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7 Best Reasons to Use a Digital Church Bulletin

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7 Best Reasons to Use a Digital Church Bulletin

Various marketing tools for churches are now available online. These include your social media marketing strategy, your online services, etc. There’s your website, your pastors’ blogs, and your other outreach channels such as your church service YouTube videos or pastor podcasts. Another informative tool for churches and non-profits is a digital church bulletin.

This can help engage your church members, strengthening the unity and faith of all. This is especially important during the pandemic when your members and potential donors need to feel a part of the greater church, even when socially distanced.

In the past, churches traditionally printed their bulletins, putting them up on notice boards and mailing the printouts to members. However, upgrading your outreach strategy means using online tools to reach your members faster and more efficiently.

And, if you want your church to succeed even through a difficult and challenging pandemic, then a digital church bulletin will act as that spiritual lifeline to your flock.

Here are seven more good reasons to consider using a digital church bulletin:

1. Publish timely messages in an instant

Providing messages to donors and church members quickly is essential for growing your church. Keeping everyone abreast of church notices is possible with an online bulletin. Members simply need to log in to their account and access your latest news.

2. Have one central place for new church announcements

One challenge of running a big church is keeping track of all the happenings. And one other problem that can and does occur regularly is church gossip. To avoid others interpreting events in their own way and spreading the wrong information, a church bulletin for announcements is necessary. Only managers and those with the correct information can publish public notices, in a mindful and prayerful, prudent manner.

3. A central place for management communications

You will have to consider running your church very much the same as running a business. Managers and volunteers of all levels need to have a central place for leadership communications—even better if it is all secure in the cloud. A digital church bulletin helps leaders do a better job at their tasks. It makes communicating in various offices easier and more efficient.

4. Save energy!

You want to teach your church members the importance of never wasting gifts to the church—paper and printing costs money, whereas an investment in a digital online bulletin is a great investment. Say goodbye to environmental waste, postage, and bulk when you save on printing paper and publishing your bulletins.

5. Ensure your messages are heard

With traditional church bulletins, it is easy for some folks to miss out on important news and information. Consider also missionaries in far fields of service; church members who may be confined to home or hospital with health issues. And with the current pandemic posing even more challenges, it is possible that many people are missing the usual church services, or not even able to gather freely as before.

6. Reach your giving goals

Having a digital option for donors to give to the most important needs is essential for church growth. Churches that do not create a way for donors to give online miss a huge percentage and potential. Don’t make this mistake by thinking that technology is not for your church. If your team members and pastors are reluctant to learn digital skills, the mission and your members will be the ones to suffer.

7. A way to keep church security in mind

With an online church bulletin, only your members will have access to information. This is particularly useful for prayer request boards, where some folks may not want their requests to be made accessible to the general public. Church security is something that your sponsors and donors take very seriously, so consider this when evaluating a good platform for your online bulletin.


If you need help getting started with technology for churches, contact our team at DonorWerx today. We will begin with an introductory call to see where you are on your digital journey, then equip you with the resources you need to grow in faith, spirit, and modern tools for outreach. We look forward to helping you on your donor journey and giving goals!

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