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Motivating Increased Giving Without Having to Beg

Stewardship week – the dreaded annual ordeal for pastors and congregants. A necessary, if unpleasant, task. Sometimes, at least. If facing your congregation and explaining financial needs – both basics and desires – doesn’t excite you, you’re not alone. Boosting church contributions is a shared challenge among ministry leaders.

If you’re starting to feel like a street beggar or Salvation Army bell ringer, you’re in the right place. Encouragingly, help is accessible. With insights and a fresh strategy, you can enhance parishioner giving without door-side appeals.

little background The Background on Increased Giving

To enhance the present state of giving within your church, familiarizing yourself with certain statistics regarding the who, when, why, and how of charitable contributions can prove beneficial. The subsequent points, drawn from Nonprofits Source—a firm specializing in nonprofit digital marketing—shed light on the donation trends among various demographics:

  • 49% of donors utilize debit or credit cards.
  • A mere 5% of American church attendees practice tithing.
  • Approximately 80% of Americans contribute 2% or less of their income.
  • Implementing online tithing boosts donations by up to 32%.
  • 37% of regular churchgoers and Evangelicals offer no contributions.
  • The average adult donates $17 weekly.
  • December accounts for 30% of the annual charitable giving, with the last three days making up 10%.

By incorporating this data, you can tailor your stewardship campaigns towards individuals who are non-contributors or those not practicing tithing. It’s far more difficult to obtain new donors than to hold onto current givers, but it’s easily within your reach with the right tools.

target audience Know Your Target Audience

It’s essential not only to grasp fundamental giving statistics but also to delve into more precise insights concerning the donation tendencies among various age brackets. This aids in assessing your congregation and tailoring approaches for each group.

For instance, Millennials exhibit a preference for text messages and social media interactions, showing less receptiveness to emails. On the other hand, Baby Boomers are consistent email consumers and are more likely to respond to email outreach than social media solicitations.

Utilizing such insights can empower you to refine your strategies effectively.

What Motivates People to Give

Understanding your congregants’ motivations for giving is another crucial aspect to consider. To tap into that 37% who currently do not contribute, it’s essential to comprehend what truly matters to them. Are missions their driving force? Do they hold a special place for Community Outreach? Perhaps they have children in need of a kids’ ministry or daycare.

What likely doesn’t concern them are issues like the state of the sanctuary roof or cracks in the driveway (unless they encounter a pothole). While these are necessary budget items for the church, they don’t spark much excitement. Let’s be realistic – even the most charismatic preacher might find it challenging to garner enthusiasm for the day-to-day intricacies of the church budget.

When constructing your giving message, center it around the topics that ignite passion within your worshippers. You can, and should, establish connections by demonstrating how supporting the local church directly enables these cherished programs to thrive.

giving easier How to Make Giving Easier

Leveraging technology is the solution to simplifying the donation process for individuals. Donation software and applications streamline giving compared to the often multi-step process of donating through the church website. Research indicates that 40-49% of people across all age groups participate in recurring giving programs, wherein funds are automatically withdrawn from their accounts monthly to support an organization.

Consider the impact on your financial bottom line if you could encourage your tithers to adopt this approach. Additionally, with this level of ease, you can expand your pool of tithers. Text-to-Give applications enjoy popularity across generations, as they allow swift smartphone-based donations.

This means that when they’re moved by a testimony or a specific need, individuals can contribute promptly, rather than waiting and potentially forgetting. Seizing the opportunity when it’s most impactful, so to speak. This approach is also effective because donors don’t immediately see the money leaving their bank accounts, increasing their likelihood of contributing more.

The Bottom Line on Increased Giving

Unlocking higher donations hinges on understanding, effective motivation, and streamlined giving. Mastering these three elements paves the path toward a stewardship message you can anticipate with enthusiasm. Naturally, these skills aren’t innate to everyone. Should you require assistance, the DonorWerx Framework is readily available.

Schedule a Discovery Call today to explore how we can aid you in boosting contributions within your church.

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