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Man Inspires Chain of Charity Acts After Job Loss

man inspires chain

Hope Shines On

If there’s one thing the entire world can agree on, Man Inspires Chain of Charity Acts After Job Loss and uncertainty for the world’s people. Brian Schwartz While is thankful to have made it through the pandemic with his health, it brought his career to a screeching halt.
Read on to hear Brian’s inspiring story and get some inspiration on how your church can create a chain of charitable acts, too. If you need assistance, DonorWerx can help.

What It Means To Be a Good Steward

Prior to the pandemic, Brian Schwartz was riding high as a successful advertising executive. He was secure in his position with happy clients, great colleagues, and a beautiful home to boot. Overnight, things changed. Just as headlines began hitting the papers, Brian received notice that he was laid off for the foreseeable future.
Like so many people, Brian was forced to pack up his belongings and head home. As Brian thought about what to do next, he found himself faced with uncertainty and a deep concern for his community. Many spent this time looking for any work they could find; some were forced to sacrifice their personal safety. Brian recognized this, and he understood that he was blessed.
Brian was lucky enough to be able to sustain himself financially until his industry stabilized itself, but rather than sitting back in the serenity of his home while loss and turmoil silently took their toll on others, Brian chose not to turn a blind eye to the people he saw struggling.

Small Deeds Can Make a Big Impact

The elderly, disabled veterans and underprivileged members of Brian’s community had it rough before the pandemic even began, and so they were the first to come to mind when he set out to support his neighbors.
Once he realized his abilities, Brian did not waste any time getting to work. He placed his lawnmower and some other equipment into the back of his Jeep and hit the road in search of unkempt lawns. Not only were these individuals having to stay inside to protect themselves, but tighter finances meant paying a professional wasn’t easy, and that put some of them at risk of being cited or fined by their homeowners’ associations.
Brian would have nothing of it. At 40 years old, he drove from one home to the next offering his lawn care services completely free of charge. Immediately, he recognized the extreme gratitude of these individuals, and it only charged him up to keep going. He understood that it was a small deed, but it had a major impact on the morale of these people, and it made their lives just a little easier during a time of incredible uncertainty.
Does Brian sound like the type of person you want to see more of in your community? The church plays a major role in shaping these values. If you need assistance inspiring your congregation to give back, DonorWerx can help. Check out our resources on giving kiosks today.
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Hitting New Highs

Less than one month after Brian has mowed his first lawn for free, he had a full-blown charity on his hands. He told, “I believe in putting some good into the universe. I see what’s going on in the world, and I just want to help out.” Those simple words, and his powerful actions, inspired a chain of charity.
In June 2020, Brian expressed his dream of expanding beyond his small area in New Jersey, hoping that his charity could enlist the help of volunteers and other partners to help them make an impact across the country. Today, is able to connect people with free lawn mowers in more than 16 states. is available for people in disadvantaged communities, people with health problems, the elderly, and veterans. To get help, you simply enter your zip code to be connected with someone in your area who will come take care of your lawn for free. And it’s only been possible with the generosity of countless individuals who were inspired by Brian’s willingness to lend a hand.

What Can You Bless the World With?

Brian’s story is a phenomenal example of how we should react when faced with uncertainty, loss, or turmoil. Instead of waiting to see, instead of doing nothing, instead of becoming overwhelmed by fear, sadness, or frustration, Brian counted his blessings and decided to pay it forward to those who he knew needed his help.
After spending months helping others when he could have taken time to help himself, Brian now has his position as an advertising executive secured again, and he continues to use his free time to run his charity and mow lawns in his community. So, what’s your small deed? How can you take on the same mindset?
You might not have the time or ability to mow a neighbor’s lawn, but each and every one of us has a blessing that we can pass on to make the world smile brighter. If you’re not sure how you can bless the world today, it starts with your church and its stories.

bless the world

How DonorWerx Can Help

Church volunteer programs and preaching financial stewardship form the foundation for an incredibly giving community that does not only want to be charitable but is capable of charitable acts in terms of available time and money.
Of course, giving sermons on the importance of financial stewardship, charity, and tithing can prove challenging for many pastors, but DonorWerx can help. Our team has coached countless pastors on proven techniques that will help you kindly and effectively address these sensitive subjects while inspiring action. Get started today!

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