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What Are the Best Online Donation Services for Small Nonprofits?

online donation services for small nonprofits

What Are the Best Online Donation Services for Small Nonprofits?

Thanks to technology today, small non-profits are able to fundraise and collect donations more easily than ever before. If your non-profit is a church or other religious organization and you are looking for the right online donation platform, I have a recommendation for you: NewFire Giving.

I recently read a blog post by NewFire Giving about how churches can use technology like theirs to increase donations. It helped me to better understand why NewFire is so useful for organizations looking for online donation services. Here are some reasons that NewFire Giving is a good option:

  • Text-to-Give Features: NewFire Giving offers users text-to-give technology. This means that donors can simply text a number in order to give money to your church, which makes giving as easy and convenient as it can possibly be.
  • Responsive Site: This is the age of mobile Internet use. People are browsing the web more often from their mobile devices than their desktop computers. Luckily, donors can use NewFire Giving on any size screen to give. This means that donations are possible on a tablet, mobile phone, desktop, laptop, etc.
  • Matching App: NewFire Giving offers a mobile app that people can use to give. People may prefer to use a dedicated app to make their monetary donations, and you can take advantage of the app called SecureGive. It comes with NewFire Giving and makes app-giving possible from a mobile device.
  • Giving Kiosks: If your church’s members prefer to give in person, you can still provide that opportunity, but update the experience for the modern age. Giving kiosks have a touchscreen tablet where people can give on NewFire Giving’s platforms. NewFire Giving thus facilitates giving on your church’s premises but makes the entire process easier and more convenient.
  • Coaching: NewFire Giving also offers Ignite Coaching, which walks you through the giving framework. Coaches from NewFire Giving can show you how to educate your potential donors about your mission, rather than ask them to give to your mission, so that people will feel naturally compelled to donate. Ignite Coaching gives you content, action plans, and direct teaching on top of the donation software so that you can be more prepared to raise adequate funds for your organization.

If you are ready to Get started raising funds for your church online, check out this article by NewFire Giving. Then consider getting in touch with them to decide if they have the solution that’s right for you. NewFire Giving’s team can talk to you about your needs and how their products can help you meet them. You may just be a few steps away from more successful fundraising efforts for your church.

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