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FellowshipOne and DonorWerx Integration

By integrating FellowshipOne and DonorWerx, you'll be able to make use of the powerful SecureGive platform without having your data scattered across platforms.

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FellowshipOne and DonorWerx Integration

FellowshipOne is a widely used church management software. It offers tools to help you plan services, engage your congregation, and keep up with outreach efforts. Like most “whole church” software, FellowshipOne also includes its own accounting and payroll tools alongside simple online payments and giving system.

Of course, what holds many churches back is the need to have all of their data in one place. As such, many FellowshipOne users feel constrained to the giving features offered by FellowshipOne, but that’s a common misconception that you’re about to dispel. Being such a popular church management system, FellowshipOne actually integrates with a number of third-party software.

These integrations mean that you can enjoy all of the tools and features you like about FellowshipOne while also taking advantage of the giving solutions or other features found through a third-party provider, such as SecureGive. That’s why DonorWerx is proud to announce that FellowshipOne now integrates with SecureGive, our very own giving software, to enable kiosk giving and other features.

What Does This Integration Mean?

By integrating FellowshipOne and DonorWerx, you can make use of the powerful SecureGive platform. Yes, this includes its giving kiosk and digital giving options. All this without having your data scattered across platforms.

With our new API, a few setup steps will link your FellowshipOne and SecureGive accounts so that you can begin or continue using SecureGive’s giving software and hardware. Meanwhile, that API will ensure all the data associated with gifts you receive through SecureGive securely transfers to your FellowshipOne dashboard.

The result? You’ll gain access to a wider variety of giving features while an automatic, hands-off process keeps all your data inside of your FellowshipOne dashboard for easy tracking and reporting.

Why Use FellowshipOne and DonorWerx?

Serving more than 4,000 churches, FellowshipOne has a variety of tools and features. Each of them meets the specific needs of small and growing churches.

  • Church Management: From staff and volunteers to congregants, FellowshipOne’s church management tools put everyone in one place. With an easily searchable database, you can collect and enrich information to better understand and interact with everyone. It also reduces administrative burdens since members can update their own information.
  • Church Community: Getting your community to interact with one another regularly can be tough. FellowshipOne aids the process with its centralized, online environment. Your groups and congregants can connect and communicate with each other anytime they desire.
  • Communications: Digital communications and follow-up are an essential part of fostering church engagement. That’s why FellowshipOne includes a number of tools to make sending, scheduling, and managing stylish, targeted emails easier.
  • Websites and Apps: FellowshipOne helps churches build both websites and mobile apps for their community. There’s also an app available for both your Church Leaders and your Church Members. Meanwhile, you can view the responsive website on any device.
  • Planning and Scheduling: Planning your next worship service and scheduling upcoming events has never been simpler. Thanks to FellowshipOne, a cloud-based planner puts everyone on the same page and makes stress-free activities a breeze.

With all of these features, there’s no doubt that many churches gravitate towards Fellowship One for their church management. If you’re currently using it, though, you may find that its built-in giving software and hardware is holding you back. That’s when integration with SecureGive can help you open the doors to new opportunities.

Try The Fellowship1 Integration for Yourself

Interested in seeing just how the DonorWerx and Fellowship One integration works? We have created a simple tutorial to help churches like yours get the APIs connected and running in minutes. Schedule a Discovery Call with us today to learn more. We’ll be glad to help!