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7 Reasons Why You Need a Church Giving Kiosk

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While passing the collection plate is a common method for members to donate, providing alternative options to your congregation offers several benefits. Although online giving through a website or text-to-give are viable alternatives, implementing a church giving kiosk can greatly enhance stewardship.

Whether it grants individuals the discretion of utilizing alternative channels or boosts contributions by diversifying donation options, here are seven compelling justifications for incorporating a church giving kiosk.

1. Folks Don’t Always Have Cash or Checks

Previously, individuals needed to ensure they had cash or a check on hand to contribute. That’s the way of the collection plate! However, in today’s technological era, carrying cash has become less common. Possessing a checkbook is also rare. While a few members may still carry a checkbook or prefer cash, this is not the prevailing trend. This is particularly true among younger members.

By implementing a church giving kiosk, members gain the convenience of utilizing their debit cards for donations. It eliminates the need for advance cash preparation or carrying a check. This approach offers both convenience and privacy, as not everyone desires their fellow community members to be aware of their donation amounts. Whether someone wishes to contribute a smaller or larger sum, they may prefer to keep it discreet.

2. It Makes Accounting Easier

A church giving kiosk simplifies accounting tasks, allowing for efficient management. While other payment methods like cash and checks still require upkeep and reporting, the kiosk eliminates the need for manual processes. As soon as a donation is made, the staff gains immediate access to the bookkeeping records. This streamlines the entire accounting procedure.

The streamlined approach grants the staff more time to dedicate to other important tasks, reducing the time spent on accounting. Additionally, using a church giving kiosk eliminates trips to the bank along with the need to merge data from different systems. Furthermore, utilizing a church giving kiosk removes the risk of theft associated with traditional donation methods, ensuring enhanced security.

3. Reduce Theft With Church Giving Kiosks

While it may be disheartening to acknowledge, theft within a ministry can occur. Significant amounts of cash create temptation that some individuals, unfortunately, yield to. However, with the introduction of a church giving kiosk, the likelihood of theft is diminished. As access to cash reduces, so does theft.

Although certain individuals may continue to prefer the collection plate over alternative methods, the utilization of a kiosk limits the availability of cash to those who may lack integrity. Whether it involves someone pilfering funds from the collection plate or a staff member responsible for handling cash, theft can transpire.

Implementing a church giving kiosk serves as a risk-reducing measure in such scenarios.

4. Offers More Donation Opportunities

While passing around a collection plate enables members to donate once during a specific moment, what if they had the opportunity to contribute whenever they are present in the building? A church giving kiosk provides this flexibility, allowing members to donate before, during, or after the service.

The presence of a giving kiosk on-site also leads to an increase in contributions. Our research indicates that the average donation amount through a church donation kiosk is 24% higher than mobile giving. Evidently, significant donors appreciate the tangible aspect of a kiosk and the sense of control it offers, in contrast to a traditional giving plate.

5. Insanely Simple to Use

Admittedly, people are more inclined to engage in convenient activities. Although placing cash or a check into a collection plate is undeniably simple, utilizing a church giving kiosk is equally effortless. Implementing kiosk stations on your premises or utilizing portable giving software during outreach and off-site fundraisers streamlines the process.

Another aspect that enhances ease is the elimination of the need to consider carrying cash or pre-writing a check. Similar to making purchases at a store, individuals can conveniently utilize their debit card with the church giving kiosk, simplifying the donation process.

6. Giving Kiosks Engage Your Members

Enabling your members to donate with the same ease as purchasing groceries or refueling their cars fosters higher engagement. It gives them a familiar sense of convenience in their daily routines and allows them to maintain their personal records, as the transaction is recorded in their bank statements.

7. Offers Simplicity in a Still Effective Way

A church giving kiosk offers a multitude of advantages. It boasts user-friendliness, reduces the risk of theft, and provides additional avenues for members to contribute, thereby fostering increased donations to your ministry.

This method is an ideal approach to enhance giving within your church, and it also eases the process for your congregation. Once individuals witness its convenience and security, even the most traditional members will embrace this giving method.

Furthermore, adopting a church giving kiosk allows your ministry to evolve and align with other progressive congregations that prioritize making stewardship accessible while ensuring convenience and privacy in donation practices.

Schedule a Discovery Call with the giving experts at DonorWerx today. We’ll discuss how you can significantly increase donations in your ministry with just a few simple steps.

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