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Best Church Websites: The 10 Best Church Websites in 2019

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Church websites play a crucial role in reaching and influencing visitors. The power of effective marketing in the ministry rests in the execution of these little corners of the web. In this analysis, we will explore the top 10 best church websites of 2019 and discuss exactly what makes them effective.

To create our rankings, we considered several factors…

Church Website Quality Check

Creating a high-quality website goes beyond appealing visuals. Adhering to web design and development standards is crucial. In our evaluation of the top 10 church websites, we will consider these factors as they directly impact the website’s marketing effectiveness.

As a preview, the factors we will examine include:

  • Accessibility: How user-friendly the design is for your target audience.
  • Actionability: How engaging the user experience is, encouraging desired actions.
  • Usability: How easily users can navigate and interact with the site.

What Makes the Best Church Websites “The Best”?

In preparation for showcasing the top church website designs of 2019, let’s examine several crucial factors. Each of these influences the quality of any church’s website. Some areas we will focus on include:

The first impression of your design…

Many website designs feature large cover images and call-to-action buttons on the homepage. This is done for a compelling reason. The approach effectively showcases the emotion or value of a business or organization while guiding visitors through the inbound marketing funnel.

When planning the best church website design, it’s crucial to consider the identity of your average visitor. Is this person seeking a new church or already an active member? Church website statistics show that 80% of visitors haven’t attended yet, and 64% claim the website helps them become more engaged.

If you have solid attendance rates and direct marketing through active members, it’s wise to encourage financial involvement. However, if the average visitor is a prospective member, focus on building a relationship with them first.

Remember, your website is also a source for email marketing leads. This can aid in member acquisition and donation support. With a well-planned email marketing funnel, you can nurture relationships and guide subscribers toward potential contributions without losing their interest along the way.

The User Experience (UX)

User experience design, or UX, plays a significant role in marketing. It refers to a website’s usability, ensuring visitors can navigate it easily. Since many church members are older, simplicity and accessibility are crucial. Avoid over-complicating your web design to stand out. After all, you’re not a tech startup.

Make your design age-friendly using appropriate font sizes, balanced colors, and noticeable actionable buttons. When designing, rely on common sense and seek a second opinion from someone who might have problems with vision so you can ensure clarity.

Remember that button size and placement are important for visual purposes and for individuals with motor impairments and limited hand-eye coordination.

How We Found the Best Church Websites

Our curated list features the top 10 church websites of 2019, recognized for their exceptional design quality. After thoroughly analyzing various lists and considering our expertise in design and marketing, we selected the cream of the crop.

We will provide a brief breakdown for each of these outstanding designs, highlighting their key strengths. Use these to gain valuable insights and gather inspiration for your own website’s design!

How the Best Church Websites Increase Marketing Success

A website serves as a virtual storefront for businesses, organizations, and churches alike, showcasing everything your church offers. It provides a platform to promote and engage your audience in various ways. This is especially important considering the influenceable nature of visitors who look up your church.

You can leverage different forms of digital marketing to reach your target audience through your website. For instance, an opt-in form can help build a mailing list for effective email marketing campaigns. Additionally, your website can promote your social media pages, encourage downloads of your church’s mobile app, facilitate direct donations, and more.

When it comes to donations, implementing user-friendly giving software streamlines the process and ensures seamless transactions. By making it easy for people to donate, you minimize the risk of losing contributions. Imagine the convenience of a mobile app that keeps church members engaged and simplifies the donation process. You can even explore options like accepting donations via text.

Top 10 Best Church Websites

We have carefully curated a list of our top church websites for 2019, keeping quality assurance as our priority. Take a moment to explore the rankings below and discover what sets each website apart. Observe the effective tactics employed by these sites. Afterward, consider incorporating them into your own church website for enhanced engagement and impact.

And now, the moment has finally arrived. The 10 best church websites of 2019 are…

1. Remnant Church

Remnant Church exemplifies effective website design through several noteworthy elements.

  • The use of clear and concise fonts conveys an inviting message. This resonates with others in the area who may find appeal in the church.
  • The strategically placed notification bars at the top create a sense of urgency. This compels visitors to take action and engage with the church.
  • The prominently displayed “Give” button in the menu ensures easy access to their donation page. It simplifies the process for online donations.

