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The Statistics are In: DonorWerx is Essential for Transforming Church Giving


The Statistics are In: DonorWerx is Essential for Transforming Church Giving

In the past four years alone, various news outlets and research groups have highlighted the fact that Christianity is on the decline. Our church is in trouble. What can we do to fix this? Could it be possible that we are not doing all that we can to bring people back to the church? This staggering problem cannot be fixed with a click of the button. At DonorWerx, we have spent the past seven years creating and fine tuning a solution to this problem. Outdated tithing methods and church practices need as much of a revival as our empty pews! And time is running out!

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It’s time to move #PastThePlate

In today’s digital age, online giving has become a prevalent channel for charitable donations, including those made to religious organizations. However, relying solely on online giving is not sufficient to transform the overall culture of generosity within your congregation. In fact, based on current findings, it is very likely that incorporating only online giving in your church only minimally affects your congregation’s tithing. At DonorWerx we offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond basic online giving and provide churches with the tools they need to inspire and facilitate transformative giving among their members.

Though it is true that online giving has gained significant traction in recent years, simply offering an online platform does not guarantee increased engagement or substantial improvements in church donations. Our church is in trouble. Could it be that our congregations have lost faith in us? Is the trust broken? At Donorwerx we believe establishing trust before donating is crucial; donors expect a donor-centric approach. Unfortunately, statistics show that less than 25% of church members tithe, and realistically, this number is usually around 10%. Our system is broken, and it will take more than a “text to give” approach to fix it.

Embrace Our Comprehensive Approach with Confidence

DonorWerx doesn’t stop at online giving. Our groundbreaking Guided Giving Campaigns take fundraising to a whole new level. Based on a Hero’s Journey framework, our 41-day model leads your ministry leaders and donors through a transformative experience, inspiring remarkable generosity. With our ready-to-use campaigns, your church can embark on an unforgettable journey centered around faith, stewardship, and community impact.

Backed by data, we understand that building trust with your donors is paramount. That’s why donor-centricity is at the core of DonorWerx. Our Christ-Centered Courses equip ministry leaders with the tools to enhance their impact, with 48% of millennials and 61% of Gen Z increasing the amount they give to charities. By embracing these courses, you can inspire generosity, foster trust, and strengthen the connection between your ministry and your donors. Let the numbers speak for themselves: Only 29% of charitable donations in the United States go to religious groups. By implementing DonorWerx’s complete suite of giving solutions, which incorporates online giving, Guided Giving Campaigns, and Christ-centered courses, your church can tap into untapped potential, increasing church donations by 32%.

Secure Giving is Spiritual Giving

DonorWerx’s commitment towards establishing trust aligns perfectly with the expectations of today’s donors. By emphasizing donor-centric practices and consistently delivering secure giving solutions, churches utilizing DonorWerx can enhance transparency and build credibility within their congregation.

Online giving has undoubtedly become an essential piece in modern-day church fundraising efforts and it will continue to be the number one way people choose to give to the church, but it alone is not enough to transform a congregation’s overall culture of generosity. Churches need comprehensive solutions like those offered by DonorWerx that blend technologically advanced platforms with guided giving campaigns rooted in ministerial transformation and fueled by donor-centrism. Through these integrated strategies trusting relationships between ministries & participants while raising funds more powerfully intertwined experience levels leading powerful journeys-reaching greater stewardship impacts. Together, let’s revolutionize your church’s approach to giving; explore the transformative possibilities with DonorWerx!

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