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The Prophecy of Christmas: A Blog Series Based on the Book of Isaiah

Week One: Comfort and Joy: Embracing Isaiah 40:1-5 in Our Advent Preparations As the chill of December whispers the nearing celebration of Christmas, the Christian world enters into the sacred season of Advent—a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus. The prophet Isaiah speaks into this anticipation with…


Feasts and Fasts: The Role of Celebration and Sacrifice in Anticipation of Christmas

introduction: Embracing Contrasts in Spiritual Practice The Christmas season invites a profound, yet often overlooked, harmony of contrasts—a quiet drawing in of one’s soul and a subsequent unfurling in communal exuberance. Embedded in the Christian liturgical tradition is a rhythm of fasting and feasting, each acting as a vital counterbalance to the other, each shaping…

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The Gift of Wisdom: Seeking Solomon’s Treasure in the Holiday Rush

introduction: Reflecting on True Riches Amidst the Festivities As the holiday season unfolds, with its bright lights and merry songs, there is a hidden gem often left unexplored amidst the celebrations— wisdom. King Solomon, known for his unparalleled wisdom, provides us with a story that stretches beyond the bounds of his time into the heart…