The website prioritizes accessibility with simple menu options like “Connect,” “Media,” “About,” and “Give,” avoiding overwhelming visitors. The hover effect on the “Media” tab allows visitors to explore sermons and articles, gaining a deeper understanding of the church’s message.

The standout feature lies in the comprehensive “Connect” page. It offers diverse avenues for engagement. The page provides options to learn more about attending open houses, joining community groups, becoming a member, getting baptized, or making a donation.

By catering to different levels of commitment, the church successfully targets a broad audience. Notably, the decision to prioritize building relationships over soliciting donations upfront demonstrates a thoughtful approach.

Overall, Remnant Church’s website strikes a balance between being marketing-friendly and maintaining an engaging design without appearing overly pushy.

2. Hill City Church

Hill City Church excels in multiple aspects of its website design.

  • The “I’m New” tab serves as an excellent guide for prospective church members. This sub-menu provides options such as “About Us,” “Plan a Visit,” and “Our Staff.” It creates a welcoming and less intimidating experience for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the church’s staff.
  • The inclusion of social media icons allows the church to connect with website visitors in a more engaging and interactive way. This fosters a sense of community beyond the website.
  • The “Connect” sub-menu offers a variety of options that cater to a wide range of individuals. This enhances inclusivity and attracts diverse audiences to the church.

The homepage’s background video creates an inclusive atmosphere, emphasizing a strong sense of community. The image of church members wearing branded t-shirts in a celebratory setting further reinforces this communal spirit.

Providing the church’s address and service times in a prominent location is also a thoughtful inclusion. This allows for easy access to essential information. Therefore, it accommodates those who prefer impulsive decision-making and individuals who may have heard about the church through word-of-mouth. These people simply want to know where and when to attend.

Hill City Church’s website successfully combines practicality, inclusivity, and a visually appealing design, ensuring a positive experience for new and existing visitors alike.

3. River Valley Church

River Valley Church excels in captivating its audience through engaging design elements.

  • The background video showcases profound compassion and connection among people. It creates a strong emotional bond with the visitor. This form of media effectively builds an immediate and impactful connection.
  • The “Watch A Message” button immediately draws visitors into active engagement. The linked page not only features an initial video but also provides a discussion guide, a series of sermon videos, and more, fostering deeper involvement and exploration.
  • The large and bold menu items and font enhance readability and ease of navigation for every visitor. As you scroll down the homepage, the text remains prominent, while the graphics-heavy layout maintains the user’s focus.

While the website may appear busy to some, it is important to note that River Valley Church is a large organization with multiple locations and ministries. The graphics-heavy approach effectively prevents visitors from feeling overwhelmed, and the oversized menu item titles facilitate easy navigation and quick access to relevant information.

River Valley Church’s website strikes a balance between capturing attention and providing a user-friendly experience. The combination of compelling visuals, interactive features, and clear navigation ensures visitors can engage with the church’s offerings and find what they want.

4. Elevation Church

Elevation Church inspires and motivates through uplifting design choices.

  • The captivating background video of a motivational sermon exudes passion, drawing visitors to watch and listen. It serves as a powerful bridge for potential new church members seeking impactful sermons.
  • As you scroll down the homepage, the right-hand sidebar offers numerous avenues for engagement. Additionally, social media links (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) are conveniently placed, fostering connection beyond the website.
  • The distinct color of the “Giving” button in the main menu ensures its visibility. The linked page simplifies the process of donating to the local church, providing a seamless and accessible donation experience.

The combination of immersive visuals, strategic placement of engagement options, and an emphasis on giving makes Elevation Church stand out. Through these design elements, the church effectively motivates and inspires visitors to explore its content, engage with the community, and support the overall mission.

5. Rockville Church of Christ

Rockville Church of Christ strikes a balance between simplicity and providing abundant information. This makes it a clear contender for the best church website of 2019.

  • Despite a busy layout, the website presents information in a straightforward manner, avoiding overwhelming visitors while ensuring all essential details are accessible.
  • The homepage prominently displays service times and locations. Utilizing an embedded Google Maps with a marker enhances the visitor’s understanding of the church’s precise location, offering a visual aid for better absorption.
  • The main menu features an “Upcoming Events” option, leading to a dedicated page showcasing dates, times, locations, and event details. This strategic menu choice generates a sense of urgency, motivating visitors to engage and participate in upcoming events.

