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SecureGive vs. The Competition


SecureGive vs. The Competition

SecureGive is a church giving system that combines donation software with a church app to engage your congregation. It’s a trusted platform in the nonprofit space, and the company’s strategic approach will certainly help you grow. But, with a tiered pricing model, is it the right option for you? Here’s a look at how SecureGive stacks up next to the competition.

What is SecureGive?

SecureGive is a robust platform that has tried to include a handful of features, all designed specifically for churches. SecureGive bundles the following:

  • Donation software includes six different giving methods, including online, kiosk, text-to-give, mobile, check, and campaigns.
  • Strategic advice with resources, one-on-one coaching, and a dedicated ministry partner to help you grow.
  • Church apps that help you engage your congregation far beyond Sunday morning, facilitating a lively community.

The idea behind SecureGive is to build and sustain long-lasting generosity amongst your church-goers, and every ministry knows that that’s no easy feat. While software alone isn’t enough to transform your church, SecureGive’s bundling of coaching and resources with software and apps can help you take major strides towards engagement and growth.

SecureGive vs. The Competition

Are you wondering how SecureGive stacks up next to the competition? As you may know, there’s no shortage of platforms out there that promise to help your church get more donations, but what matters is how well the software works, the ease of setup, and the strategic guidance (if any) that the platform provides.

SecureGive Provides Resources and Coaching

With so many software solutions out there, it’s refreshing to find a platform like SecureGive that has invested a lot of time and money into creating a library of growth resources. If you’ve invested in software in the past, you probably learned quickly that software alone is not enough to increase donations. Many churches learned this the hard way when they first adopted online giving portals.

In truth, while having the software is paramount to taking the next step, you cannot take a “build it and they will come” approach. Congregants need a reason to give and to keep giving, which is where SecureGive’s strategic coaching and advice come into play.

With a strategy laid out, your church will be able to encourage and sustain giving by getting more clear in its mission and using software that allows for easy end-of-year reports and letters of gratitude.

SecureGive Offers a Code-Free Mobile App

Whether you love it or not, your church really needs a digital presence to engage with modern-day attendees, but it can cost thousands of dollars to develop a mobile app on your own. As a result, many companies have popped up promising to offer your church an “out-of-the-box” solution, but they often lack customization options and they end up feeling disconnected, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve.

With SecureGive, you can launch a mobile app with no need for a developer or any coding, but you won’t have to sacrifice a customized experience. SecureGive allows you to completely customize every aspect of your church’s app, even down to the functionality it provides. You can incorporate mobile app donations, streaming sermons, and a vibrant community area to foster growth and engagement that requires little intervention or maintenance on your end.

SecureGive Has Flexible Pricing

Out of all the church software, you have to choose from, surely one of the biggest deciding factors is the price. While SecureGive offers endless features, you’ll find that you don’t need to pay for something you won’t use. For instance, with the basic plan, you get to choose whether you want to add a giving kiosk or use an online portal to connect donations.
Each SecureGive plan is based on the way in which you want to collect donations and whether you want to tap into coaching resources and other tools. You’ll never pay for a mobile app unless you want to, and the monthly fee is reduced if you bundle the mobile app with a giving plan.

What’s more, you don’t need to upgrade your plan just because you get more donations. Every plan has a cap of 2,000 transactions per month, and if you exceed that, SecureGive will work with you to customize a higher limit based on your budget and needs. Likewise, every plan comes with the same great support and service.

This flexible pricing model will grow with you. Having a lot of donations doesn’t force you to upgrade to the next tier, just like wanting better service will never cause you to pay more. The playing field is kept level across the board, and you can decide which features you want to determine how much you need to pay.

SecureGive Supports Multi-Campus Churches

Even if you operate a relatively small church, the fact that SecureGive supports multi-campus churches offers down-the-line benefits for you. Since the platform is able to support churches with multiple campuses. Each with its own distinct branding drives. The need for enterprise-grade security and other perks that benefit every church on any plan.

If you do operate a multi-campus church you’ll be glad to learn that each one can have its own branding administration and functionality. You can treat each church like its own distinct operation, which is exactly where most platforms fall short. Yet, you’ll still have the convenience of all campuses under one umbrella account. That’s another way SecureGive keeps management easy while offering exemplary features.

Is SecureGive Right for Your Church?

SecureGive has the flexibility to suit churches of all sizes. The fair-tiered pricing model allows any church to effectively tap into the features. They want without paying for what they don’t. Plus robust customization features combined with reporting engagement. And coaching initiatives mean that you can amplify your efforts even if you’re working on a tight budget. Throw in the fact that SecureGive requires little to no technical expertise. And you’ve got an all-around great solution that can suit the needs of any growing ministry.

So, is SecureGive right for your church? Our team here at DonorWERX actually created it and we’re proud to say that. We took years of experience in the industry and turned it into reality. Highly functional features that we knew could transform your church’s operations. If you’re looking to grow without complexity. Without incredibly expensive solutions and without wasting months in the planning phase. You need SecureGive to launch you forward. Get started today!

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