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Vanco Payment Solutions: Pricing, Features, Reviews, and Alternatives

vanco payment solutions
Looking for a merchant services provider that suits your nonprofit’s requirements? With online giving consistently expanding — even experiencing a notable 10% surge recently — more organizations are seeking avenues to establish an online presence. If you’re pursuing the same path, you might be evaluating two potential choices: Vanco and DonorWerx.

Who Is Vanco Payment Solutions?

Vanco positions itself as a payment solutions provider tailored for churches, nonprofits, and schools. Equipped with a range of payment gateways, Vanco empowers ministries to collect online donations.

This encompasses website portals, mobile apps, text-to-give, and donation kiosks. The concept is straightforward: Enhanced avenues for member engagement equate to diversified means of receiving donations.

Alternative to Vanco Payment Solutions: DonorWerx

Receiving a donation encompasses more than a mere payment gateway. In fact, the donation often culminates a more extensive journey. Payment gateways streamline the donation process significantly. However, to amplify contributions, ministries must comprehend the underlying motivations behind donations.

While every church undertakes commendable efforts and champions meaningful missions, this doesn’t invariably translate into contributions. Donorwerx approaches church donations differently. They provide personalized, adaptable payment gateways, but that’s only the initial phase.

Donorwerx collaborates with ministries to shape a comprehensive donation strategy. Through education and training, churches invest in their fiscal sustainability.

Package Comparisons: DonorWerx vs Vanco

Both Vanco and Donorwerx provide online payment solutions, allowing churches to personalize each format with their own branding.

  • Online forms provide a straightforward web-based solution, enabling members to contribute through computers or smartphones from any location. Donors can choose debit, credit card, or direct bank transfers, with options for one-time or recurring payments.
  • Smartphone apps are experiencing increasing popularity, especially among younger members. Users can effortlessly donate and save their information for future contributions.
  • Text-to-give offers immediate donations via SMS, providing a swift and straightforward process that encourages first-time donors and supports church-wide campaigns.
  • Giving kiosks present a contemporary take on physical donation solutions. Members can comfortably contribute via tablets in a modern environment.

While both Vanco and Donorwerx provide similar products, distinctions exist between the two. Vanco’s online payment forms can be easily embedded, yet they may pose challenges when used on mobile phones. Given rising mobile usage, which is now on par with or surpassing desktop usage, ensuring mobile-friendliness for online forms is crucial.

In contrast, Donorwerx places a significant emphasis on both desktop and mobile compatibility. Their online forms are uncomplicated yet efficient, with the added ability for churches to personalize forms with specific funding targets. The contrast between Donorwerx and Vanco becomes more pronounced from this point onward.

Vanco primarily centers around its payment gateways, while Donorwerx envisions a comprehensive, long-term solution. Through their framework, Donorwerx collaborates with churches to formulate donation strategies. This involves initial assessments, educational components, action plans, and coaching sessions.

The online giving software and framework provided by Donorwerx is designed to empower churches, teaching them how to foster donations rather than merely soliciting them.

How Much Does Vanco Cost?

Vanco presents various pricing tiers contingent on church size and monthly donation volume. Their recommended plan costs $49 monthly, coupled with a transaction percentage fee. Depending on the payment method, a $60 donation incurs a fee ranging from $0.83 to $2.45. For sizable churches, custom pricing is available upon request.

Vanco’s product lineup is straightforward and competitively priced, providing technical support but not additional coaching or strategy. This leaves churches to formulate donation plans independently. Donorwerx offers a considerably more comprehensive value proposition. Beyond online payment solutions, their emphasis lies in coaching and strategic support.

Starting at $147 per month, Donorwerx’s most common plan encompasses payment gateways and our personalized coaching program. Ministries benefit from education, training sessions, and a monthly Q&A strategy call. A comparison between Vanco and Donorwerx unveils two distinct value levels. Vanco prioritizes payment gateways, while Donorwerx delivers a holistic framework.

For Donorwerx, payment gateways constitute the culmination, not the solution.

If your church is seeking basic online payment solutions, Vanco may suit your needs.

For those aiming for a sustainable donation strategy, exploring the Donorwerx program might be worthwhile.

Vanco Payment Solutions — Reviews

Online reviews for Vanco’s payment platforms have generally ranged from fair to good.

Frank Kehl from Merchant Maverick observed:

“…they’re an excellent choice for churches, nonprofits, and professional services…”

Unfortunately, several Vanco employees had complaints after a merger in 2018:

“The company has had 3 CEOs in a year, along with 4 CIOs. No real direction.”

“A lot of change is going on and sometimes it feels like they are leaving employees out of the loop on what is happening.”

“The merger of Veracity and Vanco Payments is still going through some pains.”

While Vanco offers commendable products, it appears to grapple with internal challenges. If these issues remain unresolved, their future could be at risk.

DonorWerx vs Vanco — Which Is Better?

Vanco simplifies online donations for church members through various means like website forms, apps, and text-to-give. However, these gateways might feel limited for some churches. Increasing donations without a strategy is challenging.

Donorwerx offers a comprehensive approach that emphasizes the process, potentially leading to better outcomes. Instead of merely seeking more donations, ministries can devise long-term plans. Effective payment gateways rely on members’ willingness to use them.

By embracing their core values, churches can expand their reach, surpass fundraising goals, and prioritize their mission over funding. For assistance in crafting a donation strategy, consider DonorWerx. You’ll receive complimentary church giving assessments to uncover your donation potential.

Remember, focus on your mission, not just its funding! Schedule a Discovery Call with DonorWerx today. We can help in this endeavor.

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