church isn’t there, it’s hindering your ability to do God’s work. You can include hashtags in both the title and description of your videos on the platform. Three is the optimal number of hashtags to use, but this could vary based on your content. Never use over 15 tags, though, or YouTube might mark the post as spam.

Pinterest Hashtags

When using hashtags on Pinterest, view them as search engine tools. They’re how people find content on the website. You can include tags in your post’s description and even in the description when “repinning.” Using five of the best church hashtags of 2021 is optimal, but make sure you never exceed 20 tags.

LinkedIn Tags

Even the most businesslike social platform on the web – LinkedIn – has become a haven for hashtags. You should use these tags in both your updates and any articles you post to the platform. LinkedIn also offers suggestions when you’re creating updates, but avoid exceeding two tags in most cases.

Don’t Ignore Church Hashtags in 2021

Church leaders who served God before social media might scoff at the idea of using hashtags. They may see them as nothing more than useless tags that appeal only to young people. As statistics have shown, though, older platform users have increasingly relied on hashtags. And even if they were only popular among youth, we need young churchgoers for continued growth.

If you’re using social media to promote your ministry – which you should be – do not ignore church hashtags in 2021. They have the power to make a post from the smallest page quickly go viral. It’s all about effective communication and increased engagement.

Make these hashtags a big part of your church’s social media strategy. If you still have questions regarding their use or how communication on social media is vital to your mission, reach out to DonorWerx today.

Schedule a Discovery Call with us so we can help you understand how hashtags can improve giving at your church.

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