Example Prelaunch Email

“Dripping before dropping” means you’re giving people an idea of what’s coming before it actually arrives. You can do this via any means of communication your church utilizes, so don’t be afraid to send out a few tweets, texts or emails prior to launch. This will create engagement among your congregants along with curiosity regarding what’s to come.

When “dripping” out this information, there are a few important things to include. On top of letting them know something new is coming, you should also create a sense of urgency by including an end-date. This reassures congregants that the campaign is special and not ongoing. You should also point out that more information is coming soon and that they may be asked to participate.

The following example email will give you an idea of how to accomplish this. The aforementioned elements of an effective message are highlighted for ease of recognition.

Example Prelaunch Email

Subject: Something special is right around the corner…

Dear Alexis,

Hey there! We've got some exciting news we wanted to share with you. This Sunday, we're launching a four-week campaign to ignite digital giving in our church. We’re grateful for what’s to come - because it will empower us to do more work in our Lord’s name.

We’ll be making the full announcement at the morning service this Sunday. Once you see what we’ve got in store, we’re certain you’ll be just as excited about joining us in this new journey as we are by having you. Let’s get ready to move forward, stronger together!

See you soon!


Pastor Dave