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How Modern Churches Increase Online Donations With Tech

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Globally, entities are harnessing technology to amplify their earnings, and your church shouldn’t lag behind in this endeavor. Embracing online donations is a key component. Over the past three decades, contributions to charitable causes have demonstrated a consistent rise. However, regrettably, donations to ministries have witnessed a decline within the same timeframe.

This decline can be attributed, to a large extent, to the comparatively sluggish integration of technology within ministries. Numerous churches are not only grappling to meet their missionary objectives but are also expending significant time and effort in mere survival. It’s our shared objective to reverse this trajectory, and today, we extend an invitation to join us in this mission.

Digital Giving in the Age of Online Donations

While all ministries receive donations, only a rare few have a well-defined donation strategy in place. The majority of churches still rely on conventional approaches for member contributions. These often encompass the modest donation plate, mailed envelopes, and the familiar old wooden offering box stationed at the rear of the church.

Although these methods sometimes yield results, they frequently fall short of the financial targets essential for ministries to accomplish their missionary aspirations. To contemporize their engagement with members and boost donation inflows, numerous churches are transitioning towards online donation systems.

This transition eliminates many of the barriers tied to contributing to one’s church and beckons a new generation to participate through a user-friendly, cutting-edge medium. Digital giving proves to be swift, secure, and dependable. An effective communication strategy and donation plan can heighten both the sum and regularity of member contributions, while concurrently fortifying the sense of community within the church.

The predominant modes of digital giving encompass four main categories:

Online Giving

The era of mailing checks has largely faded into obscurity, yet many churches still heavily rely on this method to collect donations. Through an online giving platform, members can establish a digital profile accessible from computers, smartphones, or tablets. This profile enables them to arrange a direct debit subscription and effortlessly contribute at a frequency that suits them.

This approach entirely circumvents the common “I’ll do it next week” phenomenon linked with traditional envelope mailings, streamlining the entire giving procedure. Ministries directly receive member contributions in their designated bank accounts, effectively eliminating the uncertainties inherent in the postal system.

Given that numerous individuals already use online platforms for bill payments, money transfers, and subscription renewals, it’s only natural and rational for them to extend this same approach to donating to their church.


Particularly embraced by millennials, this technique simplifies contributing to your church to the level of sending a concise text message. Text-to-give empowers members to swiftly donate any desired amount within a matter of seconds, adhering to a standard text message structure.

This proves particularly potent in motivating one-time contributions or endorsing ministry-wide campaigns. The inherent simplicity and convenience of the text-to-give model streamlines the process of contributing to the church, rendering it more straightforward and faster than ever before.

App Donations

Mobile apps offer a highly efficient donation avenue, permitting contributions of any amount at any time, irrespective of location. DonorWerx delivers the ‘SecureGive’ software platform, facilitating church members’ contributions whether they’re within the ministry premises or on the move.

The SecureGive app also facilitates recurring donations and grants users access to their comprehensive donation history. Mobile app usage is consistently rising, and providing your members with a polished donation app becomes pivotal in aligning your ministry with the contemporary landscape.

Furthermore, SecureGive stands as the sole church donation software platform enabling contributions through Apple Pay.

Giving Kiosks

Remaining a favored choice among numerous church attendees, giving kiosks revitalize the conventional in-person donation process for the contemporary age.

Members can swiftly log in and contribute using their credit cards through a touchscreen tablet. This method is swift, secure, and preserves anonymity, often resulting in larger average donations compared to those made through mobile devices.

Numerous members continue to favor on-site donations to their church, and giving kiosks offer an inviting and tactile means to actively contribute to their local mission.

Online Donations Require More Than Technology

Merely possessing the latest technology won’t automatically ensure the fulfillment of your funding objectives. It’s imperative to also implement a compelling strategy that engages your members and offers them a genuine incentive to contribute. Adopting the DonorWerx Framework will give you insights into crafting an action plan that elevates your donations.

This enables you not only to meet but surpass your missionary funding benchmarks. Utilizing a blend of coaching, innovative strategy formulation, and cutting-edge software, your church will cultivate a sustainable donation model, thereby guaranteeing your enduring prosperity.

Comprising 12 comprehensive modules, the DonorWerx Framework furnishes education across various domains, including:

  • Discerning the motivations behind giving to your ministry
  • Mastering the art of narrating your church’s mission in a captivating manner
  • Eliminating obstacles hindering donations
  • Expressing gratitude towards donors and ensuring their continuous involvement
  • Guiding and assisting your donors to thrive
  • Equipping your donors to navigate economic downturns

Crafting a triumphant mission requires a foundation laid meticulously. Your members must wholeheartedly embrace your purpose, recognize their potential, and sense their involvement in something extraordinary. This forms the fundamental premise underpinning the efficacy of online donations for your ministry.

Our commitment lies in facilitating churches’ achievements, rendering our mission deeply fulfilling. Throughout time, we’ve witnessed remarkable outcomes, and we relish receiving feedback from our valued missionary collaborators:

The DonorWerx framework for giving has increased our giving by 20% every year for the last 6 years.” — Kevin Lloyd, Executive Pastor,

Blending advanced training with cutting-edge donation software, you’ll have access to a comprehensive toolkit to concentrate on nurturing your mission’s expansion, rather than solely its financial support.

How Struggling Churches Learn From the Best

In any role or domain, learning from accomplished peers remains invaluable. Every ministry aspires to succeed, yet some exhibit far greater prowess in funding their missions. In an era marked by declining church donations, imbibing the strategies of successful ministries holds unprecedented significance. This is pivotal in securing and sustaining a robust giving model.

One way to learn these strategies is to schedule a discovery call with DonorWerx. During this free call, we discuss the needs and hurdles your church faces and provide actionable advice that can increase giving in your church significantly. You’ll discover how exemplary missions effectively disseminate their message in person, across social media, and through interactive software.

Most crucially, you’ll acquire the means to comprehend your mission’s essence and effectively communicate this to your followers. This cultivates enhanced relationships, bolsters the church community, and furnishes continuous funding for your mission’s exceptional success. DonorWerx proudly announces that we’ve collaborated with over 5,000 churches in this endeavor.

With years of experience in coaching and educating missions nationwide, we understand that successful ministries need more than just online donations to thrive. Together, we can propagate God’s message and propel your church toward unprecedented accomplishments. Schedule a Discovery Call today.

About DonorWerx

With 2,300+ ministries empowered with digital giving and insights from consulting 5,000+ others to boost donations, DonorWerx is a leading solution against the church giving challenge. We markedly enhance giving while freeing ministries from excessive fundraising focus. This empowers them to prioritize mission over financial concerns.

Experience our free church donation course designed to combat the giving issue. In the course, you’ll gain:

  • A complimentary church giving assessment, benchmarking your mission and pinpointing areas for growth.
  • A free ministry giving makeover, teaching successful tactics in nine user-friendly modules.
  • A free “battle plan” outlining actions for a thriving, sustainable mission over six months.

Engage in your free 30-minute online assessment today. Every church holds a distinct cause worth funding. We partner with ministries to uncover their voice, strengthen member bonds, and elevate giving through these relationships. This enables churches to focus on missions rather than excessive fundraising.

To learn more about our system, Learn How It WERX Today.

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