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What Is Text To Donate, and How Do You Use It?

Find the best online giving platforms.

Churches rely on donations, and while traditional methods have been effective, leveraging technology can provide additional avenues to boost contributions. Mobile apps, software solutions, and text-to-donate services align with today’s technology trends, making it convenient for members of all demographics to contribute. Text-to-donate is a notable service worth exploring.

Let’s delve into the benefits of text-to-donate services and learn how to utilize them effectively to increase contributions.

What Is a Text to Donate Service?

The very first text message was sent over two decades ago, and remarkably, it has become the most widely used form of communication worldwide. A text-to-give service enables your congregation to make donations conveniently through text messaging. It operates similarly to when organizations like the Red Cross facilitate donations during disasters.

The process is quick, typically taking only around 7 seconds to complete, and it is particularly favored by Millennials. The donated funds are directly deposited into your church’s account, and members have the freedom to text any amount they desire. The power to contribute lies in the palm of their hands, quite literally.

How Does It Work?

A text-to-donate service benefits both the church and its members.

For the church, the first step is selecting a reliable provider. At DonorWerx, we prioritize privacy and security to ensure that your congregation’s information remains protected, a crucial consideration regardless of the provider you choose.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, you will receive a unique phone number dedicated to receiving text donations from your members. With everything set up, it’s time to inform your congregation about this convenient donation method. You can promote the service through various campaigns, announce it during sermons, include it in newsletters, or use any other means of communication within your church community.

For donors, the process is straightforward. They need to know the unique phone number associated with your church’s text-to-donate service. To make a donation, they simply text the desired amount to that number. For example, if they wish to donate $25, they would send a text with the number “25” to the designated phone number. It’s a quick and straightforward process.

Afterward, donors will be guided through several prompts to set up their accounts, including choosing their preferred payment method. It’s as convenient as setting up an account for services like Redbox or any other commonly used mobile application. To make future donations hassle-free, donors can save the text-to-donate number in their contacts, allowing them to contribute easily at any time.

Advantages of Text-to-Donate Services

Nonprofits and churches alike get a variety of benefits from knowing how to use text to donate tools. These include:

  • Donations are securely processed to ensure the safety of all transactions.
  • The text-to-donate service is fast and user-friendly, making it convenient for members to contribute.
  • Members can donate at any time, day or night, even if they are not physically present at the church.
  • With a 99 percent text message open rate, the likelihood of members receiving and accessing donation reminders and updates is high.
  • Approximately 76 percent of people appreciate receiving text reminders and updates, further enhancing the value of this communication method.

How Does Text to Donate Increase Giving?

The concept of immediacy holds a fascinating psychological impact that can contribute to increased revenue. This is because humans have a natural inclination towards instant gratification. When we make a purchase at a store, we typically obtain the item right away. This principle can also be applied to individuals who are considering making a donation or are hesitant about it.

Although nonprofits are not selling tangible products, they can provide the same sense of satisfaction one experiences when making a purchase. Research conducted at the University of Oregon reveals that neurons in the brain’s reward center become activated when an individual chooses to make a donation.

How can you leverage this information? By informing your congregation that they have the opportunity to donate or take action immediately. This instills a sense of instant gratification and allows them to experience the satisfaction of making a meaningful difference. Consider what Pew Research found:

Roughly one in ten American adults have made a charitable donation of any kind using the text messaging feature on their cell phone.

Text to donate is particularly advantageous due to its widespread popularity and the convenience it offers. With a large portion of the population favoring texting as their preferred mode of communication, the potential for increased donations through this method is significant.

Another key benefit of text to donate is its accessibility from any location. For instance, if a member is on vacation far from the church, they can still contribute if they regularly donate. The same applies to sick members who are unable to attend church physically.

Additionally, for individuals who watch church services from home, promoting the text to give service on the screen allows them to donate without the need for a physical visit. This creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Words Have Power

When promoting text-to-give, make it personal and provide reasons folks should use it. People are more likely to give when they feel addressed individually. Use “you” in your messaging to create that personal connection. Additionally, give compelling reasons to donate.

Providing a reason increases positive responses in all situations. Thus, explaining how their donations are used increases donation rates. Utilize the “because” method to highlight the purpose and impact of their contributions. By personalizing the message and providing reasons, you can encourage greater engagement and increase donations through text-to-give.

It’s Time to Move Forward!

A text-to-donate service is an excellent option to boost donations and cater to the preferences of the younger generation. It offers a fast, user-friendly experience and significantly increases donation levels.

Of course, there’s no shame if you don’t know how to get started. Many ministries have never used this technology before. Luckily, DonorWerx is here to help. The text-to-give option is just one of the many tools we offer to increase tithing and donations in your church.

Schedule a Discovery Call with us today to learn more. It costs you nothing, and we’ll share three strategies to increase giving today.

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