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Church Givers: 4 Secrets to Move Them Forward

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Amazon is acutely aware that their Prime members tend to increase their annual spending, and this principle holds true for any thriving business. Customers who invest more financially contribute substantially to growth. Amazon, like many successful enterprises, adheres to deliberate strategies to drive this progression. Their methodologies are tailored to yield desired outcomes, reflecting the intentional approach required to meet objectives.

Similarly, within the realm of church leadership, there lies a similar potential for strategic transformation. Contemplating this, what immediate actions can you initiate within your congregation? As this week unfolds, consider the proactive steps you can take to initiate the process of converting occasional contributors into dedicated givers. Just as Amazon takes purposeful actions to nurture customer commitment, so too can your church foster a culture of consistent support.

Embrace this challenge with determination and vision, embarking on a journey that aligns intentions with results and leads your congregation toward a new era of steadfast and impactful giving. How can you achieve this? Consider the following strategies for converting givers into recurring givers.

1. Send a Handwritten Note to First-Time Givers

Amidst the digital era, the impact of handwritten thank-you notes remains astonishing. These tangible gestures hold a unique resonance that endures across time. Why? Because they extend a heartfelt acknowledgment that people deeply value. Remarkably, countless churches often overlook this simple yet profound act of recognition. This is even true for those who have consistently contributed for years or even decades.

Crafting such notes need not be elaborate; a concise message spanning 3-4 sentences can suffice. Employing a template for consistency is perfectly acceptable. The seemingly modest investment of 10-15 minutes per week in this practice will swiftly blossom into an influential conduit for propelling givers onward in their journey of generosity. Even better, it’s one of the simplest ways to move your givers forward.

2. Guide Givers to the Internet

In the United States, the digital realm witnesses an annual outpouring of hundreds of billions of dollars. The undeniable truth is that the act of spending money online has firmly entrenched itself in our modern way of life. In this context, if your ministry hasn’t embraced a streamlined online giving solution, you’re essentially letting valuable resources slip through your fingers.

The dynamics have shifted, and adapting to this landscape is crucial for the financial health of your mission. It’s time to consider integrating an online giving solution. Take, for instance, the offering we provide at DonorWerx. Beyond just implementation, it’s essential to guide individuals on its utilization. By offering clear guidance on how to navigate this platform, you are empowering your congregation to actively participate in their giving.

Through education and support, you’re forging a connection between your congregants and the convenience of online giving. This digital avenue not only facilitates seamless contributions but also offers a chance for your members to be more directly engaged with their financial support of the ministry. This interaction strengthens their sense of ownership and alignment with the mission. In doing so, it fosters a more committed and involved community.

3. Offer Automatic Giving Options

Within the dynamics of the modern ministry landscape, a significant trend emerges: the average churchgoer’s attendance hovers around less than two days per month. This fact carries a significant implication. When attendance wanes, so does financial contributions. This is where the power of online giving comes in. By embracing this digital avenue, you unlock the potential to bridge the gap between sporadic attendance and consistent financial support.

However, this transition isn’t solely about enabling online giving. It’s also about educating and guiding your congregation toward a powerful concept: automated gifts. Consider the parallels between this concept and the automatic bill payment system many already employ in their daily lives. Just as they entrust the timely settlement of their financial obligations through automated processes, similarly, you can illustrate how recurring giving operates.

Show your congregation that they can allocate a consistent amount for their offering. This ensures their ongoing support, even when their physical presence is infrequent. Empower your members with the knowledge of how to set up these recurring gifts. Infuse a sense of purpose and continuity into their financial contributions. This not only stabilizes the financial landscape of your church but also provides congregants with a tangible means to uphold their commitment to the ministry.

4. Send Regular Updates to Givers

A spark of excitement and inspiration ignites within your congregation when they’re immersed in stories of transformative life experiences. Beyond being a potent catalyst for church growth, these narratives also play a pivotal role in fostering meaningful engagement among your supporters. Integrating these stories into your weekly services serves as a cornerstone of connection. It binds your congregation to the tapestry of shared experiences and aspirations, nurturing a sense of unity and purpose.

However, don’t let the impact stop there. Extend the reach of these stories through a dedicated platform like email. By crafting a monthly email spotlighting these narratives, you’re perpetuating the flame of inspiration. Each story shared becomes a beacon that draws a direct link to the act of giving—a tangible reminder of the lives being touched and the broader impact achieved through your congregation’s contributions. In essence, weaving life-changing stories into your church’s fabric creates an intricate web of engagement, propelling growth and nurturing the spirit of generosity.

Putting These Secrets to Work

These actionable measures embody potent and pragmatic strategies to continually foster meaningful donor engagement. Of course, many ministries can’t undertake these strategies on their own. This is often due to a lack of necessary resources — such as digital giving software that allows recurring donations. That’s where the tools and giving experts at DonorWerx can prove invaluable.

Our goal is to increase giving in your church. With this in mind, we get started during your very first phone call — even though we don’t charge a dime for this call. We’ll go over the specific needs of your church and create a customized plan that can increase givers in your ministry — and how much they give. Our method is so effective that you will see at least a 10% increase in giving in just six months.

Schedule your Discovery Call today to get started.

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