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Text Message Marketing Strategies for Church

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Text Message Marketing Strategies for Church

Text message software is used throughout the world as a common church communications asset. If you use mass texting features, especially with systems such as WhatsApp, you are able to send picture messages and announcements to many of your congregants at one time. Fortunately, you can also utilize church text message marketing.

Here are a few great ideas you can use to take your ministry’s marketing prowess to the next level. And amazingly enough, this is all thanks to simple SMS messaging.

Send Prayer Requests

Your church admin and community are already used to giving and receiving prayer requests, so using SMS to send a bulk prayer request is considered normal. Use this strategy for accessing the power of prayer within your communities and getting more people on board for the things you need spiritual help with.

This might not seem like text message marketing since it’s not promotional. In reality, it still brings attention to your ministry. Fortunately, it’s easy for people to pass on an SMS or start a prayer chain by adding on requests to the last one and then sending them forward.

If you have a timely request or an ill person who needs immediate prayer, then use this platform to engage your members. Remember, everyone needs to know there is a place they can go to get the prayer necessary for their spiritual and physical survival.

Send Bulk Reminders for Special Events

You may already list the church event on your weekly or monthly online bulletin, but remember that people always need reminders. If your church has a special event planned, then you can formulate the SMS message to remind folks of the schedules. This is a powerful use of text message marketing.

It is also helpful when there are changes made to the event plan. Making updates on short notice requires this type of communication. This way, SMS messaging saves time and energy, as you can simply mass text everyone in the congregation immediately.

Share Daily Devotionals to Your Congregation

If you are looking for a way to guide your church members continually without feeling too intrusive, then a simple SMS message is a great way to share inspiration. Some people share these kinds of messages on their social media. But since many folks don’t regularly check their social pages, texting is key.

However, most people will have their smartphones nearby, so they are more likely to see SMS messages. Don’t forget the power of this text message marketing strategy. If sending out a daily devotional via SMS, members will feel their faith is renewed and growing a little stronger every day.

Tip: Daily devotionals are also fun and engaging when shared with visual messaging. You can try GIFs, or use a platform like Canva to edit attractive illustrations and photos to make your messages more shareable.

Sermon Follow-Up or Pre-Prep

Use the SMS messaging for encouraging people to discuss the themes of your current sermons and keep a relevant conversation going. This will prompt people to think about the different themes you are suggesting that they work on during the week.

Never forget the power of follow-up. If there are deeper concepts that are harder for newer members to grasp, there may be a follow-up needed. In this way, SMS messages help to solidify the Bible teachings and concepts.

Promote Online Virtual Holiday Events and Services

Special holiday services need special announcements. Occasions such as Christmas and Easter have also been different this year because of the pandemic. Consider that instead of the usual gatherings, people have had to join Zoom sessions or meet online to take part in the usual service.

Often some people do not know how to access the hub online or may just need some extra help. Having a bulk SMS go out with the link to your new offerings and event online is a great way to get more attendees. People can easily share this SMS message and be aware of the new and exciting ways the church is moving online going forward.

How to Get More Phone Numbers in Your List for SMS Marketing

It is common for folks to be more protective of their phone numbers than their emails. This means you should be prepared with a different strategy for collecting phone numbers for your SMS media church campaigns. Text messaging is a more intimate form of communication. This means you want to be wise when requesting that people give you their phone numbers. The most effective way we have found to collect these numbers is to create an excellent reason for them to give their number to you.

Using this strategy for your church, you may notice two groups of people The first are those who are quite willing to give their church their mobile number. Then there are those who do not want to give their personal details away. The reason for this is understandable, so have patience when building your phone number list.

The members and donors who want to give you their phone numbers should also have a simple way to send you the details. Give your members multiple avenues and opportunities to opt in to your church texting.

Here are some practical ways to grow your text message marketing strategies for church:

  • Disseminate an online sign-up form.
  • Send out a simple communication text such as, “Text your name to [NUMBER] to receive text messages and updates.”
  • Include a note in your digital newsletter linking them to the sign-up form online.
  • Mention it during the closing of your church services and sermons.

As with any other strategy for growing donors, you must find out what works best for your church and pastors. Some church leaders, known for their charisma, are great at finding the right words to ask people to give. Others may need coaching and training.

Find out about DonorWerx resources and digital tools to encourage your pastors and leaders in the digital giving journey.

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