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Discover Your Donor Opportunity


The First Stage: DISCOVER


The first stage requires you to be open-minded and flexible. In the First Stage this stage, you must identify who your ideal donors are and discover the best places to find them.

You don’t want to have a pre-conceived idea of people. However, identifying your target audience or donor is crucial. This ensures that you can provide them with the answers to their problems and solutions to their spiritual needs.

So at this stage, better questions.


What is the secret to a successful fundraising campaign?

Amongst many elements, identifying the right prospective donors is number one. Look for the kind of donors who:

  • Care deeply about your mission
  • Have the means (influence, financial ability or network) to make significant contributions.


How do we find donors with the above traits?

We ask questions like:

1. Where do they network? (Note: sub-text included for illustration guide)

STEP: Find out where potential philanthropists network. It could be any of the following:

  • Social networks
  • Grantmakers’ Groups
  • Funder Networks
  • Regional Associations
  • Academic Centers
  • Philanthropic Organizations
  • Rotary Clubs
  • International Networks
  • Nonprofit Policy Organizations
  • Nonprofit Infrastructure Organizations

2. What are their biggest needs?

STEP: Put out surveys, take polls or ask directly.

Finding out your potential donors’ biggest needs will aid you when producing the type of content which will inspire and spiritually guide them.

Don’t try to do what every other church is doing. Be specific to their needs.

The First Stage are their toughest problems?

STEP: Study the survey results for deeper understanding.

You are in a position to answer questions and help with their problems. Whether giving definite solutions or simply listening. Know your donors by striving to be aware of and understand their struggles, fears, and even heartaches.

The First Stage: discover do they look for in a church?

You don’t want to do what every other church is doing. You want to find out how to best serve them.

What is their giving style?

Do they prefer to give checks, cash, or digital donations?

How can we appeal to this type of donor?

What makes giving appealing to your potential donors? Is there specific outreach or non-profit interests they have?


Data-driven predictors of future giving:

Predicting whether someone will want to give to your charity is not easy and those church managers or volunteers who have more experience with fundraising should be included in your giving strategy.

The First Stage: discover data to consider:

  • Has this person given to your non-profit in the past?
  • Has this person given to other non-profits in the past?
  • How involved have they been in non-profits and/or churches?
  • When is the last time they gave a substantial gift to a church?

RECAP: Useful tips when researching your potential donors:

  • Think about the type of potential donor that is taking this journey with you.
  • Understand the potential donor’s areas of interest
  • Define different donation procedures, to make sure you include all in your options (cash, check, digital, etc.)


REMINDER: Think about the target amount you need to fundraise. Consider whether to ask your potential donor to contribute to this fund or propose a bigger gift.


Completed this stage and answered all the questions?

Congratulations! It’s time to move forward.

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The First Stage: discover DonorWerx Can Help

Visit our website today to download more helpful resources, infographics and done-for-you fundraising templates.

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