Rockville Church of Christ’s website excels in presenting information effectively. It provides a visually enhanced location display, leveraging the “Upcoming Events” feature to create excitement and encourage visitor involvement.

6. The River Family Church

River Family Church adopts a minimalistic approach.

  • The website’s color theme is clean and uncluttered, allowing the text to take center stage. With a simple design, this approach is fitting.
  • The menu item “Bright Beginnings” appeals to newcomers, offering a unique and inviting alternative to the conventional “I’m New” option.
  • The “Sermons” menu item directs visitors to a page providing valuable insights into the church’s sermon offerings, offering a solid glimpse into their content and style.

River Family Church maintains a straightforward and uncluttered website design, prioritizing textual content. With menu items like “Bright Beginnings” and a dedicated “Sermons” page, the church effectively engages newcomers and regular attendees alike.

7. One Church

One Church embraces simplicity with impact.

  • The serene background video complements the prominent “I’m New” button, drawing attention without overwhelming visitors. The clear and readable main menu items feature the church’s branding, adding a cohesive touch.
  • The highly effective “I’m New” button serves as a compelling gateway for potential church members to engage with the community.
  • The “Go Deeper” main menu item cleverly separates the options for newcomers from those for committed church members, catering to the specific needs of each group.

It’s easy to see that One Church successfully combines simplicity with effectiveness, utilizing a calming background video, an engaging “I’m New” button, and a distinct “Go Deeper” menu item to cater to both newcomers and dedicated church members.

8. The Life Church Today

The Life Church Today prompts immediate action. It’s quick and to the point, so it easily stands out as one of the best church websites of 2019.

  • The primary call-to-action, the “Join Us On Sunday” button, efficiently directs visitors to a page with essential details about the church’s services. It offers a straightforward and quick way for newcomers to experience the church.
  • With a concise and focused menu, the “Events” option stands out prominently. By creating a sense of urgency and providing insights into the church’s various events, it effectively attracts newcomers.
  • The “Give” option maintains a subtle presence, positioned differently from the rest of the menu items, preventing over-promotion while still offering convenient access to donation opportunities.

The Life Church Today employs a compelling “Join Us On Sunday” button, emphasizes the “Events” option, and tactfully includes the “Give” option in its menu, encouraging immediate engagement.

9. Fuel Church

Fuel Church adopts a stylish approach.

  • With a large and vibrant background image adorned with bold and legible text, the visual impact is undeniable.
  • The menu offers a comprehensive selection of links, catering to visitors at various stages of their journey.
  • As you scroll down the homepage, the strategically linked pages “Connect,” “Give,” and “Serve” effectively guide visitors to explore different aspects of the website.

There’s no missing the fact that Fuel Church presents a cool aesthetic through captivating visuals, a well-structured menu, and intuitive page links, providing visitors with an engaging and user-friendly experience.

10. Lubbock District of the United Methodist Church

Lubbock District embraces simplicity with an elegant touch. Who wouldn’t want this in one of the best church websites of 2019?

  • The website’s color theme strikes a perfect balance, offering a clean and visually appealing contrast to the main menu.
  • With its uncluttered design, the website encourages visitors to explore and engage with the menu options. In a world where many sites strive to do too much, this church website excels in its simplicity, allowing for focused and straightforward navigation.
  • The inclusion of personal stories from church members adds a relatable and personable touch, fostering a sense of connection and familiarity for newcomers.

Lubbock District’s simple yet elegant approach creates a user-friendly experience, with a well-composed color scheme, clean design, and engaging personal narratives that invite visitors to connect with the church community.

Optimization Can Give You One of the Best Church Websites!

Effective website design and marketing strategies can significantly impact your ministry’s success. Entrust these crucial tasks to experienced professionals with the expertise, resources, and tools to deliver optimal results.

And while you’re working to improve your website design, don’t forget the importance of other engagement tools. By focusing on how the donor experience affects your members, you can quickly increase giving so you’ll have more funds available to create one of the best church websites on the internet.Contact us today at DonorWerx to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. After you Schedule a Discovery Call, we’ll tell you how you can increase attendance at your church, enhance engagement, and drive greater financial support.

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