Using BitDonate to Increase Donations

Technology is always progressing, and the way we give has changed drastically throughout the years. Whereas churches once only had offering plates and nonprofits had fundraising events, contributions can now be accepted digitally from people continents away. The newest way of giving is crypto donations, and fortunately, it’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds.

People can now buy cryptocurrency with no understanding of how it works. As it turns out, you can do the same with accepting crypto donations. CryptoDonations from DonorWerx makes this process simple, but we recognize you may have some questions. When you understand how simple this process is, accepting cryptocurrency will become just another way of giving.

accept crypto

Isn’t cryptocurrency complex? How can I accept it?”

Accepting crypto donations has
to be expensive, right?

crypto donations
safe accept crypto

Is it safe to accept crypto donations?

Why do I need crypto donations?

Get Started

How to Get Started

When we say signing up is simple and takes just minutes, we’re not exaggerating in any way. In the time it took you to read this guide, you could have signed up already and gone on with your day. At that point, you’d just be waiting for crypto donations to come in. By doing this, you will have a new way of giving that allows donors to avoid capital gains taxes when donating crypto.

Crypto donations might be the new way of giving, but we’re already seeing millions in donations. Don’t let your ministry or nonprofit miss out on this exciting new resource.