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planning center

Planning Center and DonorWerx Integration

Planning Center truly shines as a church management system because of all the features they offer, capable of serving churches big and small.

Planning Center and DonorWerx Integration

planning center

Planning Center and DonorWerx Integration

There are plenty of church management software options out there, but the customizable and flexibility of Planning Center is what really helps it stand out. Unlike with other platforms where you have to subscribe to a whole suite of tools, some of which you may not like or use, Planning Center allows you to pick-and-choose the exact services you want, allowing for a completely custom-tailored plan fit for your church.

As things change over time, you can always subscribe to different tools from Planning Center or even move on from tools you have used in the past. All in all, that makes for a highly affordable and effective approach to church management that’s far more versatile than most other software on the market. With that in mind, DonorWerx is excited to be announcing a new integration.

Why You Should Use Planning Center

The unique approach Planning Center takes is only one reason why so many churches utilize it. Here’s a closer look at all the features you can unlock.

  • People: No matter what you choose to subscribe to, every Planning Center member gets the “people” tools. This allows you to manage your congregation and gain important insights into your members.
  • Calendar: Never miss a beat with the Calendar tools. These help you manage your event schedule and track your rooms and resources all in one place.
  • Check-Ins: With a quick and secure system, you can get kids checked in quickly. You’ll also ensure their parents are only a few taps away with the built-in messaging.
  • Groups: Create an index to track all of your groups while keeping up with sign-ups, attendance, resources, and more. Identify high-performing groups and put more focus on those with low attendance and engagement.
  • Publishing: Customizable sermons and pages allow you to improve your online presence. This applies with both websites and mobile apps designed for your church.
  • Registrations: Boost engagement with an easy-to-use system for organizing events, tracking registrations, accepting payments, and managing all of your event attendees.
  • Services: Plan your services while giving your worship team the information they need. Additionally, schedule and assign volunteers for any ministry activity.

Planning Center truly shines as a church management system. This is thanks to all the features they offer, capable of serving churches big and small

Integrating Planning Center and DonorWerx

Whether you’re already a happy user of Planning Center or interested in trying it out, you’re in luck. This integration means a seamless connection between your church’s Planning Center and DonorWerx account. That equates to more flexibility and improved performance. You’ll be able to make use of Planning Center’s diverse set of tools and pair it effortlessly with the powerful donation software we provide here at DonorWerx.

This integration is made simple with SecureGive’s API. Simply setup the API and your systems will automatically sync all transaction data between Planning Center and SecureGive. You needing to lift a finger. It doesn’t matter whether you use one or all of SecureGive’s donation methods. This API works to sync transactions every night — even with giving kiosks.

The result is accurate, seamless reporting without adding any manual administrative tasks to your plate. Interested in learning more about this integration? Schedule a Discovery Call with us today. We can help with all your questions regarding this exciting new integration.

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