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The Donor Experience:

How To Create Value With Improvements To The Donor Journey

An improved donor experience is the missing link for increased substantial giving in many ministries. Find out how to change this by creating a donor journey that your congregants want to engage in.

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Our beginner-friendly eBook offers:

  • An overview of the donor journey and how to create a vision for an improved experience
  • Instructions on conducting a health status check on your current donor journey
  • Information on using psychology, rapid digitalization, and improved touchpoints to enhance donor experiences
  • Examples of how other ministries have used successful strategies to exponentially increase giving in their churches
  • Simple instructions on designing and implementing a donor experience transformation
  • Tips for linking the donor experience directly to actual, measurable value

…and more!

Giving to the church has continuously decreased in recent years. An improved donor journey can change that.

The pandemic saw many ministries close their door forever. This was directly linked to decreased revenue, but the pandemic only exacerbated a problem that has long existed. In fact, tithing and church giving hit their lowest levels since the Great Depression in the new century.

This simply isn't sustainable. However, it's clear that many ministries are still excelling. Why are some congregations able to succeed while others falter? It's not about what they preach, and it's not about how many members they have. It's about the donor experience of their parishioners.

In this free eBook, you'll see exactly what has led to decreased giving - and learn step-by-step strategies for turning the tide. It will help you diagnose the current health of your donor journey and identify specific steps - unique to your ministry - to improve the experience of donors.

This guide will give you all the resources you need to increase giving in your church right now. While utilizing the resources provided in the DonorWerx framework will greatly assist, you can start making positive changes with just the information in this free eBook.

Get started with improving the donor journey today so you can increase giving and do more through your ministry.