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Top 10 Text-to-Give Services for Nonprofits and Churches

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Top 10 Text-to-Give Services for Nonprofits and Churches

Technology has revolutionized how churches and nonprofits collect donations. One of the biggest catalysts in this revolution – yet somehow one of the most overlooked – is the creation of text-to-give services. These allow church members and philanthropists alike to give money easily to what matters most to them.

If you’re looking for such a platform, there are plenty of options to choose from. With so many benefits of text-to-give, it’s not surprising that so many vendors have popped up. The important thing to remember is that not all services are equal. Find what works best for your church or organization – because this really is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

1. Best Text-to-Give Service for Nonprofits: Snowball

Nonprofits have different needs than churches. With this consideration in mind, Snowball might be the former’s best option. Fortunately, a free version of the platform is available that charges by the transaction. And while some may believe these fees are on the high side, your organization will still keep most of every contribution.

In addition to text-to-give services, Snowball offers event fundraising tools, online donation pages, and more. The premium version is $499 a year and has many more features. There may be a text donation tool out there that’s better suited for your nonprofit, but from a general viewpoint, Snowball stands out.

2. Give Lively

Not all organizations need their giving tools to perform multiple tasks. By focusing entirely on text donations, Give Lively provides nonprofits and churches with a singular tool for a singular task. Unfortunately, the lack of features such as kiosk giving and online donation pages means it simply won’t work for many churches and nonprofits.

Considering the service is free, though, this text-to-give service certainly is a value. Before opting for the cheap route, though, make sure you fully understand your fundraising needs.

3. Qgiv

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Give Lively is Qgiv. Its mobile suites are much pricier than “free,” but they also provide several added text fundraising capabilities. Similar to these other tools, donors and congregants can text contributions wherever and whenever they want. What stands out most, however, is the outbound text capability. You can send a reminder to your entire list during events, holidays, or simply because you want to.

4. Best Text-to-Give Service for Events: OneCause

Some text donation services gear themselves towards specific purposes, and this is the case for OneCause. This tool was created so that organizations could improve their fundraising success during events like concerts, galas, or Giving Tuesday. OneCause also offers integration with other apps – an important feature for any platform – and provides professional help for setting up the service.


While this app initially got marketed towards colleges and universities, MyPLEDGER has become a popular text-to-give service among nonprofits. It offers donor data tracking – which is an important tool for donor segmentation – along with automated text messaging.

Where this platform really stands out is its lack of restrictions. Donations have no caps of certain dollar amounts and you can receive unlimited pledges. This can be an invaluable feature when special events or incidents result in massive spikes in contributions.

6. easyTithe

Most of the text-to-give services mentioned thus far are marketed towards nonprofits, but easyTithe is geared more to the needs of a church. It’s a very popular tool that offers online donations, mobile app creation, and kiosk giving in addition to text fundraising. You’ll also find reporting tools that will prove useful.

The chief complaint of easyTithe is its processing fees, and some user reviews decry a perceived lack of customer support. Even with these potential issues, easyTithe is still a popular choice for houses of worship. If you’re not sold on the service, there are many other platforms geared directly to the ministry.

7. Best Text-to-Give Service for Churches: DonorWerx

No one really understands the needs of a church better than a pastor. That’s what makes SecureGive – the text fundraising tool used in the DonorWerx Framework – such a powerful resource. Pastors created the app specifically for ministry use, so every aspect of this tool has the needs of the church in mind.

The SecureGive platform also integrates seamlessly with the donor engagement resources provided by DonorWerx. Online donation forms, social media content, kiosk giving, mobile apps, and video tutorials are all part of the package. If you’re looking for text-to-give services geared towards churches, you’re unlikely to find a better option.

8. Connect2Give

Churches and nonprofits that prefer pricing options might like what Connect2Give offers. You can either pay upfront to avoid transaction fees or pay a standard fee for every donation received. It’s a basic text fundraising service, but it differs from other options because donors get charged on their cell phone bills. This can create issues for prepaid phone users, so don’t jump in headfirst without some research.

9. Best Text-to-Give Service for Live Auctions: Accelevents

Churches and nonprofits that host auction or raffle fundraising events will love the Accelevents app. It’s very different from traditional text donation apps since it’s more geared towards raising money during an event. It also offers attendee management tools along with resources for breakout and keynote sessions. You’ll still want to invest in a general text fundraising tool, but this is the perfect resource for a specific job.

10. CallHub

Nonprofits looking for text-to-give services with Salesforce integration should consider CallHub. Its donor outreach tools make the platform more than just your basic text fundraising offering. Donors receive a link guiding them to your online donation form, so they still have to enter their financial information when they want to give. With the Salesforce integration, though, CallHub stands out among its peers.

Choose a Text-to-Give Service Today!

Charitable giving to nonprofits reduced significantly when the coronavirus pandemic showed up on the scene. Unfortunately, dealing with decreased contributions was already a reality for many churches by that point. By expanding your ability to accept tithes and donations, though, you can counteract this trend. And when things get back to normal, you could thrive more than ever.

Schedule a Discovery Call with one of our giving professionals today. In one brief phone call, we’ll provide three tips for growing your revenue with no commitment on your part. Let us show you what’s possible.

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