Strategy for thriving giving

Donor werx partners with churches to ensure strong digital giving adoption and growth.

Too many churches are left on their own to figure out a growth strategy. With DonorWerx, you’ll get a ministry partner to ensure:

Fast and smooth implementation

Guided learning of the DonorWerx tools

Your giving will grow, guaranteed

Designing Your Donor Experience

Don't let tunnel vision block your path to donor-centricity. An outsider perspective combined with objective metrics will give you a clear picture of donor engagement. Everything you need for donor development is in one place with DonorWerx.

Discover your Donor

Knowing where to start puts you on the fast track to improving the donor experience.

Find your baseline by learning the fundamentals of donor centricity.
Understanding the DonorWerx Framework is your first step in achieving donor centricity.
Once you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals, it becomes easier to identify your best path for growth.

Onboard Your team

Get a better understanding of your donor's preferences and passions to identify ways to increase church giving.

Your church has its own unique story, but so does your donor database.
A little research into data you already have can be invaluable for identifying potential growth opportunities.
You can use preexisting data to gain clarity for improving the donor experience, increasing tithing at all levels, and putting a larger focus on donor centricity.

Navigate Your technology

Align your vision with donor passion, speaking their language, and coming to where they are

Increased giving requires you to rethink donor engagement based on the 7 types of donors.
In your personalized strategic plan, you'll have measurable goals that allow you to track your progress and quantify the effect of being donor-centric.
Once you identify your donors' passions and build your message from this place, deeper relationships will come naturally.

Optimize your Messaging

Build out your campaign communication calendar by following the proven steps in the DC-7 Framework

Good leaders are improved by having a strong and capable staff.
Great leaders are able to empower their staff to more effectively execute their given roles.
When structuring your communication plan, we'll create roles for both your staff and essential software platforms. Each of these will play an important role in increasing donor centricity.


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Pricing And Plans

Customized To Meet The Needs Of Your Church




Big changes in how people give have occurred in recent years, but the emergence of crypto giving stands out the most. With CryptoDonations Through DonorWERX, your ministry can accept a variety of digital coins that immediately convert to usable currency. We run your crypto wallet for you, so no tech knowledge is necessary. All this with the lowest transaction fees in the industry!

Donor Experience


Per month

Increasing giving among parishioners isn’t as simple as reminding them to tithe. It’s all about messaging and engagement. The DonorWERX Communication Plan teaches you how to target members with personalized messaging, segment donors to increase recurring giving, and provides ongoing communication plans for future giving drives. We’re with your ministry now and into the future!

Giving Suite


Per month

Improved donor engagement is a powerful tool, but having the technology to back it up can make all the difference. DonorWERX digital giving software gives your members the ability to donate online, at a kiosk, via text-to-give and even on an app customized for your ministry. We can then use the data gathered from these tools to help you better communicate with your flock!