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Hillsong and DonorWerx Integration

DonorWerx is excited to be announcing this new integration opportunity, which allows users to effortlessly connect the Hillsong and DonorWerx dashboard.

Hillsong and DonorWerx Integration


Hillsong and DonorWerx Integration

A truly modern company, Hillsong Technology strives to develop unique software solutions designed to meet church needs. They handle everything from event planning to management needs of churches. As soon as you’re introduced to the Hillsong brand, a few things become obvious. The most impressive, though, is that they’ve positioned themselves as an updated and innovative solution for church needs.

That’s why DonorWerx is excited to be announcing this new integration opportunity, which allows users to effortlessly connect the Hillsong and DonorWerx dashboards so donor information automatically syncs between the two platforms. Read on to learn more about why this integration is so truly powerful.

Why Hillsong Is a Key Player

It is not an easy task to find a list of modern church software that doesn’t include Hillsong. They divide their core offerings under two umbrellas: Verris and Bushfire, both of which are extremely powerful when it comes to modern event management for churches like yours.

Verris: The Attendee Engagement App

Consider Verris to be your go-to mobile app solution. This event management application fully integrates with Bushfire, but you can use it with any events management system to encourage attendees to engage with your events like never before. With Verris, you can manage content with ease and make real-time updates that don’t require users to download a new version from the app store.

As soon as they open the app, your users see their news feed immediately, which displays your latest content relating to all of the events you’re offering. Use this feed to advertise upcoming events and share important and engaging information to get your attendees interacting at a deeper level.

For each event, you can easily share the speakers, supports, and involved organizations. App users can pick and choose the events they want to attend and then customize their schedule for the day so they don’t miss anything they want to see. Best of all, you can fully customize the app to your church.

Bushfire: The Event Management System

As Hillsong puts it, the best events run on Bushfire. This system offers seamless online ticketing and event registration for ministries across the globe. Top-notch support backs every user, helping you fill your tables, tents, or buses for any event or activity you’re planning. It’s versatile, fully-customizable, and oh-so-powerful so that your church can tailor the fields, pricing, and options for every event you create.

If you choose to use Bushfire alongside Verris, you’ll discover that the two are fully-integrated with each other. This means you can provide a custom, attendee-facing mobile app that is perfectly synced with your Bushfire database. That means you can add events and registration options directly within your church’s Verris-powered app.

Integrating Hillsong with DonorWerx

Are you using Hillsong for attendee engagement and/or event management? If so, your ministry might still lack a powerful and complimentary whole church management system. Even worse, you might not have an effective donation solution to go along with it. That’s where DonorWerx comes in.

With this new integration, all you need to do is setup a simple API. This allows you t0 run Hillsong and DonorWerx software simultaneously. The result? A more fluid church backend. You’ll find your databases and reports are always complete, accurate, and automatically populated with the latest data from your members.

You can learn more about utilizing this powerful integration by reading our simple tutorial for help setting it up right. You can also reach out to our friendly and professional team for help. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our software, this integration, or what we can add to your Hillsong experience.

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