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10 Ways To Keep Your Donors Attention Online

donors attention online

10 Ways To Keep Your Donors Attention Online

The digital world offers people so much more than just five years ago. With the onset of the pandemic, everyone is glued to their screens, taking in more content than ever before. How can you stand out from the noise and attract more listeners, subscribers, viewers, and then regular donors? The following tips are tried and proven ways to help keep every donor’s attention on your church online.

1.      Be Unforgettable to Snag Donors’ Attention

The early apostles made disciples of all nations because they were making a difference. They were not conforming to the ways of the world but using the world’s tools for God’s glory. The early church, in the Acts of the Apostles, was bold enough to attend Pentecost day, where they received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Then, they were determined to be the witnesses they were called by God to be. Are your message and your sermons unforgettable? Do you think about create ways to convey the truth of God’s word to your listeners?

2.     Be Trustworthy

If you build up your reputation with integrity, it will happen for you organically. People will come to your church or website through word of mouth. You must also build a trustworthy reputation online, on your website, your social media pages, your podcasts or videos. Much like a company depends on reviews online, so too, your church could benefit from people commenting positively, sharing your sermons, videos and blog posts that inspire them.

3.     Make Giving Easy

 Your donors and potential donors should be able to give without any hassle online. Don’t wait for them to chase you down with their offerings. Set up your website with easy landing pages that direct them to online donation portals and tithing software. If you have Bible materials for them to download or purchase, make those online transactions simple. Start with UX testing and have a website engineer check that your pages are all user-friendly, clutter-free, and convertible.

4.     Be Human when Getting Donors’ Attention

Humanize your sermons. If you are stiff and boring, no one will be captivated by your message—especially if they have to digest it from a computer screen. Humanizing your church message or brand helps potential donors and members connect with you. Consider how you tweet, and what you post. Does it sound authentically human?

5.     Be Personal to Get Donors’ Attention

If you want to be effective, personalize your message. You want to build relationships, so be personable. Send handwritten thank-you notes to donors. Don’t shout your message or sermons. Think about filming your streamed videos in a more intimate setting, and then speak as if there is only one person in the room. That will make your talks and sermons more effective and powerful.

6.     Be Interactive

Here is another basic way to grab your audience’s attention, keep them interested, get them involved, and then keep them coming back. Use digital interactive tools such as polls, live webinars, streaming services, or donor surveys. If you are conducting a sermon online, ask your audience questions and answer them live. Get people tuning in to your sessions while they happen. Knowing what your audience is thinking and the questions they have also helps you prep for your future sermons.

7.      Create Engaging Presentations

Visual presentation is key with online services. Keep your sermons full of value, but make sure it reaches the listener’s eyes, ears, and heart all at once. Web professionals suggest incorporating bold colors, designs, and simple graphs throughout your presentations. If you are using a power point slide for your sermon or talk, make the font large enough to read, visually clear, and bold. Look for images that convey the story you are telling.

8.     Always Stay Positive

If folks want to feel discouraged or downhearted, they can simply watch the daily news. Remember, they are coming to you for inspiration, for guidance, for hope. Whatever you present online must convey faith and a trusting attitude. Stay away from negative discussions, even in your live sessions. And if you must tackle complicated or controversial matters, always find a positive point to bring the topic back to.

9.     Ask for Testimonials

While you are engaging your audience, ask them to leave comments or get involved with testimonials. Engagement is key to keeping donors’ attention online. If you have the audience’s permission, you can then use these testimonials in your next blog post or campaign. It’s okay to ask for feedback, and especially useful if that feedback can then be turned into content for your website.

10.  Asking for Help Will Grab a Donor’s Attention

If you are new to the digital world, it’s okay to acknowledge that you don’t know everything, or don’t have every technical detail perfect yet. Let your audience and potential donors know that this is a work in progress and ask them for help or feedback.

Keep on Keeping Donors’ Attention!

Now that you have got your audience’s attention, how do you keep on keeping it? How do you take a listener on that journey from just tuning in to your church channel, to becoming a regular member or donor? The key is always in focusing your attention on your audience, and not yourself.

Be there to listen to their questions, give them hope and solutions through God’s word. This is not about you or your church, but about the people you are called to serve and help.  

God’s word reminds us:

“Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.”

Philippians 2:3-4

For more great tips and inspiration for your digital transitions, contact us at DonorWerx today. We are here to help you serve others better — which means we know the secrets to keeping donors’ attention online. Our resources, tools, and software was developed for churches and pastors to reach their mission goals more effectively. Call us today to find out more.

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