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Are You Struggling To Engage Givers At Church?

you struggle to engage givers

Most church leaders tend to view giving as a singular act that takes place during the weekly offering, often without considering how to engage donors further afterward. Occasionally, there might be a brief mention of ongoing church activities, followed by a short prayer, concluding the matter there. There lacks any subsequent communication, involvement, or progression.

This absence stands in contrast to how we handle new visitors.

Your church likely has well-defined subsequent actions for visitors, new members, and even recent converts. Your staff dedicates significant effort to ensuring these categories comprehend and embark upon the appropriate next steps. This transparent trajectory assists them in maturing and evolving into devoted adherents of Jesus. Are you applying similar measures to your donors?

Is it reasonable or prudent to presume that individuals will organically transition from sporadic contributors to dedicated and steadfast supporters? In reality, this presumption often leaves ministries struggling to do God’s work due to a lack of revenue. This is why it’s imperative to put just as much work into engaging donors as you do new members.

Why Must You Engage Givers?

You have been divinely called to guide and nurture God’s people, a task you already fulfill each week through your dedicated teaching and preaching of Scripture. Your deliberate communication of God’s truths allows individuals to take incremental strides toward emulating the character of Jesus. However, shepherding your congregation goes beyond solely the realm of your weekend sermons.

Essentially, it entails leading them across all dimensions of faith, encompassing more than just the content you deliver during services. One crucial aspect is guiding them through the journey of becoming faithful contributors. The reality is that most people do not possess an inherent inclination toward financial generosity. Money holds substantial significance in the lives of many, even among those who have devoted numerous years to following the path of Jesus.

The act of parting with their financial resources in a consistent manner for the sake of the church is a challenging endeavor.

Consider this: What if there existed a deliberate strategy to transition people from sporadic, one-time givers into ardent and wholeheartedly committed supporters of your church’s mission and vision? Such an approach could foster intentional growth in their financial devotion, aligning them more closely with the ministry’s goals.

By shepherding them along such a transformative path, you not only encourage their spiritual development but also empower them to contribute to the flourishing of your congregation’s mission. Fortunately, there is a way.

How Do You Engage Donors

The integration of technology into church operations has undoubtedly transformed the landscape of giving. Online platforms, mobile apps, and digital payment systems offer unparalleled convenience. They make it easier for congregants to contribute to their congregation’s mission. This shift toward digital giving aligns with the modern pace of life and the prevalence of cashless transactions.

However, a common misconception persists among some church leaders: the belief that technology alone is sufficient to boost giving significantly. In reality, while technology plays a pivotal role in expanding the scope and ease of giving, it is only one piece of the puzzle. The notion that adopting digital platforms is a cure-all solution for increasing contributions overlooks a crucial factor: the need for a strategic donor engagement strategy.

An effective donor engagement strategy goes beyond automated emails and occasional updates. It includes personalized messages that recognize the individual’s role in the church’s mission. It entails organizing events where congregants can interact with each other and ministry leaders, fostering a sense of belonging. Furthermore, it embraces open dialogue, inviting feedback and suggestions from donors, thus making them feel valued and integral to the church’s evolution.

By now, the importance of donor engagement is clear. However, this task is often easier said than done. Church leaders need a simple resource that can help them excel in this area. That’s exactly what we provide at DonorWerx.

The DonorWerx Framework

The great thing about the system used by DonorWerx is that there’s no guessing involved. There are already thousands of churches and brands across the planet that effectively use our platform to increase donations and simplify giving. DonorWerx is a comprehensive donor management and engagement platform that has the potential to significantly enhance giving in churches.

By providing a range of tools and features designed to streamline the donation process, foster donor relationships, and facilitate effective communication, DonorWerx offers a comprehensive solution to amplify financial support for church missions and activities. Its user-friendly online giving platform allows congregants to contribute effortlessly, whether through credit/debit cards, ACH transfers, or even mobile apps.

This convenience aligns with modern digital transaction trends and eliminates the barriers that might discourage people from giving due to complex processes or lack of cash on hand. Moreover, DonorWerx enables churches to establish recurring giving options. This feature encourages consistent and sustainable contributions, as donors can set up automated payments according to their preferences.

Donor engagement is another cornerstone of DonorWerx’s effectiveness. The platform facilitates personalized communication with donors through email campaigns, newsletters, and targeted messages. By staying connected with congregants and keeping them informed about the church’s activities and accomplishments, ministries can cultivate a stronger sense of community and ownership.

Even better, getting started is simpler than ever. Schedule a Discovery Call today with one of our giving experts. It’s free of charge, and you’ll walk away with actionable steps to engage givers and increase donations in your ministry.

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