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Pastor Resources, Virtual Learning Courses, and done-for-you Communication Campaigns

It could be your first year or your tenth year of developing donors. Or, you might be a veteran fundraiser and have been cultivating sponsors and donors for decades.

However long you’ve been fundraising, now is the time to utilize online giving technology. No giving strategy is complete without certain modern communication skills.

We have seen online giving grow tremendously. With the recent current events forcing everyone to move their businesses and even personal lives online, there is no better time than now to get started.

We understand that moving to a new type of marketing software and growing your donors online can be daunting. Where do you start? How do you begin?

Take Your First Step to Develop Your Donors
On our online giving program, we take you step-by-step, through each phase of the process:

You learn the foundation of why and how to cultivate online donors.

You receive counsel and guidance from invested industry experts.

You master best practices and trends in online giving technology.

You get help to stay current on newest available outreach tools.

From online resources to personalized coaching and industry-leading software with low cost merchant fees, it's all here.


Online Coaching

Improve the financial health of your church through education and giving technology and start experiencing the difference in your church's financial health with an increase in one-time contributions and automated recurring giving.

Accelerated Consulting

A Donor Centric Customized Ministry Plan

An outside perspective and clear metrics will provide the clearest picture of what's really going on.

Donor Software Suite

Digital Giving Software + Framework

A done-for-you plan that combines your giving and communication strategies to effectively develop your donors.



Give us 30 minutes of your time by phone and we’ll share with at least three personalized strategies that can increase your giving by at least 10% in the next 180 days.

When You Want Your Church To
Reach More People

During your call, we will:

  • Identify roadblocks that are causing your
    giving tactics to underperform.
  • Assess your church’s alignment with the
    “new era” of giving.
  • Outline three steps you can take immediatley.

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Select Your Plan. Questions? Email Hello@DonorWerx.com to connect with your donor guide for best practices, strategies, and playbooks for becoming Donor Centric.