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Charitable Actions Inspired By Celebrities

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Generosity On All Levels

In a world full of people, celebrities often inspire the biggest trends. From pastel-colored hair to the clothes we wear, the elite in Hollywood tends to have an effect on many aspects of our lives. Whether you follow the trends or prefer to pave your own way, some of these celebrities are determined to use their fame and fortune for good. By performing acts of kindness or donating to charities, their hope is that others will follow suit.

Despite the fact that most people don’t have millions to donate or endless hours to volunteer when everyone works together, the smallest acts or donations can greatly impact a community. Explore some of our favorite celebrity acts of kindness and charitable donations and learn how you can make a difference and encourage your congregation to do the same :

College Tuition Payments

The former country singer turned mega-pop star Taylor Swift shocked one of her devoted fans by sending money to pay her student loans. Other celebrities have offered similar educational assistance, including rapper Nelly, who privately selects and pays for two students to attend college each year. While college is a costly expense for the average American, you can also aid in helping underprivileged teens a chance to attend college. Several scholarship programs allow for donations to reach more students in need.

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Prom Dates

With the increased usage of social media and YouTube by celebrities, fans are offered the opportunity to contact their favorite celebrities directly. Some of these superfans have reached out to famous individuals like Rihanna and asked them to accompany them to their prom. Often these fans do not have prom dates and would otherwise be attending alone.

Again, this doesn’t translate exactly to something an average American can pull off. Despite this, there are countless children and teens who are in need of mentorship and someone to spend their time with. Programs like Big Brothers, Big Sisters are a great way to offer the same sentiment. The impact can be significant on a child or teen who is in need of guidance.

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Animal Adoptions

Celebrity charity efforts aren’t limited to humans. Many celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, prefer to adopt their pets from local shelters. Unfortunately, animal shelters are often overrun with unwanted pets, and this sadly leaves no option for shelters but to put them to sleep. Instead of purchasing from a breeder, extend kindness to a homeless pet. If pets aren’t in your plan, you can also help by donating supplies like cat litter or dog food, which are much appreciated by overwhelmed shelters.

Fundraising Efforts

While celebrities often donate large sums of their own money to their favorite charities, one of the biggest contributions they provide is their fundraising efforts. With large social media followings and worldwide influence, they are effective spokespeople for their causes. Their campaigns can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for everything from children’s hospitals to cancer research. Some of the most notable include Selena Gomez for UNICEF, Heidi Klum for the American Red Cross, and Adam Sandler for Make-a-Wish.

You can apply the same concepts by raising money for charities you are passionate about in your own community. Whether this is for your church, local schools, or families in need, taking the initiative to raise awareness and organize fundraising events can be even more meaningful than donating large sums.

Hands-On Volunteering

Hands-on volunteer work may seem complicated for celebrities with immense fame, but it doesn’t stop many of them. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Hillary Swank, George Clooney, and Ben Affleck all donate their time to help in orphanages and various facilities around the world.

While you may not be able to visit multiple countries to provide volunteer services, don’t underestimate the need for help in your own community. Homeless shelters frequently need help preparing meals, as do food banks and hospitals.

Environmental Efforts

Another big focus among celebrities is regarding the state of the environment. Celebrities like Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio advocate for environmentally friendly practices and sustainable resources. You can follow their lead by cleaning up your neighborhood, planting trees, organizing a neighborhood garden, or simply by educating others.

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