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5 Ways to Get Your Church Online: A Guide for Small Churches

guide for small churches

5 Ways to Get Your Church Online: A Guide for Small Churches

Are you struggling to get your church’s online presence to make a difference? Maybe you’ve already set up a website but don’t get many hits or visits a day? If you want to have a greater reach and utilize the Internet for your church online, what is the best strategy?

It’s possible that your potential donors or even many of your church members are looking for more information about your church online, but they can’t find it. Here are a few things you can do to stay on their radar and make it easy for them to find you and your message.

Blog with Quality Content and Update Your Site Regularly

Once you have your website up, it’s not enough to just sit back and expect it to work for you. Putting in the effort to build your church’s online brand takes time. It also requires you to earn the trust and loyalty of your readers. One way to do this is to make sure you post relevant content on your blog and update it regularly.

If you only have time to blog weekly, that’s okay. You might also look into church marketing partners who can handle your blog writing for you. This is one way to get the attention of your target readers, plus drive more traffic to your website through Google alerts.

Create a YouTube Channel for Your Church Members

Marketing your church online is also easy with videos. Nowadays, you don’t need long-form videos to get attention, you just need to focus on creating content people will want to watch and share. This could be anything from inspirational quotes, to a Bible verse for the day, to a motivational idea you want to share. Make sure that it is in an easy-to-understand format and invest time in learning how to make good quality videos.

The video platform YouTube is free, and you can choose the content you upload and share. This all helps to build your church brand in people’s minds and on their screens. When you end each video, drop a link to your website on the last frame, and make sure it is also listed in your captions or video description.

Build Real Relationships with Donors Through Email Follow-up

If you have a list of your church members’ emails, you can ask them to subscribe to your email ministry. This could be simple, such as relevant and inspirational emails you send out monthly, or as detailed as an online course you email them in batches.

Email letters are often valued because the reader can choose when to open and study them. They aren’t pressured for time. You can use a trusted system like Mailchimp or DonorWerx to handle your automated emails on time.

Collaborate with Other Churches That Blog or Post Online Content

Cross-posting, guest-blogging, and intra-linking are all ways to share traffic (and leads) on the Internet. When you find others who are in the same niche or ministry as you, consider approaching them to collaborate. Reach out with a story idea, a guest post, or anything that correlates to their message.

Guest bloggers often offer free content in exchange for exposure. So this might be something to consider if you want to grow your online audience.

Use Relevant Hashtags for Your Church Ministry

Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all places churches might upload regular content. To get noticed, you should be using relevant hashtags and descriptions. This way, people who follow the topics you post about will get notified of your content. Consider these popular hashtags when posting inspiring photographs of your architecture and fellowships.






For further understanding of how hashtags work, check out our blog post on the top church hashtags in 2021.

How DonorWerx Can Help

Our DonorWerx Framework was created to help churches like yours succeed in their outreach ministries—both in person and online. In these online courses, we also teach the basic communication skills that every church leader needs to know to attract new donors.

Plus, learn how to understand, communicate with, and retain existing donors. The churches that have used the courses from DonorWerx always report that their giving revenue significantly increases.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping you Get started on the online journey to grow your donors.

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