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The Rocket Company vs Donorwerx: Compare Pricing, Reviews, and More

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The Rocket Company vs Donorwerx: Compare Pricing, Reviews, and More

Founded in 2008, The Rocket Company has long striven to offer coaching solutions for leaders at churches big and small. One of the first major problems they tried to address is the lack of funding many churches struggle with. Because of this focus, they launched the Giving Rocket coaching program.

Through the years, they’ve also grown to incorporate pre-made modules to help churches with various needs. These include volunteer management, designing worship services, and more. While some software, like Volunteer Rocket, can no longer be found online, The Rocket Company continues to offer core coaching. They say this coaching helps organizations like yours get better results.

If you’ve been searching for coaching that can put your church on the path to a healthier financial future and a more engaged congregation, here’s an overview of The Rocket Company’s offerings and how they stack up to a competitor like DonorWerx.

Overview of The Rocket Company

With Rocket Company’s list of courses, churches can pursue coaching for many different aspects of their day-to-day operations.

No matter which course you subscribe to, you’ll gain access to:

  • Coaching Videos: Watch anytime, anywhere for immersive coaching.
  • Listening Guides: Coaching you can take with you to listen on the go.
  • Resource Vault: Written coaching you can download and share.
  • Member Forum: Interact with other churches and discuss the training.

Below is a closer look at two of the primary areas of training The Rocket Company specializes in.

Giving Rocket

Enrolling in Giving Rocket gives you access to 12 modules of training where you’ll learn how to:

  • Design a financial funding plan for the next year and set three objectives.
  • Create a plan to start collecting money to accomplish your goals.
  • Learn why people give and learn how to communicate with donors.
  • Hear about the #1 method Giving Rocket has learned for increasing giving.
  • Use follow-up practices to encourage recurring gifts.
  • Identify and attract high impact givers without being pushy.
  • Prepare for three special offering Sundays to boost your tithings.
  • Learn how to spread the concepts of financial wellness throughout your congregation.
  • Practice preaching about money confidently. 
  • Build a financial team without accountants or bankers.
  • Create a budget that gives you a wide margin to grow. 

Pricing: You can pay a one-time fee of $997 or $99/month for a year to get access to the coaching.

The downside? Giving Rocket is strictly coaching. When it comes to your software solution, they suggest using EasyTithe.

Worship Rocket

Producing enlightening sermons every week is not a task to be underestimated. Delivering spectacular worship services is a critical responsibility that just about every church leader struggles with at some point. In partnership with Todd Fields, The Rocket Company released Worship Rocket. In short, you’ll learn how to:

  • Speak in an engaging and confident manner, almost as well as you sing.
  • Choose the right musicians and songs for every worship service.
  • Engage people in music and get them to sing along.
  • Identify and address your “blindspots.”
  • Align your approach with that of your senior pastor.
  • Grow your influence by elevating the worship experience.
  • Lead when you’re “running on empty.” 

Pricing: You can pay a one-time fee of $997 or $99/month for a year to get access to the coaching.

If you choose to pay monthly, you’ll get drip-fed the content. However, paying in full gives you access to everything from day one.

Overview of DonorWerx

The Rocket Company tries to be the all-in-one coaching provider. DonorWerx strives for something different. We want to be a truly all-in-one suite of solutions. We do this by offering coaching alongside the software churches need to succeed.

The 4-Step System

Powerful giving software is paired with proven communication strategies and ongoing coaching. Above all, this is to help churches build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their donors. This all begins with the four-step system.

  1. Uncover donor opportunities
  2. Implement the donor-centric framework
  3. Launch our done-for-you communication campaigns
  4. Manage your donor funnel with accountability and coaching

Personalized Solutions for Your Church

Coaching systems like The Rocket Company have everything pre-designed and pre-recorded. DonorWerx differs from this in many ways — such as offering ongoing, one-on-one coaching. Additionally, our training is always tailored to your church’s specific needs.

In addition to this powerful virtual coaching, we also have a 24/7 resource library. Inside this library, you can access video, audio, and communication campaigns around-the-clock. That means you’ll never be without assistance, no matter what goals you’re trying to accomplish.

Moreover, when it comes to actually putting what we coach into practice at your church, DonorWerx is able to help you every step of the way by offering unique software solutions designed specifically for nonprofit and faith-based organizations just like yours.

Start Getting 10% More Donations

DonorWerx recognizes that every church has a unique story, and so does every member of your congregation. By tapping into those stories through data, we help churches acquire new donors, retain their existing donors, and turn mid-level donors into high-impact givers.

All the while, we coach leaders to speak confidently about their church’s financial needs, plans for growth, and the value of tithing and volunteerism.

In fact, we are so sure of the results we’re able to bring to church leaders that we offer a free 30-minute Discovery Call to every new client. And if you give us just those few minutes, we’ll share strategies that can increase giving by 10 percent in six months. We do this without any commitment from you.

Want to see how easy it is to take your ministry to the next level? Schedule a call today. 

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