At DonorWerx, we believe that to reach your giving goals, clear communication is essential. Good leaders and pastors must get to know their flock, and their needs, so they can meet them accordingly. However, just as every leader is different, so is every donor.

The first step is understanding your donors. Ask why and how they like to give. You must discover their reasoning for making decisions, and why they are more inclined to donate to certain causes than others.

To help you do this, we have created a Donor Personality Test is based on the popular Enneagram Test, which allows you to identify certain personalities and understand their actions. (You can access this on our Resources page or contact us for more information.)

But first, we want to equip you with a Leader Personality Test.

Defining your personality traits helps you to walk in your donor’s shoes. To better understand where they may be coming from, and appeal to that. Once you can assess and discover your own personality type, you’ll have more insights when dealing with donors, and understand the reasoning behind their giving preferences.



The Leadership Test presented here is based on the popular Enneagram Personality Test, one of the most commonly-used tests today. It derives its name from a nine-sided star polygon, the symbol used to represent 9 core personality traits.


Typing Yourself To Understand
Your Donors

Once you have taken the Leader Personality Test, you will find yourself with a clearer understanding of the Nine Donor types. You may also be curious about the personality types of others.

But how do you become more skilled at discovering which types your donors are? Donor types are not always apparent, especially when it comes to first-time givers or potential donors. There are both subtleties and complexities involved.

By studying and taking this test yourself, you come a little closer to understanding your congregation. Remember to see each “type” as a whole—allowing various elements to come together and connect before you can fully assess a person’s personality.

The Enneagram basis is open-ended and dynamic, but there are certainly no hard and fast rules across the board. Take into consideration different cultures, age differences, and family history.

Our following Leadership Test is useful in getting you on the path towards a deeper understanding and better communication with your congregation, as well as current and potential donors.

Take the Donor Leader Personality Test Now

This Donor Personality test will show you which of the 9 personality types suit you best. See how you score for all nine, and understand where you are in your donor journey.