Connecting Digital Giving to Specific Needs

Statistics show that once folks start using digital means of giving, they fall in love with it. The simplicity and convenience of these tools allow congregants to contribute to causes that are important to them, and they are able to do so without having to worry about getting cash, writing checks, mailing tithe envelopes or any of the other inconveniences of traditional giving.

Of course, this all comes down to a single phrase: “once they start...” Churchgoers need to know why your ministry is going digital, and they need to know why they should follow suit. Utilize the following checklist to convey the unique selling points (USP) of digital giving by showing congregants the benefits they’ll receive along with the real-world impact that will occur.

Checklist for Connecting Digital Giving to Specific Needs

-- Set up a giving page that features images or videos of the good works your church is doing thanks to contributions. -- --
-- Create a confirmation-response email that thanks givers and reaffirms the fact that their gift is going to have a real-life impact. -- --
-- Ensure that future messages frequently mention real-life impact and the high level of convenience provided by digital giving. -- --
-- Shoot a video with the pastor encouraging people to use digital giving (and possibly demo how easy it is to set up an account). Explain why the switch is being made (i.e. immediate access to bank funds, easier tracking, increased accountability, etc.). -- --
-- Gather testimonials from those who’ve benefited from various programs or outreaches of your church and how the move towards digital giving can increase funding. (Example: backpack school supply outreach text-to-give.) -- --
-- Gather testimonials from individuals that most people wouldn’t expect to love digital giving. Share how those people have bought into this type of giving option. -- --
-- Have staff members and key influencers from the congregation test out digital giving. -- --
-- Craft an email series for a digital giving rollout. -- --
-- Create slides and announcement scripts to make digital giving part of the tithe and offerings announcements. -- --
-- Develop social media posts that promote digital giving and show real-life effects of contributions coming in. -- --
-- Roll out digital giving to the congregation. -- --
-- Encourage recurring giving. -- --
-- Schedule social media posts and the email series to promote the new digital giving option. -- --