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12 Best Fundraiser Ideas for the Church

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12 Best Fundraiser Ideas for the Church

There are many ways to meet your mission goals. But the number one challenge most churches face is their budget. The next time you are organizing a fundraiser campaign, consider these best fundraiser ideas for inspiration.

1. Text to Give

If you want to try this currently popular way to fundraise, text to give is easy to set up. It is a way to receive donations through a simple text message. All you need to do is choose your software provider and your unique phone number. Then, plan your church fundraising campaign. The donors will be given a unique phone number with the link to donate.

This method of donating is popular because most of your congregants are already accustomed to digital banking and digital financial services. It makes sense to give online, and that’s what makes this one of the best fundraiser ideas. Read our blog post on this text-to-give fundraiser idea for the church.

2. Church Fundraiser Letter

The church fundraiser letter is the monthly or annual letter with updates for all your donors and sponsors to be aware of. Besides sharing testimonials and project news, it’s also expected that you present church needs. This could be a breakdown of your budget or a specific target you want to reach.

If your online fundraiser letter is digital, you could use the links. Either link people to your website and giving page or link them to the various options you have available for giving (e.g., text to give, tithing sign-up page, your bank details and IBAN, etc.). For more on this topic, read our Essential Guide to Church Fundraising Letters.

3. Facebook Fundraiser

If your church is listed as a nonprofit on Facebook, there is a simple way for people to donate straight from your banner image. If you haven’t set this up already, consider doing so right away. In just a few minutes, you will have a new avenue for people to support you.

The beauty of social networks like Facebook is that people are often already scrolling through there, and they are likely to come across your message. The donate button on Facebook is coded so that it links to your website donation form. Donors will have a chance to give and learn more about your missions through the website link.

4. Church or Community Merchandise

You can’t have a list of the best fundraiser ideas without mentioning an online store where potential donors can buy merchandise to support your fundraiser. Setting up an online store and attractive website is easy. Dropshipping options also make printing and posting your merchandise to buyers/donors easier than in the past.

You can check out online print stores such as Redbubble, which offers users the ability to upload personalized designs. They then handle the merchandise printing and shipping to your customers. From accessories and art prints to stationery, homeware, clothes, and even masks, all you have to do is decide which designs you would love your church community to have.

5. Crowdfunding Campaign

crowdfunding campaign is when you mobilize a “crowd” to help fund a project. Rather than relying on the money of one or two big investors, you could have dozens or even thousands of people pitch in to give a little. On the whole, you end up with a large number of backers and more funds to go around.

Just make sure you have the right people organizing your crowdfunding campaign. They will need to know how to write good copy, make your fundraiser attractive, and get the right donors to invest. Crowdfunding is also popular on social networks, where people have the choice to share info about the nonprofit they choose to support.

6. Art Exhibition Fundraiser

Do you have artists in your community? Holding a charity art exhibition is a creative way to raise awareness about your mission while also giving the artists exposure to the public. People get to know about their art and support their craft.

You would need to have a plan in place to determine what percentage of proceeds goes to the artist and how much goes to the church. Then make sure this is public knowledge. People are often generous in supporting artists who share their time and talent for a greater cause. This can also be beneficial when organizing church youth activities and culture programs.

7. Dinner Gala for Charity

A popular fundraiser is a dinner gala. Sponsors and would-be sponsors can buy tickets to the dinner, and they get a night of entertainment in return. This could be something elegant, such as a jazz orchestra with a curated menu, or even an art auction at the end of the night.

Many churches use this idea because it also creates a great networking opportunity for those in attendance. You just need to plan your marketing, how much you will sell dinner tickets for, and other logistics. If you get this right, you’ll have perfected one of the best fundraiser ideas out there.

8. Book Signing/Sale

If you have Christian authors in your community, you can organize a book-signing event. If the author has agreed beforehand to donate some or all of the profits to charity, then invite members of the media, and allow time for the event.

You never know who will show up to a book signing event. People from all walks of life and all levels of society will have the chance to hear about your community, purchase a book, and even become future donors or church members.

9. Family Sports Day

You probably have many families in your community. Organize an outdoor sports day, a marathon, or a ninja-warrior-style activity. Families simply have to contribute a small amount for the ticket to attend, and then you can raise more by selling refreshments during the sports day.

This is a wonderful way to encourage interaction and physical activity with families. It also fosters teamwork, helps children see their moms and dads in a fun environment, and gets everyone moving! Make sure you have enough volunteers on hand, plus medical volunteers to ensure safety throughout the day.

10. Bake Sale Fundraiser

Bake sales are an older, more traditional way to bring in money for a cause, but they remain one of the best fundraiser ideas available. Everyone loves to have some sweet treats, and it can be a way to discover the home bakers in your community.

When planning your bake-sale fundraiser, tune in to details. You can also promote health through certain sweet delicacies, such as vegan-friendly cakes or naturally sweetened desserts. Always seek to make your fundraising events a learning and educational experience, especially when children are involved.

11. Digital Training Workshops

There are so many folks who now realize that the future is digital. If you would like to see more of your church members sharpening their digital skills, this could be one type of event to consider.

During a digital training workshop, you offer lessons on technology that will benefit them, both in their careers and in their everyday lives. People will see the value that you bring them. It shows you are there to lead them, not only in spiritual affairs but also in honing their skills for the future.

12. Music Concert Fundraiser

If you choose to go big, go with a music concert, as you can pre-sell tickets to the event and get lots of excitement going before the show. Using your digital channels, you can talk about the music people will enjoy, the performers, and which missions this event will help.

A musical concert event can also be spiritually uplifting, as your community is encouraged through positive sounds and environment. For those who cannot attend in person, there are always livestreaming options.

Extra Tips for the Best Fundraiser Ideas

When planning your church fundraising, don’t forget the following logistics and goals:

  • Target number of attendees.
  • Number of volunteers needed.
  • How much funding you hope to raise.
  • How to market and present your event to the public.
  • How to follow up and communicate with all the attendees after a successful event.

Now that you have had your fundraiser, the adventure begins: You can take the new visitors to your church on an exciting journey to discover how they can be a part of your mission.

Growing your new donors will be the next step. If you find this overwhelming, check out our resources at DonorWerx. We have worked with dozens of churches to find the best fundraiser ideas for their ministry, update and digitize their fundraising efforts, and increase giving from their congregation.

Call us today for a Discovery session, or find out more on our blog.

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